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    Electric Surf, Tiki, and Spaghetti Western music

    Since I'm not too familiar with the genre, are there any great Spaghetti western songs NOT written by Morriconi?
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    Roberts Roto Neck 12 Dual 12 string Electric Guitar

    I came across a CL listing for an interesting guitar, having a single neck with two fret boards. It allows for each to be tuned differently, making it fast and easy to change from one to the other. Have any of you ever played one of these...
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    Classic but uncommon Fender colors

    I'd go with holoflake or shell pink. Both legendary yet rarely seen.
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    Gibson Firebird players..... Why the Firebird?

    For those of you with Firebirds, what do you consider the pros and cons of the reverse and non-reverse? Why? Anything someone thinking about getting a FB should know?
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    Anyone into superstrats from the late 80s to early 90s?

    I have a Jackson Limited 88 Blue Jean. Great guitar! I like 80s/90s superstrats and have a question about manufacturers. Are there any "great-but-defunct" USA manufacturers of excellent 80s/90s superstats? I'm familiar with companies like Jackson, ESP, Charvel, Ibanez who are the big names...
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    Keeping guitars and amps safe from salt (living near the beach)

    I used to live in South Florida about 0.25 miles from the beach with the prevailing winds being onshore breezes and usually had my windows open since I like balmy weather. I kept my guitars in their cases unless they were being played and also wiped them down with a soft cloth before returning...
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    Are Guitar Sales Persons This Stupid? Or............? LONG POST

    GC's a big box store with lightly-knowledgeable staff so my expectation is that I should know what I want before walking in....so I wish the company would encourage me by placing the guitars I'm supposed to cull through by myself within arms reach. I can tell within several seconds of picking...
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    Reverb presumptively assessed me a sellers fee base on messages with others on Reverb

    I wonder what would happen if your messages with prospective buyers went something like this: Me: I see you're located nearby me. I certainly wouldn't want to sell you the guitar for $1000 nor meet you at Starbucks at 6:00 pm tomorrow. I don't need the money or coffee. Them: I don't have...
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    Help me understand neck shapes

    So what guitars do you have that have big necks? I have huge hands so I prefer big necks but unfortunately I have standard necks on my guitars. AFAIK, for looking to purchase used and online, the ones I can have assurance of getting what I'm interested in are the early 62 Hot Rod and early...
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    Any 62 Hot Rod Strat Style Guitars from Boutique Builders?

    I'm interested in getting a used Fender 62 Hot Rod Strat by purchasing online (TGP, Reverb, etc). I thought I'd broaden my search to include boutique builders (but not random partscasters put together by random people). To make my search easier, do any of those builders have specific model...
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    What makes a guitar neck great?

    What makes a neck great? How it fits a particular player's hands! I have large hands with thick fingers and prefer a thick and wide (1.75") neck. My Martin Roger McGuinn D-7 has the best neck of the guitars I own and someday I hope to find a Strat with one like it.
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    How to tell if a guitar is an authentic Hot Rod 62?

    I'm interested in getting a used Fender Hot Rod 62 and since there are none at my local stores I've been looking online at the usual sources, TGP, CL, Reverb, etc. How can I ensure that the guitar is actually a HR 62 if there's no paperwork with it? Is there a certain serial number series? I...
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    Which Signature Models of Millennial Musicians do Millennials Like Best?

    OP Here. There's only one way I intended this to be read, which is neither of what you suggest. I am asking: For those guitars that are signature models of musicians who are Millennials, which of those guitars do Millennials like the best?
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    Necks Part 2 - Profile POLL

    I voted asym. It's a nice combination of good location for my thumb with more clearance elsewhere.
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    Necks Part 1 - Thin/Med/Fat Poll

    I voted fat. I have large hands and feel most comfortable with fat necks, and with thin ones my hands feel awkward and contorted.
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    Which Signature Models of Millennial Musicians do Millennials Like Best?

    I'm trying to stretch out from my Baby Boomer cloister and get some new ideas and inspirations for my next guitar. I'm not up to speed on musicians who are Millennials, but some of those artists are pretty successful and have signature models. So, what signature models of Millennial musicians...
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    Partscaster Project: How to Buy Neck and Body Online for a Well-Balanced Guitar?

    I'm interested in having the weight distributed such that the guitar neither neck-dives nor body-dives. This doesn't mean a lightweight guitar, it merely means that neither end is too heavy to cause frustration to the player. As I mentioned above, I used to have a strat that had a very heavy...
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    ‘62 Hot Rods = King of the Strats

    How does the neck of the 62 HR compare to that of the early Jeff Beck model?
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    Partscaster Project: How to Buy Neck and Body Online for a Well-Balanced Guitar?

    OP here. Just to clarify, by balanced I mean with weight, not tonally. I recently had a Strat with a very heavy body (and possibly a light neck) and I always felt like I was fighting it. OTOH I have a perfectly balanced SG and it's a joy to play, so I'm hoping to build a strat that is also...
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    Partscaster Project: How to Buy Neck and Body Online for a Well-Balanced Guitar?

    I'm planning a strat-style partscaster build for which I'd buy parts online (Warmoth, etc.) and I'd like to end up with a well-balanced guitar. I've owned some strats that were not well balanced but they're no longer around so I can't strip them to find the part weights. Given that I know what...
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    What Semi-Hollow Body Guitars are Comfortable for Seated Players?

    I used to have an ES-335 that I loved but since I play in a seated position (right-handed player with guitar on my right thigh, legs not crossed, no strap) it wasn't comfortable. It didn't "sit" correctly on my leg and I felt like I was fighting it. My current guitars are an American Deluxe...
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    Why don't you see more ES-335's with top wrap strings?

    How does the feel change?
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    What's your favourite solidbody P90 guitar ?

    Why so few Teles w/ P90s shown in this thread? I'm in the planning phase for my next partscaster build and I've been heavily leaning toward a Tele with dual P90s. Since my 2 main guitars are an SG Standard with HH and a Strat with Zexcoils I've been thinking a guitar with P90s would be a...
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    Guitar shops in SF Bay Area?

    Sylvan Music in Santa Cruz