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  1. iggs

    Anyone switched from regular Tortex picks to Tortex III? Come in please

    Switched to III’s years ago and have been using them ever since.
  2. iggs

    New pedal from Earthquaker Devices / Plumes

    Went straight onto the board as soon as I got it, used it live and rehearsal. It's really really really good.
  3. iggs

    Do you use a rat in a tube screamer fashion?

    Definitely ... that's my main use for any RAT style pedal. Crunchy amp + RAT style = my main sound. Right now I'm using Walrus Iron Horse but also have and love JAM Rattler and Lovekraft Chupacabra.
  4. iggs

    What's your favorite pre-dirt delay (preferably analog) with more than 300ms delay time?

    Maxon AD-9 Pro: https://maxonfx.com/products/nine-series-effects-pedals-ad-9-analog-delay
  5. iggs

    pedal builders/brands in Canada

    Dr Scientist Retro-Sonic Union Tube & Transistor
  6. iggs

    Best [inexpensive] pedal for cleaning up OD channel

    This: http://www.area51tubeaudiodesigns.com/thebox.html I have one on my board right now and have been using it for years. Exactly for that purpose.
  7. iggs

    My pedals are dying

    Came in here to ask the same thing ...
  8. iggs

    Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like Fuzz?

    I always liked hearing fuzz when other people play it or on records. But every time I try using one I have a hard time wrapping my head and/or fingers around it. Just can never get those sounds and always struggle trying to achieve them. Having said that, here are my top 3 few fuzz pedals I...
  9. iggs

    Let’s talk Treble Boosters.

    EQD Arrows ... Not a treble booster by name but by far the best boost that accentuates high and high-mid frequencies to achieve that effect: https://www.earthquakerdevices.com/arrows
  10. iggs

    So Lets Talk About Pedalboards...

    Really like NYC Pedalboards and have been using them for years: https://www.nycpedalboards.com/
  11. iggs

    If it costs a lot, is it better?

    Vertex fiasco from a while back comes to mind when folks around here were gushing about the best wah pedal they’ve ever heard and were more then happy to shell out serious $$$ for it. That’s until it came to light it was a rebranded BBE wah. Wondering if sales of BBE wahs spiked afterwards...
  12. iggs

    Fuzz with wide dynamic range

    Came in to say this ... Fuzz Factory FTW!
  13. iggs

    Strymon Iridium!

    Just got mine over Xmas and love it so far. I use it on my home board for silent writing, recording and playing when I can't crank my SL67 up. I have it plugged directly into Logic via Apogee Duet and sounds great. I do find I need to EQ it a bit to sound best. Straight in w/o EQ it sounds a...
  14. iggs

    Quick! What will your first pedal purchase of 2020 be?!

    Diamond Fireburst V2 ... used to have the old "big" one and it was my main distortion/fuzz pedal for years. Decided I miss that sound so I grabbed the new revised one in regular enclosure with top jacks.
  15. iggs

    y cable for 18v pedal?

  16. iggs

    Fulltone says the results are in....

    I still liked my original white knob OCD the best ... every other version afterwards was not a change for the better ... FWIW IMHO YMMW
  17. iggs

    Parallel mixer under pedalboard

  18. iggs

    Let's talk about guitar straps (2019 edition)

    Got two of these ... black and brown, best straps ever: https://redmonkeydesigns.com/slasher-guitar-strap/
  19. iggs

    RAT into clean or dirty amp?

    +1 ... same here. I use it as an OD/Boost, works amazingly well for that and adds just enough hair to make it cut through a loud stage.
  20. iggs

    Pedalboard Power Supply Help

    Maybe the power in that studio is really low (bad) and PS can't regulate the voltage properly. Any way to measure what comes out of the socket there?
  21. iggs

    Calling all phaser heads!

    Skreddy Little Miss Sunshine has been my favorite since it's release.