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    Diamond J - Drive Mk3 into TC Electronics Dark Matter

    Very strange thing happens when stacking these two pedals with the J - Drive in front. The sound dies completely if I try to use the Dark Matter at the same time as the Drive on the Diamond. Boost works OK. If I reverse the order everything's fine. Tried other different drive combinations...
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    Echo Plex Pre-amp pedals

    I have the Catalinbread Belle Echo and I keep the buffer on all the time, but I left the gain at the factory setting. I'm thinking of adding something like the Xotic EP Booster or the Dunlop Echoplex Preamp to add an extra volume boost. Pros for the EP Booster seems to be that it can run on 18...
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    Early Brownface Tremolo

    Before I go out and purchase another Tremolo, has anyone come up with settings on either an Eventide Modfactor, Diamond or Empress Tremolo to come close to the Harmonic Tremolo on Early 60's Fender Brownfaces? Thanks
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    Eventide ModFactor Replacement

    Unfortunately my ModFactor has died. I've got the Tremolo, Chorus, Phaser and Flanger functions covered off in other pedals but need something to cover off the Vibrato until I get another ModFactor(out of stock at local store right now) In searching out replacement Vibrato units I can get my...
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    Need some Speaker Info

    I have a Mesa 5:25 Express (older version) with a vintage black shadow 10 inch 50watt speaker. I want to add an extension speaker. I was thinking of a 10 inch Celestion. I'm thinking of either a greenback 25 watt or a gold 40 watt. Now, now even though I have been playing for years and...
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    Guitar Magazines

    Just curious what the favourite Guitar Magazine people read. If I haven't listed your favorite please list is as a post Thanks
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    Guitarists switching guitar mid song

    Years ago(mid 70's?) I saw a band that was great and I remember seeing the two guitaists switch guitars mid solo. I recently read a book on Rory Galagher, Steve Marriott, Rick Derringer and Robin Trower and Rick Derringer mentions switching guitars with his other guitar player when they were...
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    Axe-FX 2 vs Tech 21 vs Amplitube 3

    Hi All, I am suffering a terrible case of GAS for an Axe-FX 2 and MFC -101 compo. However I am thinking it might be overkill for my purposes as it would probably only be used for recording projects. The reason I have not yet pulled the trigger is actually not the price but the fact that I...
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    Fulltone MKII 69 and Soulbender Fuzz

    Is there much difference betweem the Fulltone MKII 69 and the Soulbender Fuzz boxes? Thanks
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    Installing Amplitube Jimi Hendrix to PC

    Sorry if this has been asked before or if this is the wrong place to post the question. I just won a copy of Amplitube Jimi Hendrix. I am completely new to computer playing or computer home recording so I have no other music related software or hardware on my Laptop. When I went to install...
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    Bass DIs

    I am back to playing bass after many years. In the past I used to use my ADA MB-1 line out as a DI to the PA but I haven't used it in I don't know how long so I'm afraid to turn it on it case I fry it, although it worked when I last used it. I also suspect that the battery, after 15 or 20...
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    Bass Amp Models

    Does any one model bass amps besides the BOSS GT-10B and the Line 6 Bass POD? Thanks Steve
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    Turning on unused amps

    I have a couple of bass amps that I have not turned on in years. One is an old Traynor tube amp from the early 70s and the other is an ADA Preamp and power amp. The ADA preamp has two tubes in it and I believe the power amp is SS. I have heard that I could damage an amp if it hasn't been...
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    Fulltone Plimsoul and OCDv4

    Are the Fulltone Plimsoul and OCD v4 considered overdrive or distortion pedals, or both, depending on how the drive knos are set? Thanks
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    Eventide and Cioks Customer Service

    Thumbs up to both Customer Service departments. I ordered a PowerFactor and when it arrived, after being examined by Customs, the little screws and hex key to attach the pedal train mounting plate to it were not there. Contacted Eventide CS who replied right away and then an Email from Poul...
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    Digital Modeling Future

    I believe we are at the beginning of a new era in modeling, both in the high end units, and the mid-range units. From what I read, the Axe-FXII and the Kemper profiling amp are revolutionary in their technology. Unfortunately neither of these products are readily available, and possibly won't...
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    Biggest Selling Guitar Effect Pedal

    What is the biggest selling effects pedal for guitar? I imagine that is a OD/Dist pedal as almost all guitarists have at least one of these.
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    BOSS ST-2 vs Tech 21 British

    Has anyone compared these two pedals? They both seem to simulate Marshalls. Thanks
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    Humbucker ID

    I took an old humbucker pickup from an old SG. I am looking for any information anyone can give me. It has Pat. No. 2.737.842 stamped into the metal on the back. The wire is braided. The top cover has not been removed. Thanks
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    Acoustic Guitar Humidifiers

    Now that it is Labour Day, the heating season will start in Canada soon. Just a reminder that you should make sure that you have a good humidifier for your acoustics.
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    Mounting Eventide's on a board

    I have three of these and use each one with a Digitech FS3X and a Enrie Ball VPJR. They are sitting on the floor now but I would like to mount them on a pedal board. I would be interested to know how others have done this. Thanks
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    Suggestion on Signal Flow for Fulltone ODs

    I just got back from the store with my three Fulltone pedals, Plimsoul, OCD, and 70. Unfortunately it is too early to plug my Amp as someone in the family is still asleep!. I will be trying out all the possible connections but was wondering what experiance others have had. Which would you...
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    ADA Bass Amp

    Does anyone use these still? Steve
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    Additions to BOSS Effects

    I have been using BOSS effects for bass and guitar for over 25 years, but recently I have decided to expand my sonic choices. I have added an Eventide PitchFactor(to add to the HR-2 and PS-6) and Eventide Space (to add to my RV-5). I will be probably be getting an Eventide ModFactor to add...
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    |Recording Electric Guitar Quietly

    Unfortunately I cannot mike my guitar for recording at home due to sound reasons. I use a BOSS BR1200CD and it has internal effects but to use my outboard stereo Factor pedals in stereo I need to bypass the internal effects. I want to line my guitar through my wahwah, OD and Distortion...