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  1. NotWesYet

    Tell about your earliest recording setup!!(especially, your early analog tape rig)

    Recently, I bought a mint Tascam 34B, a Mackie Onyx 1220 and a Sennheiser MD421 and a TZ Audio Stella X2. I was going to add two or possible three more Stella X2's for an old school approach to recording a jazz trio or quartet. I wish I could find the mod for the Mackie Onyx that changes the...
  2. NotWesYet

    Help needed on setting up home recording videos for my day job

    I don't know if this would apply and it does require the iPhone 11, but it may be of aid to those teaching from home. https://www.filmicpro.com/doubletake-by-filmic-pro/
  3. NotWesYet

    Headphones for mixing (yeah, I know)

    I have been using the AKG 240's forever as suggested by others and many audio engineers I have known. I bought these for the iPhone but found them excellent and affordable for an alternative choice. TUNED BY A GRAMMY AWARD WINNING SOUND ENGINEER- 1MORE collaborated with internationally...
  4. NotWesYet

    Newbie question: Why are my recordings quiet?

    With Garageband under Preferences>Advanced are you enabling "export at full volume"?
  5. NotWesYet

    Rhodes recording

    This might be interesting... http://www.fenderrhodes.com/history/effects.html
  6. NotWesYet

    Rhodes recording

    Why not write Marcin and ask? He is very nice and he cd is available and he has a patreon account.
  7. NotWesYet

    Rhodes recording

    Here's an interesting video comparing di'ing and two types of amplification. Years ago I took a producing class on MacProVideo taught by a famous Producer. One of his trick was to is the digital equivalent of the Rhodes but use the guitar amp plug in's. He said when you played a real Rhodes...
  8. NotWesYet

    Should I apply mastering to my songs?

    In my never ending quest to understand mixing and mastering I came across some advice from a famous Mastering engineer. He said an easy way to clean up a muddy mix was to cut a few db at 400hz and 4khz. I tried it in iTunes using the built in equalizer. Since it does not have a band at 400 I...
  9. NotWesYet

    Should I apply mastering to my songs?

    I plan to do the same thing with the exception I am recording analog first then mixing down to digital using an Apogee Duet and Logic X. I think these plug ins will be helpful Here's some interesting info on the current state of Mastering. That video lead me to this...
  10. NotWesYet

    Shure SM7B question

    These were originally developed for the BBC, as I understand it. They have varying models including one that boosts ribbons using 48v but does not let the power pass-through eliminating the possibility of damaging the ribbon if wired incorrectly. I have used them with an SM7B and the ribbon...
  11. NotWesYet

    How old is some of your recording gear?

    I just bought this but have yet to set it up. I think it was made in '83.
  12. NotWesYet

    Garageband 1st day rookie question

    Tracks should not bleed but you may be getting audio from previous tracks depending on your audio input and output setting. Check turn on feed back protection and see if that fixes the problem. Also go to system preferences and make sure the input and output match that of Garageband which should...
  13. NotWesYet

    Curious to know who is still using analog tape machines?

    Thanks! I know I will never get that sound without exceptional equipment. But the Onyx mixer is simple, quiet and has the Perkins EQ. It is a simple 35mm camera compared to an 8x10 view camera-a tool with which to learn. And it is a system because of the constraints that will force me to really...
  14. NotWesYet

    Curious to know who is still using analog tape machines?

    I have read many big artist are returning to tape. https://www.pro-tools-expert.com/production-expert-1/2019/5/30/analogue-tape I am returning to tape but I am not certain I could even be called an artist. I just bought a Tascam 34B, a Mackie Mixer with four mic pre's and a few nice, but...
  15. NotWesYet

    Channel Strips

    Sometimes the Channel Strip has specific features for a specific function. SPL makes one called the Channel One which is a preamp, eq, compressor/limiter/de-esser/headphone amp specifically designed for vocals. It has a highly effect noise gate and an "air band," as well. Probably to most...
  16. NotWesYet

    Recording Audio on iphone

    This might help... https://www.cultofmac.com/610284/how-to-record-any-audio-on-your-iphone/
  17. NotWesYet

    Audio stream from one building to another

    I don't know if any of these might fit the bill, but it is worth a look. https://www.jkaudio.com/products.htm#wireless
  18. NotWesYet

    Where to start with basic mixing?

    If I could make a suggestion. Consider learning resources like Mac Pro Video. I was helping a student produce an EDM record. I took a class offered by a top producer of EDM and he explained all the pitfalls that he had experienced, often ones I would have never considered. In one case he talked...
  19. NotWesYet

    Where to start with basic mixing?

    Slightly of topic, but I read, although he had been mixing in stereo it was a number of years before Rudy Van Gelder bought a second monitor.
  20. NotWesYet

    Where to start with basic mixing?

    Two things helped my mixing. A tuned room with property positioned monitors DSP EQ'd to be flat. And mix in mono to begin with.
  21. NotWesYet

    IMac vs Mac Mini for home studio

    As a retired Apple employee who supported Garageband and Logic (as well as every other piece of Apple software and hardware,) might I make a suggestion. When it comes to upgrading software, especially the OS it is often best to be fashionably late to the party. Let it be out "in the wild" for...
  22. NotWesYet

    Mic and setup recommendations for single mic recording

    I am not qualified to answer the question, but this video may give you some insights in to minimal mixing techniques. Hope it helps.
  23. NotWesYet

    My band's FOH PA elements from 1979......

    Circa '79. Our band used a Tapco mixer into a Crown DC150 into a pair of LaScala Speakers. I was asked to play bass, did not have an amp so I went into the PA with the vocals and a Farfisa and a Wurlitzer. Worked in the little clubs here...!
  24. NotWesYet

    Logic users, do you use the magic trac pad?

    It can be very helpful but may need the setting configured in system preferences. Here's a couple of articles that may help as they are an explanation of some of the functions in case you have not used one before. Hope this helps! https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204895...
  25. NotWesYet

    Best, Simplest, reasonably Affordable way to mic a classical guitar?

    Hi Sid! I haven't tried it yet but I have read about using omni directional lavaliere mic's clipped to the sound-hole or on a support for mic'ing acoustic guitars. They can be plugged into most new digital cameras or phones with adapter and extension cables...