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    Marshall Help Please

    All, A Brother passed away a while back. His Sister has been tasked with taking care of his Estate. He had a Marshall 50 watt head and a 4-12 closed back cabinet. I am going to check it out for her next week. She has a family friend who is going to purchase the rig but she wants to know...
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    I lost a good friend earlier this week. Chris help me learn to play many years ago. He will be missed. Chris' brother is an excellent guitarist and he will take great care of his Martin D35 and mid 70s LP Custom. Chris also had a 50w Marshall half stack from the late 70s to early 80s. I may...
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    Original Equipment Tubes

    I was wondering if anyone else ever noticed how good most amplifiers sound when you use original equipment tubes? I have tried switching around and I have a pretty nice collection of preamp tubes (not for sale). Today I tubed my Rivera going back to the original equipment Sovteks and I put...
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    Tad el84s

    I just received a quad from KCANOSTUBES. (thanks Mike!) I installed two of them into my Reinhardt 18. (thanks Bob!) The only change that I made was the power tubes. Still subjective but here goes. I played for about an hour, switched between channels, played them soft and I brought out the...
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    Reinhardt 18

    I have had the amp for about 6 weeks. Is anyone else out there just digging this amplifier? Anyone else have harmonics and articulation just jumping off of your frets? Just want to see if it is just me or if others are having as much fun as I am? Takes single coils and hums like it is just...
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    Reinhardt 18 Combo

    You have seen the pictures, you have heard the clips. Bob and Sue's service is legendary. I am not going to type in the usual "greatest thing since sliced bread" blather. All I can say is I have had mine for 10 days. It arrived on time, packaged well, it is built to the hilt, and it is full...
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    Bass Players Opinions

    Thought no one would ever ask huh? Seriously I would like to know what Bass Players think of guitarists that use sub woofers, dropped tunings, etc. Does it mess with your tone. More important, what steps can be taken to keep things right? Serious question here, it is all about the music.
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    Next Collectables

    I apologize if this thread has been beaten to death but here it is again. Buy art because YOU like it. That said it doesnt hurt that it appreciates in value. Lots of great guitars in the emporium tonight. Vintage stuff. What will be the next generations GAS producing originals. I will...
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    Grosh Guitars are Easy to Play

    Man I just don't understand how a guitar can feel so fast and good in a players hands. My Grosh makes playing easy and allows me to be creative. That is after all what music is to me, creative expression (little explosions) of thought expressed in the musical language. Sometimes a nice...
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    Where did all of those late 90 early 2000 Cfox acoustics go? Mr Fox had a raging business going in a position to compete with anyone. I know his rep as a teacher and a builder. Seems like those guitars should have a following out there. I played one of his OMs. It was a tough decision...
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    18 watt help here

    Reinhardt MI-6. Anybody playing this amp? Sounded great at the NC Amp Fest . So many to chose from. Must be a tough business right now. :puh Looked like the martini dude! Whats that supposed to be anyway? Need grab and go! The 18 (Reinhardt)sounded great as well and the press is hard to...