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  1. cmatthes

    Shishkov Ultimate Still Offered?

    His binding work is insane...
  2. cmatthes

    GOTOH EV510TS tremolo - thoughts?

    The one on my Shishkov DC is great!
  3. cmatthes

    Lets See Those Bakers...

    I really dug the old (original) Baker stuff. Got to chat with Gene for a while at a NAMM show before things closed up, and we were discussing a pretty cool order...that I never got to place. Ah well...I did end up with a bunch of stuff from the auction - sold some, still have some - this is...
  4. cmatthes

    Echopark article in Detroit Free Press

    "Sinker Pine" - translation: The stuff at the bottom of the pile at the back of the Home Depot that floods every few years.
  5. cmatthes

    Echopark article in Detroit Free Press

    They give all the free articles to rock stars. Regular folks have to deal with the paywall, and then get all the typos and grammatical errors.
  6. cmatthes

    Shishkov Ultimate Still Offered?

    I'm not saying that's incorrect... ;) Here are a smattering of a few more of the original run of 50...some not in the "approved" format:
  7. cmatthes

    Shishkov Ultimate Still Offered?

    Ultimate #0001...
  8. cmatthes

    So who's here still who attended the first (2000) PRS Factory Tour and Clinic - the Experience's precursor

    Indeed! I remember that. The DiMarzio PAF has been put to good use - in the Baker Lesquire...
  9. cmatthes

    So who's here still who attended the first (2000) PRS Factory Tour and Clinic - the Experience's precursor

    Indeed - that's me in the pic with Jon S. mugging with the very resonant slab of rosewood ("It sounds like a marimba!").
  10. cmatthes

    Shishkov Ultimate Still Offered?

    Don - Mike hasn't gotten any C&D letters, nor anything else, but despite the fact that other builders are building Explorer shaped instruments, he is focusing on his new models and is also prototyping a couple new designs currently. He hasn't 100% ruled out building another run of Ultimates at...
  11. cmatthes

    Any new, small builders from last 2-3 years you’ve take a chance on and won?

    I was visiting Shishkov HQ over the weekend, and as always, am blown away by the stuff he's got cooking. A few recent guitars that flew out to their new homes...the 24K Gold Leaf top and Macassar Ebony top ones are killer.
  12. cmatthes

    FSOT Hamer USA Korina Vector - Sale or Trade for R9 or Black Beauty

    These are GREAT guitars...I love mine!
  13. cmatthes

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    The sad thing is that he's still glued to this thread. That pic he posted is one that I randomly found on the internet, cropped and posted, so he lifted it directly from my post here. Even more pathetic, is that it is a bit more professional than half of the stuff we've seen posted in these...
  14. cmatthes

    My Echopark Guitars Nightmare

    Wow! Gabe's really upping his game!
  15. cmatthes

    Prince borrows some guitars then breaks them

    I am personally glad he didn't trash everything. He spec'd out and ordered this one from Hamer as one of a few guitars he was going to consider using for the Super Bowl Halftime show. He paid for it, but the day of the show, he decided to go with a Daphne Blue CS Strat instead of this or the...
  16. cmatthes

    Anyone build offset guitars with set necks and 25" or 25.5" scale lengths?

    Mike Shishkov builds KILLER guitars - here's a recent offset that just shipped last month...
  17. cmatthes

    What’s your Saturday house rig?

    I have yet to top the one I've had dialed in for the last year and a half... Shishkov DC and 3 Monkeys Sock Monkey 12/18 - perfect home, recording and small gig setup.
  18. cmatthes

    Luthiers in the DMV area

    I just had Greg install a nut on a brand new Musikraft neck I had ordered about a month ago. It is absolutely perfect, and the setup he did on that Tele is magnificent.
  19. cmatthes

    NGB - Larose DC

    This would be tough to beat! I was thinking about that finish when I went with this for my last Shishkov:
  20. cmatthes

    Luthiers in the DMV area

    Greg Kurczewski at Metro Guitar in Arlington. Don't waste your time with the guys who are an hour or more drive to the north where you may never get your guitar worked on or they'll give you excuse after excuse - they're not as great as their hype. Greg is a perfectionist, reasonably-priced...
  21. cmatthes

    Custom guitars you are waiting on???

    I"m waiting on something a decent way off, but in the current batch of Shishkov Guitars that Mike is working on...THIS one was just released into the wild to its new owner, and has me seriously thinking about doing something silly... Offset DC Custom in Sage Green Pearl Metallic: