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    59model Pete Bogash

    Hi, I'm sad to let you all know that Pete 59Model died last Tuesday. I realize some of you may already know this. But I know most do not. This community was a HUGE part of Pete's life. He really cared about and respected everyone. Please visit the site for Pete at myspace.com/petebogash and...
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    Anyone else having fun with their POD Live?

    Gotta say, this is one of the most fantastic pedals on the market today coupled with a Variax, IMHO. I`m running it through the effects return of a Red Knob Showman loaded with KT66`s, and it`s probably the best $700 I spent, and that`s including the Variax 300. This is a cover bands dream for...
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    Reverb makes hum and feedback

    Hi, I got a Fender amp that after I play it for 1/2 hour it goes into a squeel and gets a loud hum. I tried replacing the 12AT7 reverb tube twice as well as trying a new reverb tank with no luck. If I unplug the reverb cord it stops, so I figure it has to be coming from the reverb circuit...
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    Pedal on Bad Co`s r&r Fantasy

    Anyone know what type of overdrive/octave type was used in the intro and a few fills on this tune?
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    Good Recto type pedal

    Looking for something that can do the Godsmack, Nickelback type crunch for a cover band I`ll be jammin with. Just has to be close as we`re only doing a few of these tunes and my Wreck clone has the classic-rock thing covered. Any ideas?
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    Any Reinhardt user out there?

    Man, I was floored by those clips of Anthony Steele on the Reinhardt site, and just pulled the trigger on a MI6 that is like his 18watt but 6V6 based for a little darker and heavier in the low mids tone. His wife does awesome tolex in the realm of old race cars that`s really eye catching. I...
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    New 58RI LP ???`s

    Any opinions on the new 58 Historic Les Pauls? I really wanted a new plaintop, and the 58 seemed to be the only option besides the Classic, but I didn`t want a 60`s neck. I sprung for a new 58 with a gloss finish, not the VOS, as it was a custom order from the dealer I always do business with...
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    Anyone else love their CS336?

    I`ve been a LP player most of my life, and can`t believe how I`ve bonded with this guitar. The neck, the light weight, controlable feedback at volume, it`s all great! I had tried 335`s in the past, but found them too large to fit me right. This guitar fits me like a glove. And I really like the...
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    Clean amps with great sustain. Do they exist?

    Been through so many amps I`ve lost count, but I always listened to the OD to to make my final decision. Well, got a gig in a cover band again and it`s 3 piece, so I`m going the multi stompbox route to get different tones and effects. OCD, Tonebone, Crunchbox, DL4, etc., and I`d like to get away...
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    Good drum machine for recording

    Just got my house fixed up from Rita, and bought an inexpensive Tascam with the built in CD burner, so I have some time now to get back into playing and songwriting. Any advise on a drum machine that is fairly easy to use that can put fills in on the fly. Any info is greatly appreciated as I...
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    Shiva vs K55

    Man this is a tough question, but I`ve had three Shiva`s over the past few years, both EL34 and 6L6, and one combo, and I`m noticing a big similiarity between those and my K55 (late 90`s model). Anyone here AB`d these? Same fat low mids, etc, but the K55 has a gain control on the clean channel...
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    Great site for Mullard and Telefunken`s cheap

    Found this guy on line and bought from him a couple times. I just bought his last 3 long plate Mullard ECC83`s for $35 a piece, but he said he has a huge stash of short plates for $30. I think the Tele smooth plates are about the same price. He tests everything and is an easy guy to deal with...