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    chemo treatments alnd playing guitar

    Anybody here have experience with this? I have to get a portal installed next week. Is there a preferred side to have it on?
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    Joyo Classic Flanger

    Anybody know if these are digital? I think they're marketed as analog but mine seems to go through batteries pretty quick for an analog pedal.
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    DAW and Windows 7 Support End

    Wonder what I've got to do about this. I've got reaper (and bitwig which I've never used, came free with software for an input device), plus all the software, drivers, etc. for interface and so on. I hate to have to buy a new computer, or pay for windows 10 when their free introductory version...
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    NAD Crate V1512

    If you see me play I most often use Fenders, esp. my old DR. But my Peaveys aside, my most often used other one when I want a change of sound is my Crate V30. I've been using a 15W amp more than before and all I got like that is a Blues Jr. Not bad but wanted a second one with a different sound...
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    NGD on the way.

    I'm a sucker for cheap left handed guitars with some mojo. Got a Douglas Gravity P90 on the way. This one's been daring me to buy it for the last two years. This should be fun.
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    Anybody ever do this with a Peavey Delta Blues 210???

    I've got one of these as it was $329 used and a nice amp. And has tremolo. Been gigging it lately as DR is in shop. I've got other amps including this but this has trem. Love trem we use it on several songs and prefer it in the amp but do have a trem pedal. So like this amp a lot and no reason...
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    This Joyo American Sound

    So I finally tried this through a PA. It worked. it's my new $20 something emergency amp.
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    Sovtek 12ax7. Am I nuts or...???

    Really liking these, WA, WB, or WC in V1 lately. Am I nuts? (very possible). Not for my old Fender but for my 90s and 00 amps, I'm liking them. Anyone else feel this?
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    NGD belated.

    2017 Les Paul Faded T. Worn Cherry. This thing is real nice. Who needs binding. Left handed!!! A Gibson blow out sale couple of weeks ago, even had 2013s. But to find a nice lefty??? Sublime.
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    Using My Mississippi River Amps

    My DR is on IR so been using my Mississippi River stuff. Last weekend Fri Sat Sun from St Louis my SLM V30 (the Crate that doesn't say Crate on it). Then down and across the river to Mississippi and Peavey. Sat Delta Blues with the tremolo going fine. Sun my Encore 65. All nice. That Encore is a...
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    Guitar Repair Chicago

    Anyone ever used Shake Shop?
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    Boss OD3

    I think I actually killed a Boss pedal. SD1. It's not dead but the switch is bit dodgy lately. I got it used about 10 years ago and it's played like a thousand gigs or something plus whatever it did before I got it. So been using a tubescreamer clone lately. I went online looking for a used...
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    NAD Delta Blues 210

    Got this now used it live. Nice. 10s cut through. Love the trem maybe better than my DR trem. Used the drive channel mostly, pre on like 4 or 4-5. And the normal channel down below dirt level has a nice clean. Not Fender clean, Peavey clean. It is what it is. Great amp. I bet the 1x15 one is a...
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    NGD. Danelectro Electric 12 String.

    This thing is cool. A left handed 12 string. It just wrote two songs for me and I still haven't plugged it into an amp yet. It's hollow so has a nice quiet acoustic ring a bit unplugged. I plugged it right into board with a cheap old school amp sim. Nice.
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    Peavey Delta Blues

    I might need to get one of these too. I play all kinds of music but my bread and butter is R&B. Mostly single coils. ...with this amp...2x10 or 1x15????
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    Fender 57 Deluxe

    I might need to get one of these. Which one is louder, the regular one or the Edge one???
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    NAD Peavey Bandit

    The current version. Nice!
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    8s on my Tele

    Put 8s on my Tele. Into my pedalboard and a Twin Reverb on 4 for a gig yesterday. Nice. My range from hitting hard to real light is all still good, just have to move the whole thing over a bit. I'll use it again tomorrow night. Then try some 8.5s I bought and compare. Age is biting me in the ass...
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    New Reverb Tank Day

    So I got a new reverb tank for my beloved V3112 amp. I could solder the old one again but the whole jack is getting dicey so time for new. Original one was a short tank mounted open side down with grommets. A 1BB2C1B. Can't seem to find those so got a long tank with the same specs 4BB2C1B. I can...
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    Peavey Delta Blues

    Peavey Delta Blues. So should I get the 1x15 or the 2x10????
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    Finally got the right tubes for this amp.

    Crate V3112. Tungsol RI 12AX7>Sovtek 12AX7A>JJ ECC83S phase inverter>Quad of Ruby (JJ) EL84s. Nice. Done.
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    Help! Deluxe Reverb Sounding Goofy.

    Well, maybe not goofy. It works. I used it at a show last night and one the night before. Both rooms it's been in before. But lately the reverb channel sounds like it has a bright switch on and the normal channel more bassy than usual. I use the normal channel mostly and the amp has no bright...
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    Peavey Envoy anyone???

    So I bought a used Peavey Envoy. NAD on he way. I'm expecting it to be a 40W 1X10 baby Bandit for schmoozy restaurant gigs. Anyone here use one of these?
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    Double Thread: Favorite Macca on guitar, favorite Keef on bass.

    Double thread for old dudes or whoever. I've got my thoughts but have at it.
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    Thumb Basal Joint Arthritis

    Any one dealt with this? I have it in both hands but bad in my fretting hand. Done the shots. Did the Phys Th which helped a lot but they say I need surgery on the fretting hand.. An LRTI Procedure. Doc said I'll be good in 4 months. We're booked all those months which is another pain in the...