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  1. vintage66

    Getting chemical stinks out of amp (damn you Glade/Febreze people, stop it!!) - NAD foiled

    I was looking at a used Fender briefcase style case-stand on eBay and sent a message about the condition asking if it had any funky smell since I can’t physically inspect it and the shop blocked me from buying it saying I must be one of those pain in the ass buyers. Guess I got my answer.
  2. vintage66

    What Tube Amp Had The Sweetest Clean Tone You Ever Heard?

    Plexi through a 4x12 or Bassman reissue. Different kinds of clean, both awesome. Unfortunately I own neither.
  3. vintage66

    Road worn Mesa 4 x 12

    What’s with the rhino? Worth an extra $50 if it has a cool story. Subtract $50 if it’s covering a rat chew hole.
  4. vintage66

    1x12, 2x12, Open back, Closed back - Best for home use

    Oranges love V30’s which makes sense since that’s what’s in their cabs. My Timy Terror also loves greenbacks I’m a 4x12 but is a bit dark through my 2x12 open back with creambacks. It’s more about speaker matching than number of speakers imo. Orange 2x12’s are bulky and heavy though.
  5. vintage66

    NAD: Warning - very non TGP!

    The blues lawyers would definitely cross their arms in disapproval if you gigged it.
  6. vintage66

    Can't Decide... 4x12 Or 2x12?!

    Depends on a lot of factors so no simple one size fits all answer. Do you need to transport it and how often?Stairs? Do you have help at home loading? Vehicle size. Speaker wattage. I have a 4x12 with greenbacks because at 25w you need 4 to handle some amps. If I were using V30’s I’d go...
  7. vintage66

    Felt Disks for Amp Head Feet

    Wouldn’t that make it easier to accidentally knock it off the cab because of reduced friction? Marshall solved this by the rubber skid pads on their cabs. Rubber feet would be great. Felt seems like a not so great idea to me.
  8. vintage66

    Is buying a used amp worth it?

    Depends on how much savings, how it’s made, if you can give it a good tryout. Like has been said, cheaply made amps tend to need repair after a few years, bad soldering, tube sockets on circuit boards, etc. That said, I usually buy used. You save in the long run. Repairs are a fact of life with...
  9. vintage66

    412, no casterz?

    I’ve seen people turn 4x12’s on their side. Casters are a must.
  10. vintage66

    Blues Jr Tweed vs Limited Edition

    Nice comparison, the tweed sounds like a bigger amp with that speaker, l like both sounds. I wonder how close the Jensen and greenback sound. If you switch back I’d like to hear a similar comparison.
  11. vintage66

    Blues Jr Tweed vs Limited Edition

    Dig the red. I like the Jensen that comes in the tweed, a 150w speaker in a 15w amp seems like overkill, do you like the extra bass and headroom?
  12. vintage66

    In case you were wondering, the Marshall SC20H is plenty loud enough.

    l thought the same thing. I tried the Jcm800 20 watt at local GC but they pretty much said they have no control over what is ordered so would probably never get the plexi style one to demo, which is the one I really want to try.
  13. vintage66

    Share your Mesa Boogie!

    Mine's an Express 5:50 regular version in red bronco with tan cloth. Had an SOB for a decade and a half as my only amp from mid eighties til I didn't like the overdrive anymore, not sure if the amp changed or my ears changed. The 5:50 is my go-to most played at home and out, takes pedals well...
  14. vintage66

    Share your Mesa Boogie!

    Need details-what is it and how many leopards had to die?
  15. vintage66

    Amp stands?

    I have the bottom one and like it a lot. I stick it in a duffel bag with my cables (it sticks out) so it’s more portable than my other stand On-Stage 7500 that I also like.
  16. vintage66

    Power tubes in my Budda SD18 seem to be redplating

    I bought a set of “higher gain” tubes for my Sd30 and one or two glowed bright red and the sound faded. Turns out some of them test weak. Too late to return them as I waited a long time before actually trying them and just had them on hand as spares. Won’t be buying from that vender again...
  17. vintage66

    Any news on the Friedman "Jake E. Lee" amp?

    I’d love to hear it the way it’s supposed to sound.
  18. vintage66

    Any news on the Friedman "Jake E. Lee" amp?

    I’d be really interested if it’s geared toward his Badlands era sound. I’m guessing not though. Are the 20 watt Mini Friedamans loud enough to gig with? Louder than a Tiny Terror?
  19. vintage66

    Rolling amp cases?

    Gator has a couple models, the plastic “roto” and a nylon and wood model, SKB has one but it’s pricey. Don’t want a flight case because that and my amp would weigh 80 pounds. The plastic Gator is the cheapest but only fits two of my three combos according to the specs. The Budda is 1” too...
  20. vintage66

    Anyone played a Marshall Origin Vertical 212?

    I think the SV212 should have greenbacks for sure. I’m not sure what they have or the difference between that and the Origin cab. I’m checking out different options from Avatar and others. I have a 4x12 with greenbacks but need a 1x12 or 2x12 for easier transport. I’m considering Vintage 30’s...
  21. vintage66

    Anyone played a Marshall Origin Vertical 212?

    Ouch, expected to ship in July (Jet City). I wish it was a bit wider for a full sized head, it’s 10” narrower.
  22. vintage66

    7 must have amps in your arsenal

    It’s cool having lots of options and I’m guilty of wanting lots of amps but on the flip side, most famous guitar players are associated with a particular sound, the trick is finding yours. Not to say you should limit yourself to one amp, but maybe covering all the bases isn’t really necessary.
  23. vintage66

    In appreciation of the Marshall 1965A cab

    As far as the grill cloth I’ve read that the early ones fade to brown so Marshall changed to a black that wouldn’t fade which is why some are black and some are faded looking. It’s on the interweb so it must be true. Sounds plausible though.
  24. vintage66

    In appreciation of the Marshall 1965A cab

    Straight vs slant, is there enough difference to care? I like the idea of a slant so it’s pointed more at my ears and is slightly less directional but in practice is the difference noticeable?
  25. vintage66

    Avatar 2x12 Compact vs Traditional vs Vintage 1x12?

    Wow, thanks for the info and vid. Huge difference in the traditional and Vintage, I never would’ve thought they would sound that different. I do prefer the vintage in the demo. I might go check out a traditional with G12-30’s tomorrow. Anyone have any opinions on that setup? I have a vintage...