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    Axe Fx II Buttery Demo - Seth Rosenbloom

    Very sweet, I've alway played through amps and lately I've been thinking about a Axe FX for the versatility. You sound great, thanks for the share.
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    D'Pergo vs. Lentz vs. DeTemple T-style

    I've owned a lot of guitars but nothing like my D'Pergo Bakersfield. My main axe is a 1964 Strat that rips but I can do things on the D'Pergo I cannot do on my Strat. The neck is so fast and comfortable that it inspires new levels while performing and it sounds incredible. When getting into...
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    Strat and Dumble - bad combination ?

    I use a 1964 Strat with a Jet Sig Anniversary Head through a 4 x 10 cab with 2 Weber Alnico and 2 weber regular speakers (Jensen replacements). I can nail the SRV tones and still get a lot of other tones. I use 6v6 tubes but I don't use the lead channel only the front end of the amp. My Strat...
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    Changing out PRS 5-way Rotary for 3-way Toggle

    Send it to the PRS repair/setup/luthier shop. I sent mine and had them set it up, remove the 5 way nob, install the 3 way switch and fret level it. It plays and sounds like a pro guitar now.
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    PRS Private Stock

    Great posts, thanks guys. I gigged with my old PRS and had a blast tonight with a power trio. I did find myself wishing I had my 1964 Strat in my hands on a couple of solos. The 1:1 ratio is a great analysis of guitars. I guess the posts and my playing tonight answered a lot of questions...
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    PRS Private Stock

    I've seen and played a PRS Private Stock and they are nice but are they as nice as the price tags? I have a 1995 PRS 10 top and it's a great guitar. I wanted to get some feedback on the PS guitars from people who have giged with them.
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    Anyone ship an amp via UPS withOUT problems?

    I've shipped over a hundred pieces and only had one minor problem. I always insure the piece just in case. It's also important to pack correctly.
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    Best Robben Ford Dumble clone ? (Bludotone, Welagen,...)

    I have a Two Rock Kimock with RCA Blackplates and Brimars and with humbuckers it's dead on.
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    5E3 Tweed Deluxe Style Amp with modifications:

    Clarks are great, throw a mic on it and you're ready to go. I don't have the attenuator but they're out there.
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    Tweed Bassman sound and clarity in a smaller, lighter amp?

    I've owned 3 bassman amps and I had the same problem, wanting to downsize and still maintain that great tone of the bassman. I finally ended up with a Clark Deluxe. I retubed it and put in a Celestion Greenback. It's not the same as the bassman because of the physics of the amp but the tone is...
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    2 x 6V6 amp

    I'm playing a Clark Beaufort that is really great, wish it had more headroom. How's the Carr Sportsman?
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    Best amp with a Telecaster (IYHO)

    Clark Tweed Deluxe, Two Rock Kimock
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    Tweed deluxe but bigger?

    I played a gig with "Rhino" aka Kenny Earl playing drums (drummer for Manowar and Holly Hell) in my blues band "BC Blues" in Monterey, Ca. It was a small venue and I used a Louis Electric Deluxe Buster. I love my Clark Deluxe but the LE was incredible and had much more headroom which I loved...
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    Two Rock Studio Pro 22 vs Real 65' DR w/Zendrive?

    I have a few TR's and I can nail the RF sound with my Kimock loaded with RCA Blackplate 6l6 tubes and Brimars. For my Jet Sig I use Phillip's 7581a and Brimar 12ax7 tubes. I also have a Drip Edge DR that Ben Fargen modified for me and it is a killer amp that I use for more of the classic rock...
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    D'Pergo from Donnie B

    Just picked up a killer D'Pergo from Donnie B and what a great guitar! I've never played anything quite like a D'Pergo plus Don did a great job shipping, describing and following up, he's now in my list of best sellers!:aok
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    Swart: Anyone using one at Church?

    I have a swart AST and I've used it at Church, I like it but in Church I prefer amplifiers that that are foundations for pedals, this brings a lot of versatility. For blues and jazz I will go with the Swart. I guess it all depends on what type of music is played at your church. I go to Shoreline...
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    two rock lowers prices on some amps

    Hey Strung up, you're pretty sharp with the inside of a grocery store, out of curiosity what is your profession?
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    two rock lowers prices on some amps

    Or anything else they choose, I do like the term "slotting fees" it's a much more sophisticated way of saying "Paying for the space". Good term:drink
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    two rock lowers prices on some amps

    I like the way you explain this, however being on the Supplier end of the business there is a lot of greasing going on, maybe a better way to put it is "Shelf-Space Renting". The point is there is a relationship with the "Mechanism (Vons/Safeway)" and the suppliers "Dole, T&A, DiArrigo, Green...
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    two rock lowers prices on some amps

    When a product like Mesa shows up in Guitar Center you can bet that money went accross the table somewhere along the line. I haven't looked at Randall's books and maybe he has a silver spoon in his mouth, but something happened from the early days. GC now carries 200 + Mesa items. It's called...
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    two rock lowers prices on some amps

    I was just thinking about all of this and I can say that being in business doesn't have any right or wrong when it comes to pricing something. It's up to the owners to do with it what they want. If they want to lower the price of the J2 then have at it. Bill and Joe made a nice market and helped...
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    Marshall JCM 800 4140

    I'm selling an older very used JCM 800 2 x 12 combo for a friend. I plugged it in to check everything out. I was blown away at how good it sounds. I have no idea of the value but checked e-bay and they get a lot of action. Need a little help here. What's the value? What do you think of...
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    Live amp sound vs. recorded amp sound ???

    I've really noticed a difference betweens amps I use. I have a great stable of amps, Cat5, Two Rocks, Clark, Bluesverb, AST.....etc. There are two things that stand out. The Two Rocks sound good no matter what I did with them. The sonic character of the Two Rock. The other amp that was...
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    Why does it seem that 75% of the amps for

    Good thread. I have a ton of amps. Old Fenders, new boutique amps and some rebuilds. I play out all of the time and use different amps. I DON'T have a main amp. I play and write blues for my own band and use a Two Rock Jet2, Category 5 Tempest, Category 5 Andrew and a Red Plate Blues Machine (I...
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    THD Yellow jackets!???

    I threw some in my Komet 60 with the intent of toning it down a bit and it worked wonderfully. It still was crazy loud (because Komet 60's are) but it was more manageable. Give them a try, I think you'll be surprised.