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  1. christophervolume

    NPD - Nocturne El Pescadoro!

    Vid clips coming...
  2. christophervolume

    NGD champagne sparkle Gretsch

    Limited run of 12 worldwide with this finish and pickup combo. Had seen a few come up for sale (for an arm and a leg) here and there over the past year or so, but would always sale quickly. They had all but disappeared domestically for the past 3-4 months. For the first time ever, I saw a...
  3. christophervolume

    Weird reverb transaction. Is this legit?

    Just sold a set of pickups on reverb. Nothing crazy. $60 for the pair. The dude paid almost immediately. Russian name. The address is was given to ship to sounds like one of those strange in between country. freight shippers in New Jersey. I yelped it. One review about them on yelp from a guy...
  4. christophervolume

    Vox pathfinder 15r MINI STACK 4x8

    Have always loved my pathfinder combo for home playing and always wondered about these. One popped up on CL.
  5. christophervolume

    Vibramate B5 + Tele help

    How likely is a neck shimming needed for a b5 + vibramate on a traditional 4 screw tele with a vintage radius?
  6. christophervolume

    My guitar bunk bed. Guitar storage.

    Home made. It can be separated into two tiers.
  7. christophervolume

    *NGD* LP Trad cherry plaintop

    2016 plaintop. Seymour Duncan antiquities and Emerson PIO caps. Yowza!
  8. christophervolume

    Jamerson tone with J bass??

    I’m curious if you can get in the ballpark of James Jamerson’s classic tone with a jazz bass, of course with flatwounds and the foam under the strings? Thanks in advance!
  9. christophervolume

    NGD 62 Tele Custom Double Bound Ice Blue

    2000 AVRI 62 custom. very cool guitar. extremely loud unplugged. super lightweight. only my 3rd tele i've ever owned. my first american made. i think it was meant to be mine as it has brass saddles and dunlop locks already on it. the ice blue is starting to green a bit. very cool. i guess the...
  10. christophervolume

    --GAS for 62 custom tele AVRI--

    getting really close to pulling the trigger on a AVRI with the double bound goodness. help push me over the edge and post yours! maybe you even have one for sell....
  11. christophervolume

    Put a trailer hitch on my 335

    Early this summer I bought a 2006 R6. I haven’t been able to put it down since I got it. Since then I’ve been feeling bad for my 335 which has been my #1 for the last 5 years. I had kicked around the idea of putting a bigsby on it but could never pull the trigger since it played so great as it...
  12. christophervolume

    NAD Limited Edition "Fudge Brownie" Fender Princeton

    2014 Limitied Editon "Fudge Brownie" Princeton. Made in Corona, Cali. Absolutely sings. Spank and sparkle. Fantastic tremolo and reverb. You can even get a slight surf drip going on if you dig in with the reverb cranked. Got this in a straight up trade for a MIM jazzmaster I just couldn't bond...
  13. christophervolume


    well, it is sunday.....
  14. christophervolume

    NGD R6 Goldtop goodness!!

    i've been slowly watching out for an R6 for a couple years. One popped up locally for a SMOKING deal so i had to pull the trigger. I give you my 2006 R6! looks like its never been played. the owner said he was forever a tele player... sustains like crazy, plays like butter. still smells new. i...
  15. christophervolume

    made a new demo for the jhs milkman

    had the new jhs milkman slapback for a few days now. thought i'd throw together a quick and dirty ditty. really diggin' it. simple, straightforward and covers a lot of greasy slapjack tones. playing my surf green fender cabronita into a fender champ 600. dig.