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    a bouncy little diddly cooked up while in hibernation :hide
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    a minute taking the amp808 for a quick spin
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    Lemon Feynman

    Here's a little tribute I did for the late scientist Richard Feynman in the musical style of Lemon Jelly. It's a bit of a departure from my usual stuff with the emphasis here on arranging over lead playing. Science!
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    "Two Buck Tim and the Vastness of Now"

    The floaty, ambient track started with a groove on a digitally processed Vast steel hand drum I recently received. From there I started layering the guitars, (acoustic, clean electric, and Ebow,) along with a S&H patch on Animoog. instruments used: GVCG nocaster (Fred Stuart pu) Lowden F-32...
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    "Aurora Borealis, In Your Kitchen?"

    yup. I started this as a short improv on a Chinese large moon lute, (zhongruan) and then overdubbed acoustic guitar, an Eastwood H44 copy for slide, and a synth drone using Animoog. cheers.
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    Here's a little jam on the main theme to Clapton's Duane Allman tribute, "Motherless Children." I've been working on some faux slide techniques on my tele and found this tune ripe for the pickin'. For the main guitar I'm playing my Fred Stuart loaded GVCG nocaster through a OneControl...
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    OneControl - Golden Acorn Overdrive Special preview clip

    Hot off the heels of NAMM, here's a quick preview of Bjorn Juhl's latest creation for OneControl pedals. The Golden Acorn Overdrive Special is a very dynamic, mid-focused overdrive that gets you well within the ballpark of it's infamous namesake. If you dig interacting with your guitar's...
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    bjfe - model D clips

    Here are some clips I recently made with a bjfe custom shop Model D pedal. I recorded them over at my buddy's place with my tried and true GVCG tele through his AXEfx2, (I'm not sure of the exact model,) using a blackface bassman patch and recording into Ableton. First off, here are two raw...
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    Cranky Pants

    https://soundcloud.com/fatbackribs/cranky-pants Here's a short ditti I threw together when I was mucking with the akai iMPC app and then adapted the pad noodlings for guitar and played along a couple of times. Tele -> 5KVNQWORKS of Silicon, Valley Exterminator fuzz -> Apogee JAM ->...
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    Airwolf! (5KVNQWORKS of Silicon Valley Exterminator fuzz pedal preview)

    Y6bsyQxIYXQ tele-Exterminator fuzz-Apogee JAM -Garargeband (tweed and blackface models) :p
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    "Evermore" - guitars with Chinese da yueqin

    just having some fun with this mellow/spacey take an old favorite. :) http://soundcloud.com/fatbackribs/evermore I played a tele, GVCG (left.), a large Chinese "moon lute" - da yue qin (center.), and an acoustic guitar, Lowden F32 (right.)
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    Gravy Boat

    woke up feeling like I'd been keelhauled under a gravy-boat... ;) http://soundcloud.com/fatbackribs/gravy-boat Actually I was just demoing out some ideas after finding this nice thick lead tone to play around with in garageband. It's a mix of modeled fuzz, phase, and vibe...
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    Bubble and Squeak (downtempo/chill)

    http://soundcloud.com/fatbackribs/bubble-and-squeak I was going after a Lemon Jelly sort of vibe, but may have ended up on St. Elsewhere or some mystery Mike Post Production... :bonk (Tele -> apogee jam -> ipad Garageband/Figure)
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    Lovepedal - Rubber Chicken (Soundcloud demo)

    Here's something a little different than my usual video demos. I had a blast putting this together over the past few days. As for the Rubber Chicken, I'll just let it quack for itself... :munch http://soundcloud.com/fatbackribs/rubber-chicken (tele - Rubber Chicken - Apogee jam -...
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    mojo hand fx - One Ton Bee

    wymWDEc5a18 (tele - One Ton Bee - ad900 delay - Princeton reverb) :wave
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    smallsound/bigsound - f#ck overdrive

    ejBvnBvsHy4 Don't let the name fool you. Besides the blown amp madness that sets this one apart, the f#ck overdive also be dialed in as a beautiful clean boost and a very rich, touch sensitive overdrive. Tele - f#ck o.d. - ad900 delay - Princeton reverb
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    Skreddy three-way (Paradigm Shift, Screwdriver, Echo)

    uF48qnrQMKk tele - Paradigm Shift - Screwdriver deluxe (early "big box" custom) - Echo - Princeton reverb. :)
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    Blakemore Effects - Deus Ex Machina fuzz

    sxnzm2EtegA tele - Deus Ex Machina -ad900 delay - Princeton reverb (Aramat Green Machine, 2nd half) This is one beastly and versatile fuzz. :)
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    Dragonfly's Sparkle Boost by pedalenclosures

    Dragonfly's Sparkle Boost by pedalenclosures.com enX0BkZ4ZKE (tele - Sparkle Boost - valveboy set to light crunch - ad900 delay -Princeton reverb) The Sparkle Boost can be used as a clean boost to add presence and volume or to push a crunch rhythm tone into a lead tone, (as shown in the...
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    Montgomery Appliances - Supa Bender

    ME-S-J7mfF0 Here's quick look at the Montgomery Appliances, Supa Bender, a recreation of a 1960's Marshall Supa Fuzz pedal. ( tele - Supa Bender - Valveboy (light crunch) - ad900 delay ) This exact pedal is from STOMP Parkinson's (pedal auctions for Parkinson's Disease...
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    EarthQuaker Devices (EQD) - Hoof

    u_YR8mX_35A tele - Hoof - ad900 delay - Princeton reverb This exact pedal is from STOMP Parkinson's (pedal auctions for Parkinson's Disease research) There's a stickied thread about it here: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/994137
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    STOMP Parkinson's BONUS ROUND! (pedal fundraiser)

    (edit Dec. 28) BONUS ROUND IS GO! There are three new auctions up running from today to next Wednesday, Jan. 4th. including: this rare Lotus Designs - Black Fuzz http://www.ebay.com/itm/320820501143?ss#ht_500wt_1057 a smallsound/bigsound - **** Parkinson's Overdrive...
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    Lovepedal - believe

    Knobs? We don't need no stinkin' knobs on this tasty octave fuzz. ;) K_o4ej4V62s tele > believe > (valveboy tube od for the second half) > AD900 > Princeton reverb. :wave
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    BearFoot fx - Model H

    AcTBedaNEZE I had bit of seller's remorse after selling my old bjfe Model H here last year so I was really excited to get my mitts on the new BearFoot version. The punchy dynamic range of dirt that I dug so much in my old Model H is all here and then some. Played lightly the Model H can purr...
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    Push me Pull you - (jamming with the Keeler Designs Push and Pull pedals)

    sWvH_m3e_cU Here's a bit of laid back playing over a short loop, first with the Pull, then the Push, and finally the two together with the Pull stacked into the Push. signal path: GVCG tele -> Pull -> Push -> AD-900 delay -> Akai H2 (looper) -> Princeton reverb.