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    New Danelectro battery box

    Looks kind of nice, not sure about $50 street price tag. But looks fairly well engineered and functional. Seem they've got new line of pedals too, the Billionaire pedals. http://billionairetone.com/
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    PSA: VFE on sale

    Whole slew of stuff up on Reverb shop. https://reverb.com/shop/vfe-pedals
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    Zoom MS70 CDR firmware update

    51 new effects added. https://www.zoom-na.com/news/firmware-update-v20-ms-70cdr Here's the updated effects list. https://www.zoom-na.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/pdfs/E_MS-70CDR_FX-list_v2.pdf
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    PSA - VFE 20% off moving sale

    He's got some of the new stuff as well as classic designs. Those Dragon and Pinball with no charge pump for around $100 are very temping. https://reverb.com/sales/vfe-pedals-moving-sale-save-20-percent
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    Kind of a neat concept....

    ....sharing your pedalboard shots and settings, kind of a Instagram for pedal board configurations. http://www.stayintunes.com/intro/
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    VFE - New pedals demo and Kickstarter launch.

    Mike Hermans demo. Kickstarter page. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/vfepedals/vfe-pedals-new-pedal-line-educational-kit/description Bling
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    Sine Effect ?

    Anybody heard of them. From Scotland it seems. Anybody know anything about them. Got a couple parametrics that caught my eye. The mini one band for about $80 shipped looks like a killer deal for someone who needs a pre-gain boost/EQ.
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    PSA: BBE 282iR $35 At GC

    Always loved what my old BBE 362 did for audio, so thought this little half rack desktop processor seemed like great deal for $119 off. Haven't tried this specific model but thought I'd pass it on. Figured for $35 for a stereo unit, what the heck. Not really much out there on this series as far...
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    Akai Headrush 2 $69

    just a FYI, back up on eBay direct from Akai at $69 shipped. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=321804261701&globalID=EBAY-US
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    Kingsley Merlin - Midi controller.

    Just saw this on Kingsley sight, seems awesome just wondering why it's not getting any mention around here. See that Simon posted about in builder/retailers forums, but looks like he's only one who's even posted to the thread. No other mention on TGP that I could find...
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    Interesting new delay from VFE, the Klein Bottle

    Kind of going in the direction of the RUP with multiple effects loops for each delay. http://vfepedals.com/klein-bottle.html Also some new options on builds. http://vfepedals.com/switching.html
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    Progressive - what you got...

    ... that are realitivly new releases, say 2yrs back. Love it when the hive mind here gathers and throws out their discoveries, not like you can flip on FM and hear new stuff. Your call as to what fits the progressive moniker, p-metal, math rock infused, whatever. I'll start.... Tin Spirits new...
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    New Tone Tubby Silver Bullet 10" Alnico

    Supposed to be a 10" version of Chicago Blue, hope there's more new 10's to follow. 93.7db, know many have been clamoring for a good low efficiency 10". http://www.siegmundguitars.com/TTsilver.html "This is the 10" version of the Chicago Blue. This lower wattage version of the popular...
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    Robert Cray, his best album ever.

    Robert Cray, In My Soul. Who else thinks it's best he's ever done? It feels so true to his heart in it's feeling and execution.
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    VFE Flash Sale

    Get em while there hot. White horse or pale horse for $129 https://reverb.com/shop/vfe-pedals
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    PSA: VFE cyber Monday... 1 day only

    Starts at midnight. VFE is doing a cyber Monday 1 day sale. http://www.vfepedals.com/cyber-monday.html 20% off any pedal with custom ink, knobs, case color. 25% off all in stock standard pedals. Overstocks etc 33-40% off You know you want to try a Focus, Merman or Choral Reef. :-)
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    Radial Elevator....

    ... the ultimate boost and buff? Like to hear from users. Pros, cons, whatever.
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    Any Moe. fans out there? Was just chilling after work and was thinking how great these new cuts were, so thought I'd share. b2P5AccwY3s
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    Jim Suhler

    Any more fans of his solo work out there? Just listening to his stuff again and wondered if anyone else digs it? wSJemY056JQ
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    VFE, some new stuff

    On his mailing list, thought these couple new OD pedals sounded kind of interesting. http://us2.campaign-archive2.com/?u=c5468503f25998fa24757e912&id=436526c55b&e=263fe0ddde Vomithound been around for bit already(Rat and TS in one pedal with a blend knob).
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    Mars attacks...... HeHe!!!

    Got in on VFE crowd funding promo earlier this year, my custom inked pedal arrived today. Good detail for a inkjet based uv paint system. Was a little worried that my submission might have a little to much detail for it but came out great I think, not withstanding my poor lighting and...
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    VFE $99 clearance

    Looks like their going fast. Triumvirate, Rocket EQ, White Horse comp and others. https://reverb.com/shop/vfe-pedals
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    Q and the Moonstones

    Anybody else download their free EP. QPwPF3cwjUI 14mTK-69Nyo Thanks to mr. soloway for posting about them in another thread.
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    VFE clearing out back stock.

    Picked these to up ...... Germ Fuzz and a higher gain BK. Always love friends BK, but seemed redundant with what already had, this maybe is what need, high gain range BK. Germanium fuzz I have no doubt about at that price, I'll find a way to make it work. Price was sure right. Rocket EQ v2 is...
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    For all you classical accordion fans