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  1. Dave Klausner

    Robert Fripp ? Influences

    Fripp and John McLaughlin did a mutual interview for Musician Magazine back in 1982. This part always stayed with me: McLaughlin: Umm-hmm. It's funny, there were times when I even heard some... allusions to The Mahavishnu Orchestra, in an odd kind of way. Fripp: Hmm. That wasn't... deliberate...
  2. Dave Klausner

    Jeff Beck

    Got to see him from the side of the stage at Jazz Fest a few years back. Absolute lesson in phrasing, tone, technique, etc.
  3. Dave Klausner

    Kinda funny band name story

    I knew a guy who when their female lead singer quit, told them "I refuse to be part of your bro vanity project!" Voila - new band name!
  4. Dave Klausner

    David Torn Interview

    Digging a little deeper into the catalog, I always loved your playing on the Lonely Universe record - possibly the closest to the way you played in Everyman Band outside of that group. And I'd love to hear a whole record like "Walls of the Vortex" off Mark Nauseef's record Sura!
  5. Dave Klausner

    David Torn Interview

    Wow - so sorry to hear about Bruce's passing. Great player, and I always enjoyed his stories (especially the ones about touring with Lou Reed). I'll never forget, back around 1983, we basically kidnapped him one night and took him to see Shannon Jackson's Decoding Society, and we went...
  6. Dave Klausner

    Davey Williams, guitarist passed away

    Heck of a player, and real original. Here's a clip of him with Curlew:
  7. Dave Klausner

    Examples of good looping artists

    Composer/guitarist Paul Dresher, live looping with tape machines back in 1981...
  8. Dave Klausner

    Guitarists Fired from Bands

    Ginger Baker fired John McLaughlin from the Graham Bond Organisation. When asked why in an interview, he responded (I'm paraphrasing) "He kept speeding up. What, you don't hear that? It's great that the guy can play 64th notes, but there should only be 64 of them in a measure, not 65."
  9. Dave Klausner

    I’m moving to New Orleans!

    Alon Shaya, the chef who started Shaya, started a new (also Israeli) restaurant just down the block. La Petite Grocery is right in that area as well.
  10. Dave Klausner

    Show us your studio

    Just make sure you don't go too overboard...
  11. Dave Klausner

    31.5" or 32" scale bass, any out there?

    If you're looking for a higher end short scale (hey, this is TGP after all!), Birdsong does some nice 31" models. http://www.birdsongguitars.com/birdsong-guitars/
  12. Dave Klausner

    What kind of floor would you put in a studio like this.....

    In human evolutionary history, most of the danger came at us from the sides, some came from above, and very little came from below. We are significantly less sensitive to sounds that come at us from that direction, so the floor is the part that of our room that needs the least treatment. If...
  13. Dave Klausner

    Oh My!!! For Mike Stern fans, a flashback to the early days

    I used to record some of the shows on cassette. Gotta digitize those some time. I asked Stern if he minded if I taped him, and he responded with "Scotch or masking?" I've got a Jaco/Word of Mouth gig where Jaco's Dad showed up and crooned "Chicago" with them, and some other cool stuff. Lots...
  14. Dave Klausner

    Oh My!!! For Mike Stern fans, a flashback to the early days

    Yeah, it was called 55 Grand, and Stern lived upstairs. It was the place where all the cats who had gigs at other clubs would come after their sets to jam. Lots of great music there, and lots of crazy partying!
  15. Dave Klausner

    Just watched a great documentary -- Bayou Maharajah

    Great documentary - highly recommended.
  16. Dave Klausner

    Want to hear the crazy NYE stories from last night

    Had a pretty surreal gig - we played a bowling alley, and they had us set up on the lanes, with folks bowling on either side of us. Surprised nobody got injured (I nearly twisted an ankle in the gutter myself).
  17. Dave Klausner

    Quick rant on ticket resales

    The Tedeschi Trucks band is coming to a very nice theater in town - about a 2500 seat venue. The presale was done through Applauze, and I ended up getting front row seats. Those tickets are all will call, so you can only pick them up the evening of the show, and you have to bring the credit...
  18. Dave Klausner

    Is "Lick My Love Pump" in D minor?

    Paul Reed Smith said when he first saw it, he didn't think it was funny. He knew all the people and the real incidents (for example, Derek St Holmes, who was the basis for the David St Hubbins character, is the singer in his band), and they were pretty tragic to the folks they happened to at...
  19. Dave Klausner

    Why you can't get good seats to major events

    Pretty interesting read from the former CEO of Ticketmaster... https://theringer.com/ticket-industry-problem-solution-e4b3b71fdff6#.eiqt1gpay
  20. Dave Klausner

    Grand Designs: The Music of Carl Verheyen

    The filmmaker, Nigel, was only here for part of the recording, but the 3 actual solos (as opposed to the noodling around/getting a feel parts) captured in the shoot were the ones that ended up on the record (2 of Carl's and one of Sonny's). Pretty cool to see them laying it down without edits...
  21. Dave Klausner

    Carl Verheyen Interview in a beauitful sounding hall...

    Tomorrow we are hosting the world premier of "Grand Designs: The Music of Carl Verheyen" by award winning film maker Nigel Dick. This music documentary chronicles Carl's life, work, and the recording of his recently released album, "The Grand Design", which was produced and engineered here at...
  22. Dave Klausner

    Phil Lesh selling his house

    He's downsizing, and with some shrewd negotiations, I bet you could have his old place for under $10 million. http://sf.curbed.com/2016/4/28/11533142/grateful-dead-bassists-marin-house-goes-on-the-market-for-10-35 And I assume the house is staged that way, and that's not how he really lived in it!
  23. Dave Klausner

    Alexander Dumble and clones

    I've played through 2 Overdrive Specials, and while they looked the same, they were voiced completely differently. One was Sonny Landreth's, and it sounded like Sonny (the very few parts of his playing that I can emulate). The other was voiced for someone with a much lighter touch than I have...
  24. Dave Klausner

    The Sursiks: Transcriptions Of Speech Patterns Into Music

    Very cool stuff. Here is a piece by Scott Johnson where he took the main themes from snippets of random spoken word recordings that he felt had a certain musicality. And here is a piece by David Soldier, where he transcibed what a female rap group was doing as microtonal music for string...