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    Solid Cables - Still in business?

    Without getting into cable "mojo" I'll just say that the Dynamic Arc Ultra is by far the best built cable I've ever encountered. I'm a fan and had been using a pair of them, but recently misplaced one during a move. The website hasn't been updated in a while and most of the listed dealers don't...
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    Sold Furman AR-15 II - Voltage Regulator and Power Conditioner

    Studio use only, very good condition, priced to move: Link to manual with full features and specs $OLD PP'd and shipped
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    Sold JuiceBox JBX-003 Power Supply - Power 12 effects at multiple voltages

    No longer made, these are compact heavy duty boxes that produce plenty of clean power at multiple voltages. Details and specs available on the website: JuiceBox Power Supply I have two units available, both in great shape with velcro on the bottom. I will include an IEC power cord and a...
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    Sold PRICES LOWERED: A bakers' dozen sweet pedals priced for quick sale

    An imminent move requires some downsizing, so the pedals below need a new home: From left to right: Dunlop Rotovibe JH-4S: $OLD - 2nd version, LOTS of road wear but works perfectly, recent pro tuneup [Top Row] Strymon Deco: $OLD - Practically mint, includes box but not adapter Menatone El...
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    Sold Origin Effects Cali76 Compact

    I preordered this on the hype and it's just not my thing. My loss = your gain. Practically brand new pedal shipped in original box. For some reason it came with a SlideRig manual, but a soft copy of the proper manual can be found here. $225 PP'd and shipped to CONUSA. No trade offers please...
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    Sold J Rockett MAX Boost - Mark Sampson designed

    Minty fresh JRAD MAX boost pedal, courtesy of Mark Sampson's design. This is actually the same acclaimed boost circuit featured in the Tim Pierce OD pedal. In that application there's only a "Boost" knob and the "Chime" is hardwired. Here you get full control over both volume on high end...
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    Sold Menatone Custom Shop - MENAWATT

    Practically brand new. If you've been curious, here's a chance to try one of these rarities without the typical 8 week wait and at a price 1/3 off the cost. $250 PP'd and shipped to CONUSA. Will ship to other locations, with cost based on actual shipping charges. Thanks for looking.
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    Sold Retro-Sonic Chorus - Latest Version - Stereo w/Panasonic BBDs

    This is from the limited run of 10 that Tim built last year. Excellent condition, no Velcro. $250 PP'd and shipped to CONUSA. No trade offers please, and thanks for looking.
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    Sold PRICE DROP: Heptode Virtuoso - Maestro PS-1A - $199

    Original owner, very lightly used, like new in every way. Full details here. Gearmanndude demo: Pics of actual unit for sale: $199 PP'd and shipped to CONUSA. No trade offers, please, and thanks for looking.
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    Sold THE LOOKER - True Stereo Optical Trem/Pan from Young Pedals

    Not being made anymore, but Burgs did a great demo: Specs, per manufacturer: • tap tempo and x2 multiply (doubles the tapped rate) • stereo inputs/outputs (two discrete optical tremolo circuits) • synchronize or pan between outputs • ganged time, depth, shape, and level controls for both...
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    Sold Thru-Tone Ernie Ball Volume Pedal PM-1

    "The PM-1 should be considered a complete overhaul and upgrade vs a mod. This upgrade allows you to take back your tone when using the Ernie Ball Volume Pedal as well as offers the smoothest taper and most solid durability upgrades." ^^^ Truth! Complete info here. Only selling because I...
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    Sold Chase Tone Italian Crybaby Wah Replica

    "Limited Production Item" Specs, per the manufacturer: “Combination New & Old components and circuitry” BC109A custom made vintage accurate transistors for an authentically original Italian era Vox Wahs. This is a VERY RARE vintage spec transistor utilized in the BEST vintage Crybaby wahs...
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    Acoustic tapping from Canada

    Not me, but cool playing:
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    Bang and Blame Delay

    I really dig the delay on this song. Not hyped digital, not dirty or low-fi analog ... just really natural (dare I say, "organic"). watch?v=4cdZQ41rGAg Peter Buck wasn't known as a big user of delay, and I'm pretty sure that a studio rack mount unit was used on the track. That being said, I'd...
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    I don't trust new amps

    That's a quote excerpt from Joe Bonamassa in the latest PG. Full quote is: "I don't trust new amps. Well, I certainly don’t trust boutique amps because they blow up. I’ve always had bad luck with them." I'm not a touring pro and over time I've mostly played vintage amps, but I'm really...
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    Vibe Pedal Troubleshooting (Fulltone MDV-3)

    For those of you familiar with vibe schematics and soldering irons, see if you can make sense of this ... My MDV-3 works perfectly in Chorus mode 100% of the time, but the Vibrato mode produces intermittent results. When I flip the switch to Vibrato, sometimes it works fine, sometimes there's...
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    Brand new pot ... scratchy?

    So I replaced the pot on my EB volume pedal. [Yes, it's just as much fun as advertised ...:bkw ] All the connections appear solid, but there's a major scratch issue. I recorded a quick snippet: Scratchy Pot Could this be a wiring/soldering issue? Could I have damaged...
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    Hiwatt + Marshall Phase Issues

    I read on another board that the output of Hiwatts and Marshalls are out of phase with each other. Can anyone familiar with the schematics (Hiwatt DR-103 and Marshall 1992) confirm or deny? Many thanks. - DB
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    25" scale length: "Best of both worlds" or "neither here nor there"

    Not looking to debate whether or not scale length affects tone. There's already a long thread on that topic. :crazy For those who view scale length as a meaningful part of the tonal recipe ... A key element of the Gibson-esque tone equation is a "short" scale ranging from 24.5" to 24.75"...
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    EL34: Anyone prefer Chinese to Winged C?

    Most comments I've seen tout the SED "Winged C" (f/k/a Svetlana) as the best choice for high voltage Brit-style designs. I've heard comparatively little praise for the Chinese EL34B (e.g., the Ruby-branded ones), but before I drop coin on a a bunch of glass I'm curious if anyone has A/B'd the...
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    The new VG has a PR item on what looks like a new version of the SS (page 176 for those playing along at home). The item refers readers to the Peterson website, which is enigmatically unresponsive to all searches for anything of this nature. Does anyone have the inside scoop on this mystery...
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    Pedal that sounds like me

    What would be the best pedal to make me sound more like me? I know so much of my tone has to do with my hands/fingers/pick attack/etc ... MMMV ... I may never "nail" my tone, but surely there's a pedal that can get me more in that basic ballpark of me-ness, no? FYI, FWIW, I'm playing...
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    BFD, DFH, Battery Drum Sampling

    I'm interested in comments from guitar-playing drum sample users. BFD, DFH, and Battery seem to be the Big 3 in this arena. There have been some interesting developments, namely a brand new version of Battery, some new expansion modules for both BFD (Andy Johns) and DFH (Custom, Vintage)...
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    Exciting Changes in Les Paul Models

    Guitarists the world over are familiar with Gibson's famous series of Les Paul Guitars. They include some of the finest solid body instruments manufactured today --- and lead the field in popularity. It is with great pride that Gibson announces exciting improvements in these three Les Paul...
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    Hiwatt 60-cycle hum

    My '72 Hiwatt DR-103 has got a hum issue that is proving hard to trace. It's not too bad, except when all three volumes are cranked or close to it. At that point, moving the Bass knob past 11:00 brings up a low-level 60-cycle hum that gets progressively louder as the control is turned up...