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    HD500..OK - HD + DT25...superb !

    Had my HD500 and DT25 for a few days now, so starting to get to know the units much better. I have to say that I really agree with some others who I have read stating that, on their own, the HD500 and DT25 are pretty OK, but nothing outstanding. But together..... they are really wonderful...
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    Simply very, very excited !

    After a break from guitar (playing bass) for couple of years I have decided to go back to the instrument that I love (6 string electric). My main guitar rig for several years before I went onto bass was a GSP1101 through a PA power amp into a Marshall 1960. At the time I went through...
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    Samson Servo 200 - great little power amp

    Just thought I'd give you guys a "heads up" about the Samson Servo 200, which is a 200W 2u rack mounted power amp (stereo or bridged mono). I've just started using it in my rig, amplifying my GSP1101 through guitar cabs with greenbacks. It sounds really, really good, and is much more consistent...
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    Rack systems and heat. Is this a big issue ?

    I've just put together my first small rack, with a pre-amp and an EQ. I've noticed that they already put out a moderate amount of heat. If I stick a 1u power amp in the last rack slot, am I asking for problems due to heat, as I'm sure a power amp puts out plenty ? SHould I put the power amp...
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    Dano Cool Cat Chorus - a real sleeper !

    I know there's been a lot of waffle on the www about this particular range of pedals but do yourself a favour, if you're in the market for a chorus, this one is excellent (not just for the money - simply excellent !). Others in the range - TOD - good, but nothing special...
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    Krank - Distortus maximus clips !

    Had a quiet day today, so had a chance to get some clips done. All through a clean JTM50-type amp, through a Marshall 4x12. Speaker mic'ed was a G12H-100. Guitar was a tele in all cases, with a single-coil sized GFS "Lil Puncher XL" humbucker in the bridge. Mid heavy rhythm -...
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    Krank Distortus Maximus - first impressions

    Well, one of these arrived today. First impressions are that it is very well built, has a very low noise floor, has a very interactive and versatile EQ section and ....... completely blows away every other highish gain pedal I've played so far, which includes, the Blackstar HT Dual & HT Dist...
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    Like an OCD but much tighter bass

    I'm looking for something to pair with my AC Booster, which I use for lower gain, marshally tones. Just got an OCD, but will return it. it's a nice pedal , but much too loose in the bass, once you get the gain knob over halfway for me. Palm mutes are just loose and flubby. So, what's...
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    Madness ? Getting GAS for G12T-75's

    Sometimes I suspect that I am going mad, or that my ears are deceiving me ! I like to think that I'm developing "good ears" but ........... I've been through a load of speakers and currently have my '78 Marshall 4x12 loaded with Scumback H75's and G12H-100's. However, recently I've been...
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    10V caps in a 6V circuit ??

    At the moment I've got a couple of 10V-rated 1000uF caps in a 6V relay power supply circuit. All are working fine, but I was just wondering if the voltage rating was a bit close for comfort. Are 10V electrolytics in a 6V circuit likely to have a short life, or am I worrying for nothing ...
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    Metal film cathode resistors ?

    Metal film plate resistors are well known for reducing hiss in the early gain stages of high gain amps. However, what about using metal films as cathode resistors in the same gain stages. Would that also have noise benefits ? Your opinions please gentlemen ....
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    What I built this Christmas !

    Well not exactly "this Christmas". It's taken me a good 3 or 4 weeks. And thanks to a few gems of advice from various folks, it's all working beautifully ! I started off with a 1970's Selmer, 6 channel, 100W PA. Opened it up to be greeted by a quad of good Brimar EL34's, 7 x Mazda grey plate...
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    Yay !!!

    Just felt I HAD to post, as I actually don't have any issues with either of my amps right at this moment !!! It's been a while ! :dude
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    Is my OT blown ?

    I am on a quest of finishing my restoration/modification of a 100W Selmer PA - converting it into a two channel Marshall 2203 plus extra gain stage type amp. I've got the two separate pre-amp's both working a treat - these can be linked out of the FX loop send of the amp, to the FX loop return...
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    Bizarre biasing problem !!

    I am trying to sort an old Selmer 100W amp, that I have been converting into a two channel "Marshall beast"-type amp. THe power section is 4 x EL34. I just can't get the right hand pair to bias the same as the left - the right hand pair always has a much higher plate current. Whatever...
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    Mixing channels in a 2 channel amp

    I'm planning a build of a 2 channel amp, based on a Selmer 100W PA I've just acquired. It' s a fairly standard 4 x EL34 power amp, with about 8 12AX7's in the pre-amp, so I've got lots of flexibility in terms of what I can build. I'm planning to have a 4 or 5 gain stage higher gain channel...
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    Modding old Selmer for adjustable bias

    I've just bought an old Selmer 100W PA, which I intend to use as a donor amp for loads of modding experiments. I would like to convert the 4xEL34 power section to enable adjustment of the fixed bias, in the traditional manner using a mini-pot. Here's a pic of the power section schem :- I'm...
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    Why different plate resistors in Marshall PI ?

    Why is it that The standard Marshall V3 plate resistors in Marshall 1959, 1987, 2204 etc are different. Why is one 82K and the other 100K ??? Does this have anything to do with why my perfectly matched pairs of new output tubes are always about 20% out ? Anyone here able to explain ?
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    Rookie in trouble with PPIMV removal

    I've got myself a bit stuck. Today I was trying to remove the Ceriatone type 2 PPIMV (similar to the Larmar PPIMV on Metroamp) from my 2204. Simple job, I thought .... wrong ! The layout for the PPIMV is here - http://www.ceriatone.com/images/mods/Type-2-MV.jpg Anyhow, I removed all the...
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    UK/USA amp prices - just for fun !!

    Was a bit bored this afternoon and thought I'd check out some comparative prices between some different amps here in the UK, and over in the USA. Interesting stuff !! - All prices are in US $$$$ First is the UK price (in $), then the USA price (in $) Marshall vintage Modern 2266 head; UK -...
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    Youtube camcorder amp demos - why ??

    Can someone explain to me why so many people seem to be so interested in Youtube camcorder mic amp demos. Camcorder mics make every amp sound the same - rubbish. But seriously, the compression, the restricted frequency response and the sonic artifacts (not to mention the unmentionable things...
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    Speaker guessing challenge !

    Title is fairly self-explanatory. Same riff/guitar/amp/settings/cab. Three different speakers. A chinese Celestion greenback, A Celestion 70/80 and a Scumback H75. Back in Black riff - http://www.box.net/shared/t8tigk5igr Fool for Your Lovin Riff - http://www.box.net/shared/yxvo6i3off...
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    For those who don't care about where their mic goes in front of a speaker

    I was pratting around with some recording today, and was experimenting to find the best mic position for a cab. I recorded a short riff with the mic 1cm from the grill cloth and dead centre on the middle of the speaker. I then recorded the same riff, but each time moving the mic only 0.75 of an...
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    New Ceriatone 2204 - soundclip too !

    Really pleased with my new Ceriatone 2204. It beats the pants of the other 2204 I owned (a '78 JMP50). One of the best differences is how quiet this amp is at full gain. The background noise is really low (even though I've got a PPIMV installed too - useless with this circuit, BTW). The moment...
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    Port City Wave 2x12 -advice needed

    Well the issue is this - I am considering swapping my angled 1970's Marshall 4x12 and Orange 1x12 cabs for a single Port City Wave 2x12. I like my 4x12, but there's the usual negative portability issues with 4x12's, and my body is not as young as it used to be. The 4x12 is too big for band...