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    TGP Amp 'Darlings' over the years?

    This gem was the topic of much discussion in the 2002-5 timeframe: Gjika
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    Amps – Let’s see your WALL of AMPS!

    What's that little box on the far right on top of the cab? Amp? Attenuator? Something else?
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    Speaker upgrades for micro amps? Marshall MS-2

    OP, you're on the right track. I've had a similar experience and it was Very Good! Back when Bill Chapin had his shop in San Jose I dropped by to talk about a strat build so he showed me some of the ones he had in the shop. He wanted me to hear them but he had loaned out his shop amp and all...
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    Recommend amps with "amp-about-to-explode" sounds at any volume

    In another thread, @Gallery said something about Audio Kitchen amps that describes a kind of amp I'm looking for. He said, "If you like amp-about-to-explode sounds at almost any volume (which I do but can get for cheaper with a fuzz face or a Tweed pedal) and have the moola to invest in a very...
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    9v Amps - for use with cigar box guitar and slide

    I visited Bill Chapin when he had his shop in San Jose about a custom Stratahoula build, and he plugged one into a Smokey which went straight into a Marshall 4x12 and it sounded quite good!
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    I’m now a true MESA geek

    I appreciate the Mesa design philosophy and like the fact that they make amps with a wide range of capabilities and provide great manuals to enable us players to get the most out of them. What other amp companies (or specific amp models) have a similar design philosophy?
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    Forget everything else at NAMM, it's game over! Bluguitar AMP X!!!

    Has anyone dug through the available details and compared the Blug Ampx to the Fractal FM3? I've been very interested in the FM3 but now I'm interested in both.
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    Recommend Physically Small Lunchbox Head: < 15W, No EL84s, No 12AX7s

    Then again, that's why I work in Silicon Valley, where for 30 years I've been on the bleeding edge of technology development.
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    Recommend Physically Small Lunchbox Head: < 15W, No EL84s, No 12AX7s

    Something different, not the same thing; in short, I want to find something out of the ordinary.
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    Recommend Physically Small Lunchbox Head: < 15W, No EL84s, No 12AX7s

    Ok, now we're talking! Thanks!
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    Are amps on the way out?

    I, for one, do not like the amp-free lifestyle.
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    Recommend Physically Small Lunchbox Head: < 15W, No EL84s, No 12AX7s

    That would be great! I'm looking for something that goes down the path least trodden.
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    Recommend Physically Small Lunchbox Head: < 15W, No EL84s, No 12AX7s

    I'm looking for a physically small head for grab-n-go purposes to take to buddies' houses for small music room and living room jams. They'll provide the speaker cabs, and since we like gear, I'd like to find a head that's out of the ordinary. Rather than try to specify a kind of tone, I'll...
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    Mesa Mark V:25 - MKIIC+ and MK IV - how close to the originals?

    What size is your small room? How loud can you crank it? I'm wondering how a Mark V:25 with a Thiele/EMV12L might work for me in my small room (i.e. spare bedroom).
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    bluguitar cabs - nano cab and fat cab

    Has anyone compared the Fatcab or Nanocab to a Mesa Thiele w/ EVM12L or a Bogner Cube w/ Celestion G12C? I'm considering getting a Bluguitar amp and wonder if there would be a significant sonic/tonal reason to get a Fatcab or Nanocab to go along with it.
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    Recommend Forgiving/Squishy/Loose Feeling Amp (<12 W)

    Thanks for all the replies and I have some detective work to do! Meanwhile, keep 'em coming!
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    Recommend Forgiving/Squishy/Loose Feeling Amp (<12 W)

    OP here. I'm trying to describe the "feel" of the amp rather than the tone, but the blues and pop songs of the 50s and early 60s capture the vibe I'm looking for. I won't be using pedals, and for guitars either an SG or a Strat.
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    Recommend Forgiving/Squishy/Loose Feeling Amp (<12 W)

    I'm looking for a low power amp (say <12 W) that feels quite forgiving/squishy/loose. I'd prefer a used head, must be tube, and my budget is < $750. Here's a list of buzzwords to help define what I'm looking for and what I'm NOT looking for: Yes: Forgiving Spongy Squishy Loose Bouncy No...
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    What's the coolest looking Amplifier Brand???

    BC Audio Amp #7. I don't have one but I do think it's cool. The ammo can approach is right up my alley!
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    design your dream amp - does it exist already?

    3 channels with MV, lowish power (say 12 W), no FX loop, no trem/reverb: Channel 1: Mesa Mark 2C+ Channel 2: Sunn Model T Channel 3: Use these tubes - GZ34, 6V6GT, 6SL7GT Prefer a dark brown alligator tolex head. That's about it!
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    What is your favorite el84 amp?

    Any love for the Mesa Mark Five:25? I've never played one, and I don't recall hearing one in person, so I only have YT videos and similar to go by. Does it really sound like the marketing descriptions in which they say, "a “greatest hits” collection of our renowned Mark Series preamp circuits?"
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    How to react when asked to recommend an amp

    I'd tell him, "Dude, the greatest soundscapes are made with Sunn o))) amps. Listen for yourself!"
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    Let's Start an Xits Appreciation Thread

    I'm not familiar with Xits but I'm always interested in finding out about new amps. What makes them cool?
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    Current Amp Builder with Original Circuit Design?

    Please share your list with us! I'm always interested in new amp approaches that go beyond the status quo that's popular with the masses.