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  1. MIM#1

    Gretsch Streamliner Jet JR. Bigsby or......?

    I'm thinking of picking up a Gretsch Streamliner JR, as my favorite humbucker size single coils are just sitting in a box. [EMG 'H' actives, which are 'S' single coils in humbucker housings] However, I would really like a vibrato instead of a wrap-around bridge. Schaller makes the 4201 which is...
  2. MIM#1

    Replace a chorus and a phaser with a leslie simulator?

    Hi, in this down time I'm re-thinking my pedal board. Live I only use modulation a few times during a 1.5 hour set. I use a Boss PH-2 for slow phasing and a Small Clone for fast leslie-ish wobble. I'm thinking something like the the Strymon LEX could sub for both being that they are not crucial...
  3. MIM#1

    Questions for 'old school' VOX DELAYLAB owners

    Not saying the owners are 'old school', but by Gear page standards the delay sure is. Anyway, I recently got one and it sounds great and its a cinch to navigate. Two questions though, one regarding expression pedal use and one regarding display. 1] When setting it up for expression pedal use it...
  4. MIM#1

    silent practice along with spotify?

    Ok, first off I'm really showing my computer ignorance with this post, so lets get that out of the way! :rotflmao Ok, my question: what do I need to jam along with spotify and band rehearsal tracks at home on my couch with my strat through headphones? Can I do that with an IRIG or similar...
  5. MIM#1

    Do open back cabinets benefit from foam insulation?

    Just curious, are there standing waves in an open back cab or is side/bottom foam insulation only for closed back cabinets? :munch
  6. MIM#1

    Electro Harmonix big box Q-Tron + photo request

    Hi, with the demise of 'photobucket' [good riddance!] there doesn't seem to be any gut shots of a big box Q-TRON or Q-tron + out there. I recently bought an older, Version 1 Qtron + that was sold as unknown working condition. Turns out it works so I'm thrilled with that! However, the 'up/down'...
  7. MIM#1

    Fender tone stack in a Vox / Trainwreck style amp?

    I have a Ceriatone C-Wreck that I've been tweaking for max clean headroom and it sounds real close to what I want. [lowered the 10k midrange cap/removed v2 coupling cap/upped the V1 voltage]. Haven't messed with the tone stack, but I ordered the 250pf/.1/.047 caps so I will give it a try when...
  8. MIM#1

    9v AC pedals....what are my options?

    Ok, I don't use a whammy so that's out. I guess line 6 M9 but its too big. Digitech expression factory, no thanks. I've got that 9v AC outlet on my Truetone CS12 just sitting there. What other 9v AC options are there? [Can't really swing a Kingsley pedal either] I guess I'm out of ideas.
  9. MIM#1

    Randall RG-90 schematic needed

    I just bought an RG-90 head that was listed as not powering up, and sold by non-musician. Its in the post and should have it in a week or so. Could be as simple as a fuse... or a complete loss, but it looks great with nothing missing externally. So, I figure I would start looking for a schematic...
  10. MIM#1

    JBL D120 tone on the cheap?

    Well, I really love my D120F but it was about to break the baffle board in BOTH of my Fender 1x12'' combo amps. I have a few Jensen Neo 12-100 speakers that I like, but always felt they lack the brilliance that brings out the chime in Fender amps, something I need! So on a whim I decided to see...
  11. MIM#1

    Snubber cap on an on/off power switch to prevent 'pop'?

    Well, the recent snubber cap thread got me thinking, although I'm talking about a cap on a dpst ON/OFF power switch. My old 70's transistor amp has a strong thump/pop at power down [like alot of early transistor amps]. I've read that putting a high voltage [630v / .01] safety cap directly on the...
  12. MIM#1

    sideways ( Z Vex size) low gain overdrive / boost

    I've got everything I need on my Metro 16 board, but the bottom row, where my drive pedals live, is currently standard MXR size boxes turned sideways, and it bugs me. From low to high gain it is a TS mini,Rat clone and a Weehbo Bastard.The TS Mini really sucks sideways as its footswitch is at a...
  13. MIM#1

    Xotic power converter and Ebay rip-off....

