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  1. TB72

    What’s your go-to for slap-back?

    Strymon Deco, and an old Boss DM-2 are my faves for slapback.
  2. TB72

    One fuzz for a guy who is not a fuzz fan.

    Fuzz for non-fuzz fans... You're describing the Bearfoot Pink/Purple Fuzz.
  3. TB72

    Pedaltrain bracket for side plugs

    Best-Tronics. http://btpa.com/Un-Wired-Panels/
  4. TB72

    Strymon Bypass Tone Poll

    No issues. I currently have a Flint, and a Deco.
  5. TB72


    You wear it well, Amigo!
  6. TB72

    Tc Mini Spark Boost...footswitch Question

    Thanks. Well, hopefully enough people with experience will chime in and give me a good idea exactly of how "hit or miss" these things are. I should also note that I'm not an aggressive stomper...mine wouldn't have suffered any excessive force.
  7. TB72

    Tc Mini Spark Boost...footswitch Question

    Hey folks. I picked up a Mini Spark Boost a few months back. I place it after dirt pedals in my chain to get a volume boost for solos. Anyway, at last night's gig, the footswitch decided to stop functioning properly (Latch mode wouldn't work. I decided to just keep my foot on the switch during...
  8. TB72

    So what's a good P90 pickup?

    All kinds of great choices, although I personally really dig stock Gibson P90s. But if you want something hotter, most of the after-market winders (Lollar, Fralin, Duncan, Wolfetone, Bareknuckle, etc. etc.) will have something in their product lines to meet your needs.
  9. TB72

    NPD - New Picks Day! V Picks..

    Quality product, without a doubt. I use a few different styles and thicknesses for various guitars and tonal needs. It has gotten so that I won't play my mandolin without a Screamer.
  10. TB72

    What is the best Capo for electric guitars with big necks?

    How big are your necks!? :eek: The two biggest necks I have are an R8 Les Paul and a Warmoth Fatback. The G7 is the only capo I've found that works with these. Spring loaded capos (Kysers and the like) were an exercise in futility, and my Shubb will not stay put when I clamp it on (perhaps they...
  11. TB72

    If I wanted a boost that...

    From the pedals on your list, I'd go with the Timmy. (I have played and/or owned all three pedals you listed BTW.) But, if I was just going from your description, I'd recommend an Xotic RC Booster. I found the SHOD to work better as a low gain overdrive than a fat booster. The Timmy worked...
  12. TB72

    Best Compressor

    If I had to pick a desert island comp, I'd go with the Empress. It's just so versatile, it can be dialed in to sound like many of the faves already mentioned here. From subtle to supreme squish, you can find it in there. I've used it on electrics, acoustics, mandolin, and dobro...all with great...
  13. TB72

    Wampler Dual Fusion

    I just got one of these the other day as well. The thing I was most interested in was the plethora of routing options. I use a Cusack Pedalboard Tamer to control all my stompers, and this pedal allows me to: a)replace two drive pedals with one, thereby taking up less space, and b)run each...
  14. TB72

    My Kyser capo exploded.....Is the G7th the Way to go?

    The G7 is my go-to as far as capos are concerned, particularly since I favor guitars with fat neck carves. The big necks just don't get along with Kysers or other capos of that ilk. (Not that those aren't good capos...the spring tension just always pulls everything way too sharp with the...
  15. TB72

    Empress Compressor?

    It's my fave. I haven't found a more versatile comp, that's also pretty intuitive to use. For my money, it's the individual input and output gain controls that really let you match this pedal to whatever instrument and rig you're playing. I've used it with many instruments (Electric gtr...
  16. TB72

    Amp OD is soooo much better than pedals...

    This is gonna end well. :sarcasm
  17. TB72

    First impressions on three Mooer pedals I just got....and need suggestion for delay.

    I picked up the Mooer Ana Echo recently. Really impressed with the sound. I have an old Boss DM2 (which the Mooer is supposed to be a clone of). That Boss is my benchmark for analog delays. I'm happy to say that the Mooer really holds its' own in a side by side comparison. They both have a...
  18. TB72

    Show us your Pedalboard #27

    I recognize the EP Boost, Lovepedal trem, Red Witch Sisters, and Polytune mini, but what are those other minis in the front row?
  19. TB72

    What Pedals to Get This Sound???

    There are more than a few people who have learned to play this way. Albert King, Doyle Bramhall II, and Coco Montoya come to mind. Oh, Eric Gales as well, I believe. Paul McCartney also did this on Stu Sutcliffe's bass before he got one of his own. Kinda makes sense, considering left-handed...
  20. TB72

    What Pedals to Get This Sound???

    So you didn't hear the clip...but wanted to argue anyway? :aok Damn, I love this place! Later...
  21. TB72

    What Pedals to Get This Sound???

    Sure, a Zendrive will suit this application just fine (I have a Zen-clone myself that I use for this level of grit...I also play through Fender amps...Super Sonics and Twin Reverbs mostly). You could also just turn your Princeton up to about 7 or 8...although that could piss off your neighbors...
  22. TB72

    What Pedals to Get This Sound???

    Sounds like the neck pickup on the guitar running through a mildly overdriven amp. Depending on your amp, you might not need pedals at all. That said, there are dozens (hundreds?) of low gain overdrives and boosts on the market (at every conceivable price point) that could help get you close...
  23. TB72

    Tell me about the EP Booster

    To get a volume boost, you would run it AFTER your DLS. If you run the EP in front of the DLS, it will give you a gain boost (dirtier and more saturated) but the volume won't jump up significantly. Later...
  24. TB72

    What Pedals for an Acoustic Setup?

    Friends don't let friends use chorus on an acoustic.:nono Just kidding (well, sort of...I wouldn't use it myself). I guess I've heard one too many acoustic players who have a chorus as an always-on pedal. It can be a cool sound, but it can get old very quickly. For my acoustic instruments...