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  1. EXP

    WTB McCon-O-Wah Pot II

    Does anybody have a McCon-O-Pot II (NIB) that they want to sell? Thanks
  2. EXP

    Sold Dr. Scientist Reverberator - $140 shipped

    Excellent condition with no velcro on bottom. Very underrated Reverb pedal. Sounds great. No trades. $140 shipped.
  3. EXP

    Sold Philips 7581A (Quartet)

    Matched quad of Philips/Sylvania 7581A’s. No way to test them but they were purchased here as ANOS. They look fairly new so I’m guessing low hours. Each have shiny “dental mirror” flashing and most of the lettering in tact. These have twin disc getters. Great tubes if clean headroom and punchy...
  4. EXP

    WTB Hakko 936, Compu-Bias

    Looking for a Hakko 936 (Small tip) and Compu-Bias meter. Let me know if you have either for sale. Thanks
  5. EXP

    Sold Blackstone Appliances Mosfet OD

    Looking to trade my Blackstone ($200 value) in great shape for one of the following: Greer Lightspeed (White or Silver) Morning Glory V3 Aluminum Falcon AF1 Banzai Cold Fusion Durham Sexdrive (Large) Spring Reverb **TRADED**
  6. EXP

    Sold ARC Big Green Pi (Early version) - $185 shipped

    Early version in the rare and discontinued “MAP” graphic enclosure. Excellent condition with no velcro attached. This is the best green Russian Muff variant that I have tried. Sounds massive. No trades except for a Blackstone or Lightspeed (Snowblind). $185 shipped.
  7. EXP

    Sold Analogman TS-808 True Vintage Mod

    Early Analogman TS-808 True Vintage circa 2004 (first year of the TV mod) with NOS JRC4558D. Sounds killer. These early TV mods are hard to find. It took me years to find this one and it’s in great shape. No trades except for a big box Sexdrive or Blackstone. $250 shipped.
  8. EXP

    Sold Gtrwrks 19 Sixty 3 Boost

    Great pedal. This is a custom ordered version with a tone knob. Excellent condition with no velcro on bottom. Trade for Morning Glory V3 or Boss DM-2w. $130 shipped.
  9. EXP

    Sold Catalinbread Super Charged Overdrive

    Mint with box and papers. No velcro. Sounds awesome. Trade for a Morning Glory V3 or Boss DM-2w. $130 shipped.
  10. EXP

    Sold Free The Tone Red Jasper

    Fantastic sounding Klon type OD pedal. Excellent condition with box and papers. Trade for a Blackstone or Sexdrive (Big Box). $175 shipped.
  11. EXP

    Sold BJFE Honey Bee Retro

    Mint condition with box. No velcro on bottom. Sounds like my early ELFA box Honey Bee with the addition of a treble control. Awesome pedal. No trades except for a KTR or Blackstone. $325 shipped.
  12. EXP

    Sold Analogman OD-9 Silver for Analogman TS808 TV Mod or Keeley Mod +

    Looking to trade an Analogman OD-9 Silver Mod with box/papers ($200 trade value) for a Analogman True Vintage TS-808. Let me know if you want to make a trade. Thanks!
  13. EXP

    Sold Hermida Zendrive (2007)

    Early version (pre-Lovepedal) Alfonso Hermida built Zendrive circa 2007. Near mint with no velcro. Sounds awesome. No trades except for a KTR, Sexdrive (Big Box) or Blackstone plus cash. $350 shipped.
  14. EXP

    Sold King Tone Duellist

    Just got this but it’s not my cup of tea. This is the limited edition Purple Haze version ($350 trade value) in great condition with original box. Looking to trade for the following OD’s or fuzz + cash. Trades: Maxon OD-9 Silver Mod BJFE Honey Bee MJM Blues Devil Blackstone Sexdrive (Large...
  15. EXP

    Sold Bogner modded Marshall JCM 800 2x12 (Rare)

    Rare 1984-85 Marshall JCM 800 4103 model 100 watts (2203 combo version) modded by Bogner Amps. One of three “Snorkler” mod by Reinhold Bogner modified in early 1990’s (as used by Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains on the “Facelift” album). Sounds killer. These early Bogner modded Marshalls are...
  16. EXP

    Sold Callaham Tremolo, Raw Vintage Steel Saddles

    Callaham tremolo block - USA vintage repro. Brand new in original packaging. $60 shipped. Raw Vintage strat bridge saddles (11.2mm) - Mint condition. Never been used or installed. SOLD
  17. EXP

    Sold Durham Sexdrive (Big Box)

    Early large box version in fantastic shape with original box, manual and business card. Sounds amazing. Rarely do you see these big box versions this clean and with the original candy! Price firm. No trades except for a Blackstone or Neunaber Inspire. $200 shipped.
  18. EXP

    Sold Dunlop JH-F1 guts

    Dunlop JH-F1 Hendrix FF model guts that were removed and bagged by Steve Williams at Pigdog. No trades except for a Boss Waza DM-2w + cash on my end. SOLD
  19. EXP

    Sold NOS RCA 12AX7A

    Selling the last pair of RCA 12AX7A short grey plates in my NOS stash. Purchased from KCA or Hi-Test I can’t remember which exactly. These are my favorite tubes in a BF Fender circuit. Excellent clarity and sparkle that really makes a BF shine. $120 shipped.
  20. EXP

    J Mascis “Elastic Days” Rig Rundown?

    Anyone want to take a stab at J’s board for the “Elastic Days” tour? It looks like he’s stepping on the new Fuzz Factory IMO. Just a guess that it’s a fuzz since he’s warming up with single note lines indicative of fuzzy leads/solos. Amp is a Vox AC-15. The other pedals I can’t make out for the...
  21. EXP

    Replacement knobs for KTR?

    Does anybody know where I can find some replacement knobs for the KTR? The knobs on mine are scratched up and (maybe I’m in the minority here) they look ugly as hell. There are not too many knobs that will fit the 90 degree pot shaft on the KTR. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  22. EXP

    Dinosaur Jr fans - Which phaser on Without A Sound?

    Sounds lush and swirly I’d like to find this phaser. Read somewhere that J used a MXR Phase 100 on the track ‘’Seemed Like The Thing To Do’’ from Without A Sound. Does anybody know if J used the script or block logo version MXR Phase 100?
  23. EXP

    Sold Klein Epic 1965 pickups

    For sale is a set of Klein 1965’s in great condition. This is the non-RWRP version with factory specs. Email for pics. No trades. $200 shipped.
  24. EXP

    Sold Catalinbread Super Charged Overdrive

    Early version in excellent condition with instruction manual. No velcro on bottom. Killer high gain OD/distortion pedal no longer made by Catalinbread. Trade for Menatone TBIAC or Archer. $140 shipped.
  25. EXP

    Sold 1950-60’s RCA Tube Caddy Case

    Here is something really cool a 50’s RCA (meatball logo) tube caddy in excellent condition. Tolex is very clean for it’s age and no spiders included. While most of the tubes aren’t usable for guitar this is a great way to store your NOS tubes. No trades. $200 shipped.