    Well, I finally bought a vintage pedal that I've wanted for a long time. An old PEARL AD-33 dual analog delay. Its an 18v pedal with standard polarity [Boss, etc]. Well I plugged it in using my xotic 9v >18v converter coming off of an isolated 400ma outlet on my PP2+ and it sort of worked for 5...
  14. MIM#1

    WHY can't people properly pack a raw frame speaker????

    Just received my JBL K-110 in the mail. I specifically asked the the seller to not use shipping peanuts, just a strong, empty box that fits the speaker securely. What was the box stuffed with? SHIPPING PEANUTS. The aluminum dome is destroyed and there is voice coil rub. THIS IS THE 2ND TIME THIS...
  15. MIM#1

    Who makes reproductions of vintage fender circuit boards?

    Somehow, over the last 20 years I've acquired a PT and OT from a Fender Musicmaster Bass amp. I have all other components to build a MMB head, but need to find a suitable circuit board for this amp or a Harvard. I'd like some extra rivets for the power supply cap. I'm in Europe so an EU source...
  16. MIM#1

    2 IN 1 Low gain overdrive + high gain distortion

    Hi folks, I don't usually start threads here but in this case I need some suggestions. What are some recomendations for a 2in1 low gain transparent overdrive and a high gain distortion, both independantly switchable and stack-able? I own a Boss SD-2 and love the low gain overdrive,[one of the...
  17. MIM#1

    Help with a possible mod for my Boss DD-5 delay

    Hi, I've had this idea in my head for awhile but am not sure how to implement it. Originally, I wanted to just add an expression pedal jack to control the delay feedback. I know Analog Mike does this mod and use to have a DD-5 that I sent to him for this [back when I lived in the States]. It...
  18. MIM#1

    Arrange your own courier in another country, advice!

    Hi, I just won a Fender Musicmaster Bass amp on Ebay UK for an amazing price! However, when I asked the seller to send an invoice with the postage added he said, sorry, you have to arrange your own courier. Well, I DONT want to miss out on this deal so I need to figure out how to do this and...
  19. MIM#1

    In PRAISE of the One Control Mosquite Blender!!!

    Just wanted to give a shout out for probably the most useful pedal on my pedalboard, the One Control Mosquite blender! 1st, I put a 70's Dyna Comp in the loop and had the most killer DynaComp with clean blend tone happening.True bypass and led was a big plus too. I really would have left it like...
  20. MIM#1

    DOD Gonkulator re-issue. Grunge with no treble/bass controls?

    Well...I recently traded a soundtank for a Grunge, and its actually a cool high gain pedal! So now I'm thinking about a Gonkulator as it would be neat to have the ring mod as an option. However, on my Grunge, there is a very specific treble and Bass setting that I use or it sounds BAD in a not...
  21. MIM#1

    Amp Cabinet builders in the EU?

    Anybody know of an cabinet builder in Europe who could make me a blackface style head cabinet for my Fender Musicmaster Bass Amp? [same chassis as a champ] The image is a mojo cab but shipping/tax is prohibitive. Thanks in advance!
  22. MIM#1

    Identifying Power Transformer leads for Musicmaster Bass Amp

    Hi folks, hopefully somebody here could steer me in the right direction. I bought a 'project' Fender MMB amp that has a blown power transformer. Since this amp is definitely not in 'collectable' condition I'm going to set it up to run 6L6 tubes. I just received suitable power and output...
  23. MIM#1

    Identifying Power Transformer leads for Musicmaster Bass Amp

    Hi folks, hopefully somebody here could steer me in the right direction. I bought a 'project' Fender MMB amp that has a blown power transformer. Since this amp is definitely not in 'collectable' condition I'm going to set it up to run 6L6 tubes. I just received suitable power and output...
  24. MIM#1

    Speaking of tremolo's...Mooer Varimolo anybody?

    I'm attempting to downsize from a PT2 to my old (reliced :) ) 18''x12'' gorm. All I need is a mini comp and mini tremolo. The Mooer Yellow comp will fill that role, but I've yet to try a mini tremolo that I like. I've owned the trelicopter/Malekko/guyatone VT2 and didn't bond with any of them...
  25. MIM#1

    Alairex Halo Jr. anybody?

    Well, I broke my self imposed 100euro pedal limit by buying one of these new at Thomman for 125euros, more than 1/2 off! I'm not sure but I think they are blowing out the remaining stock. There are very few reviews or demoes online for this pedal but I do know its mode '2' of the full size Halo...