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    Your top 5 records of all time

    Artist - Album. No more than 5! Nick Drake - Pink Moon Dysrhythmia - Pretest Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92 Charles Mingus - w/ Orchestra Keith Jarrett - The Koln Concert I'm curious to see what tops TGP'ers charts.
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    Where can I get a stereo in + stereo out mute box?

    Just a little true-bypass box with stereo ins and outs (ie whatever goes into channel A comes out channel A and the same with B) that uses a simple 3DPT switch to totally mute my signal. Cheaper would be better. Thanks.
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    How would you wire this? (Convoluted signal chain content)

    I run a stereo setup: an Acoustic 150 and a Sunn Solarus. My chain is as follows: Ring Thing -> Booster -> RAT -> Phase 90 -> DE-7 -> SMMw/H -> TU2 I want the DIRT (Booster, RAT) effects going to only the Sunn, and the PITCH (Ring Thing) going to only the Acoustic. However, I want the...
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    New amp day - Acoustic 150

    $50! Does anybody else use and enjoy one of these?
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    Anybody have any experience with the JCM600?

    There's one on my local for $600 with a 2x12 extension cab. Good price? What are these amps like?
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    Share your Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai settings in here

    I've had my SMMw/H for about a month and I'm loving it. I don't use delay that much so it's pretty much perfect, all it does is fuXXX0r my signal and provide a bangin' looper. What does TGP say about the SMMw/H? Any settings to share? I'll try to dig up a list I found on HC a while back...
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    Speaker recommendations

    I have a Sunn Solarus that still has the original 12" speakers ('67) and I'm looking for some replacements. I want basically great all-rounders, with emphasis on cranking the amp. This'll be my first speaker purchase so sorry that I can't give a more detailed "looking-for" list. Thanks for...
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    what can expensive fuzz pedals give me that my Ibanez FZ-7 can't?

    http://www.soundclick.com/bands/page_songInfo.cfm?bandID=843422&songID=8167736 here's a clip of my Ibanez FZ-7 i made a couple of months ago. i love it, and i don't use fuzz much. is there room for drastic improvement there?
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    new amp day - Sunn content

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    Digitech Timebender first impressions

    here's my initial impressions: - I/you have never played a delay pedal like this. - It has a huge amount of versatility. Easily the most versatile delay pedal I've ever played. the designer kept looking over and saying things like, "that pedal does that sound? i didn't even know it could do...
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    Please recommend an amp that's similiar to the Marshall JMP but with more wattage

    the reissue of the JMP, specifically. 20 watts is just barely cutting it right now. thanks.
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    I'm loving this setup

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    How would you compare the THD Flexi 50 to the Marshall JMP?

    I'm very interested in both of them and wonder how they compare...I've only played the Marshall but I thought it sounded glorious.
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    who's that guy who did the behringer vb-2 clone rehouse?

    would you do it for a price and also could you do it for the behr 'verb machine?
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    Has anyone played the THD Flexi 50 combo?

    I'm looking to buy one soon, and I have a couple questions about it. How much headroom does it have? How is the effects loop? Which is better, the cleans or the dirt? thanks.
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    Small DD-7 mod delay/looping demo

    with my new guitar too :banana enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSrYCb7uY7I heres the standard and analog ones: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6M10xuDjfU
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    I hathe conquered a newe guitar (washburn eagle content)

    $400. My Dad bought it from an employee at his bar. Brought it home today. wow. It's my perfect guitar. Too bad it's not actually mine, per se, but at least I have playing rights. It plays ridiculously nice; one of the nicest necks I've ever played. I'm going to through some heavier strings on...
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    Post your amp!

    FX have a post your pedalboard, why can't we have one? also, not sure if this has been done before but here we go... edit: feel free to post your main amp or your whole collection...
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    A bunch of my stuff just got ripped off..

    I went to my jam space today and noticed that i was missing a huge amount of gear. the missing items are: visual sounds H20 chorus pedal ibanez soundtank chorus pedal digitech DF7 distortion factory Ernie ball full sized volume pedal one spot and multiple adapter realistic tape...
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    MI Audio V2 Crunchbox for Catalinbread SCOD?

    Is this a good trade for value and quality? I'd be getting the SCOD, btw.
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    How much are used Crunchbox's going for?

    The V2, specifically.
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    Tell me about the THD Flexi-50

    How's the effects loop? How heavy (gain-wise) can it get? How are the cleans? At what kind of volume does it start to really shine? thanks. :crazyguy
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    Koyunbaba (classical content) - tips?

    Heres my video version of a song I'm learning, Koyunbaba, by Carlo Domeniconi. It's really rough, and I cut out alot of the repeats and make alot of mistakes. Any tips on my fretting hand or phrasing though? Heres the vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6LziDgYtYI Enjoy.
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    Am I going to like the Crunch Box?

    I'm using what (I think) is a Fender clone amp. I'm looking for kinda Russian Circles-ish tone. I'm currently using an MXR Distortion III. So tell me, will I like the Crunch Box, and was $108 a good price?