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  1. TB72

    Warmoth Neck Questions

    The 59 is by far my favorite Warmoth neck carve (I have them on a few partscasters). The Fatback is noticeably bigger, similar to some of the chunkier offerings on Gibson 57/58 reissue Les Pauls, or the original necks on the Jeff Beck Strats. I would prefer the Fatbacks to the skinny...
  2. TB72

    P90s: Staple vs Pole?

    While their footprint is the same (meaning they fit in the same sized cavity), the P90 and the Alnico 5 Staple are different sounding pickups. The staple has a sound that could be described as a more hi-fi version of a P90...a bit more clarity and high end sparkle. This makes it a nice option...
  3. TB72

    Setup slide guitar

    As opposed to raising the action a whole bunch, I would just go up a gauge in string size. And as stated above, find a slide that facilitates a light touch (this will actually be a combination of the slide itself, and your technique...mostly technique I'd say). For me, the action is a delicate...
  4. TB72

    Guitar strap length - Billy Gibbons style

    Billy's straps are adjustable from 60" to 65"...they is looonnnngg. (Dusty's are 50" to 55")
  5. TB72

    Does a Les Paul just make everything sound better?

    Talking shop with one of my band mates (we both play in multiple bands). The subject came around to my Les Paul. He said, "I've seen pics of you playing it, but you've never brought it to one of our gigs." I told him it's because that guitar is a sonic steamroller. It just dominates so much of...
  6. TB72

    I Think I Want a Pink Guitar

    After seeing the pic, I can see where you'd want one...that SG looks real nice.
  7. TB72

    Trying out Lollar Imperials in my R8

    I've got a set of Low Wind Imperials in my R8. I've found many of the same things as you. Not brash like the BBs. All the classic LP tones can be coaxed out of them, and I can wrangle some quasi tele tones out of there as well. I really like the way they clean up when you roll back the volume...
  8. TB72

    Are there any American made 335 style guitars with a 1 3/4 nut?

    Check with some of the usual suspects... Heritage? Collings?
  9. TB72

    Are we not talking about the new Clapton sig guitars?

    I actually prefer the Steinberger tuners, but if you're going for period-correct...
  10. TB72

    Are we not talking about the new Clapton sig guitars?

    Yup..."Hard no" if it's their modern spec Firebird pickup.
  11. TB72

    Which 12-string electric?

    If you can find one (they don't make 'em anymore), I'd recommend a Yamaha Pacifica 12. Mine has the best tuning stability of any electric 12 I've ever played.
  12. TB72

    Extra Deep Pickup Rout Could Be More Susceptible to Feedback?

    You say you like the pickups set low... One possibility is that the pickup springs are too loose to hold the pickups in place sufficiently tight. This can cause them to vibrate, leading to feedback. Try longer springs (or surgical tubing). Or, as mentioned above, a little bit of foam in the...
  13. TB72

    What does SE stand for? (PRS)

    Thought it was referring to the fact that they're built "somewhere else". :)
  14. TB72

    Who is this player?

    Over the right shoulder...Jimmy McCullouch. Left shoulder...Denny Laine. Looks like a poster for the Wings Over America record.
  15. TB72

    Do you swap 1 or 2 strings for a different guage?

    Update: Looks like Ernie Ball has taken my idea...they have some new sets. Ultra Slinky (10-48) and Burly Slinky (11-52). Actually, I had NOTHING to do with their decision, but I do approve. (I usually use GHS, but I'm sure these new EBs will come in handy for me on occasion.)
  16. TB72

    Kauer double neck.

    Oh. My. F.....
  17. TB72

    Nashville Telecaster or a Strat?

  18. TB72

    Do you swap 1 or 2 strings for a different guage?

    I do a variation on this. I'll take a set of 10-52s,(.010, .013, .017, .032, .044, .052) and a set of 11-50s (.011, .015, .018, .026, .036, .050). I'll swap out the treble strings between the sets, so I end up with a set of 10-50, and a set of 11-52. Fender-scale guitars get the 10s, and...
  19. TB72

    Why does Jimi string his low E string like this?

    Six pages in and nobody has got it yet... It's because TGP wasn't around back then to point out the error of his ways. ;) (Jimi would have been the Joe B. of his generation.)
  20. TB72

    School me on slide/goldfoils/“coodercasters”

    I did a Coodercaster tribute a few months back. The two companies I knew of that did reproductions of the old Valco/Supro string-thru pickup were Lollar, and Mojo Pickups (out of the U.K). I went with the Mojo version, mostly because they have a version that has a mounting plate that matches...
  21. TB72

    Calling all vintage tele guys, which compensated saddles?

    I have a few sets from Rutters, and a couple from Glendale. Both are excellent. No complaints.
  22. TB72

    Damn, when did Gibson Custom Shop SG's get so expensive?!?

    Probably right around the time they put the words "Custom Shop" in front of it. ;) The term is to guitars as the term "Gourmet" is to food...fancy buzz-words that mean "more expensive". (I wish I was kidding.)
  23. TB72

    What an amazing vintage tone !

    Pretty typical 60s surf tone. Fender guitar (likely a Strat or Jazzmaster) with flatwound strings through a Blackface Fender amp. Plenty 'o' reverb.
  24. TB72

    How many times has Fender made a Hendrix strat of some sort?

    It's subtle. Warms up the sound of the treble strings some. The reverse headstock makes a bigger difference...in the feel at least.
  25. TB72

    How many people here are all dirt?

    For me, it really depends on the gig. If it's "Rawk Night" at the local beer 'n' brawl, odds are it'll be dirty most of the night. Then some other times, I'm doing classic country and honky tonk...so then it's clean with a bit of reverb or slap echo, and try to be James Burton. I voted...