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    Gear you've puchased multiple times...

    Having just taken delivery of a Heritage Victory for the second time, it's occurred to me how much gear I've revisited in my G.A.S. fueled (and seemingly never-ending) quest for tonal nirvana. I've omitted guitars as I'm sure many here have also been through several Strats/Teles/LP's in search...
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    Speaker Replacement for Cannabis Rex

    I'm running my Heritage Colonial 50W head (think JTM-45/Bassman) into an Avatar Vintage x12 open back cab. I've had it loaded with an Emi C-Rex for quite a while and have been pretty pleased, but sometimes wish it were a little more open in the mids. I swapped out the C-Rex for a Red Fang...
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    Heritage Victory vs. Dr. Z Z-28

    I used to own a Victory head (great amp!) so I know what it's all about. For any of you who have played both, I'm curious to know how the Z-28 compares to the Victory in terms of clean headroom, max. volume and overall tonal characteristics. Thanks!
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    Which Tweed Amp?

    I'm looking to add a tweed to my collection, and trying to figure out which model would be the best fit. I owned and loved a Vicky Deluxe but, while the overdriven tones were to die for, the lack of clean headroom was ultimately a dealbreaker. Ideally, I'd like something with ample headroom that...
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    OCD - Which version?

    I'm sure this question has been asked 1,000 time, but it's tough to do a search on OCD... Which version OCD is preferred, and why?
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    An SG virgin no more...

    I made a pit stop at a local music store this morning to pick up a head that was in for servicing. As I'm paying for the amp, I spot a beauty SG Classic hanging behind the counter at a really attractive price. I had zero intention of buying a guitar today, but it took me about 30 seconds to...
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    Which 1x12 Combo?

    I've got my main rig figured out (Heritage Colonial + Avatar Vintage 1x12 w/ Cannabis Rex), and would like to pick up a 1x12 grab and go. That slot is currently filled by a nice DRRI, but something with a little more headroom would be nice. Here's what I have in mind... 30-40W Fender and/or...
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    DRRI Problem - Power On, No Output

    I have a problem with my DRRI... The amp powers on, but I get zero output from any of the four inputs. I've tried swapping the rectifier and power tubes, but to no avail. I'm guessing it's transformer related, but thought I'd check in here for other thoughts before bringing it in for service...
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    Leather Amp Handles

    I'd like to replace the rubber handles on a head and cab but can't seem to find leather replacements in the right size. Any leads on reasonably priced custom handles? Thanks!
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    Thinking about a Duesenberg...

    I'm seriously considering a Starplayer TV(+) or Mike Campbell Sig. Anything else I should be looking at along the same lines and price range (or less) than the Doozy?
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    Replacing George L's w/ Monorail

    I'm all set to swap out my George L's cable with Evidence Monorail (using the GL plugs), and have been so far unable to assemble a working cable. Very frustrating. What's the trick? I feel like I must be missing something...
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    Weak Tremolo SF Vibrolux Reverb

    The tremolo on my early SFVR is barely perceptible. I can hear a slight ticking, but hardly any modulation regardless of speed and intensity settings. I've swapped several different 12AX7's in and out of V5 to no avail. Reverb works like a champ. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    OD for blues and blues rock leads?

    I'm in the process of setting up a board primarily for blues and blues rock and am in search of a pedal to handle lead and slide duty. It will join a Pro Analog Dirt Royale w/Cheeze and a Box of Rock. I don't need a lot of gain, but want something with good sustain, and ideally with a tonal...
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    A/B/C Switchers

    Does anyone make an amp switcher that would accommodate any combination of three amps? The Lehle Dual looks as though it might, but it's major $$$. Any others I should investigate?
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    How do V2 and Phase Inverter tubes effect tone?

    I'm trying to gain an understanding of how preamp tubes, specifically V2 (in a 3x12AX7 amp) and the PI, impact volume, overdrive characteristics and tonality. Recognizing that this is probably at least somewhat circuit dependant, can anyone provide a general explanation?
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    Eternity Questions

    Okay, I finally pulled the trigger on an Eternity during the special last week. I've scanned the 1,001 other Eternity threads and still have a few questions. How well does the E cover the following... 1. Warm, clean boost with a hint of OD 2. Transparent, edge of breakup rhythm (eg. Mary...
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    Avatar Vintage 2x12 - Which speakers?

    I'm thinking about ordering an open back Vintage 2x12 (8 ohm) and am trying to decide which speakers to go with. I already have an open back Custom 2x12 (16 ohm) with Hellatones (V30/G12H30) and love the big, open, punch of that mix. I'd like the Vintage cab to have similar characteristics...
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    Two Matched Pairs vs. A Matched Quad

    A bit of a silly question perhaps, but I have to ask... I've got a 4xEL84 amp (TopHat King Royale) on the way and happen to have two matched pairs of NOS EL84's on hand (Sylvania blackplates and Teslas). What would be the disadvantage, if any, of using them as opposed to a matched quad?
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    A Question for King Royale Owners

    I'm anxiously awaiting delivery of a King Royale, and have a quick question while I wait... While I'm obviously aware that the KR is an AC-30 inspired design, how well does it cover early Marshall tones?
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    Which Marshall style Amp?

    After months of deliberation, I finally took the plunge on an 18W Marshall (Ceriatone TMB). Plugging in a Strat for the first time was everything I'd expected... beautiful, warms cleans and fat overdrive tones. Perfect. With a Les Paul I was, surprisingly, underwhelmed. Too forward and gainy...
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    Which delay to replace DMM?

    I'm in the market for a delay that provides the fat, analog goodness of the DMM, but in a slightly smaller footprint. I'm considering the usual suspects... Diamond Memory Lane Maxon AD999 Pigtronix Echolution (though not sure I want to spend this much) I'd like something with level control...
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    Pedalboard Logistics

    I'm finally getting around to setting up a pedalboard, and I've determined which size I need. Now comes the tricky bit... figuring out how to lay the pedals out and wire them together. Is there a tried and true method of setting up the pedals? Do you follow the signal flow right to left on...
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    Elementary Bias Question

    I have an amp with external bias points for each power tube and a single bias pot. When biasing, should the volume and master be set to zero, wide open, or at the mid point? Thanks in advance.
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    Do I really NEED an 18W Marshall?

    Okay, here's the deal... I've had intermittent G.A.S. for a Ceriatone 18W TMB for the past couple of months. Marshall flavours are currently provided by the Tweed/JTM side of a Fargen Dual Classic, a Carr Hammerhead MKII, and a Mayfly BC-15 (Vox AC-15 inspired clone). So the question is...
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    Biasing 5881's

    I'm using a pair of old Tung Sol 5881's in a Blackface circuit. I have them biased ~33-34mv. What bias setting would you recommend to achieve a fatter, warmer tone with earlier break-up? Thanks in advance.