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  1. majorledhead

    Tone King Sky King blowing fuses

    Looking for suggestions : I have a Bartel era Tone King Sky King that keeps blowing the 3A slo-blo fuse. I have swapped out ALL the tubes twice with known good or new stock. It takes 3-5 seconds for the fuse to pop. I was running channel 2 on 10 with the mid-bite set about 7, with the...
  2. majorledhead

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    Time to pull out the old Kramer Pacer Deluxe for a little Van Tribute. RIP Ed
  3. majorledhead

    Whats The Secret To Playing 2 Amps Without Hum?

    I use a Radial Tonebone ABY and EbTech Hum-X together on a Fargen Hotmods Pro Jr/ Carr Mercury set up. All the power in the music room runs through a medical grade UPS that cleans and regulates the house power from AC to DC then back to AC through transformers and my pedal board has rechargeable...
  4. majorledhead

    Carr, After years I have finally found my ultimate sound.

    I'm a Carr guy too. Started with a Slant 6V but it was too much amp for my purposes. Now have a my original Mercury and a new Mercury V. Both are pedal killers and generally just have a cord between them and a guitar. Makes a nice two amp rig with the Original set kinda clean and the V set a...
  5. majorledhead

    Top 5 amps

    From the current line up: ToneKing SkyKing Reinhardt 18 Carr Mercury V Pre CBS Fender Deluxe Reverb Crate Vintage Club 50 2x12 Honorable mention for my Fargen hot mods Fender Pro jr sitting in a 12” Mathers cab sporting a Celestion blue.
  6. majorledhead

    Do you buy guitars that are colors you don't like?

    IDK, I prefer a guitar to connect with me sonically and visually so the OCD in my brain doesn’t bleed. Though not a deal breaker, because I do own a “Red” 1967 Gretsch Monkees Rock n Roll model and a 1961 Toska/Supra Thunderstick that looks like it was splattered with rustoleum during a bad acid...
  7. majorledhead

    My Strat neck pickup tone is weak!

    Strings, Ya gotta crack em and snap em hard, with near reckless abandon to get “that” tone. I just broke an “A” string cracking a wicked prebend about a hour ago, plugged straight into a cranked SkyKing ( clean side on 8 - attenuated 1 notch) . I’m thinking that ballsy singing tone is more from...
  8. majorledhead

    Analog Delay with subdivision features.

    I picked up a green Vox time machine of craigslist for $35. Has tap, 4 subdivisions and sounds ok, especially for the money.
  9. majorledhead

    Mid '60s Guild Electrics, anybody into them?

    IMG_0694 by majorledhead posted Mar 12, 2020 at 11:29 PM IMG_1142 by majorledhead posted Mar 12, 2020 at 11:58 PM 1967 Guild Starfire 5 in a rare ebony finish. Sadly, it may hit the emporium soon.
  10. majorledhead

    My Strat neck pickup tone is weak!

    Not to be smartass, but is your pickup height low?
  11. majorledhead

    Amps with both American & British voicing options

    I used to have a Carr Slant 6 that would almost get you there, but only at crushing volume levels. Now I have a Tone King Skyking that almost gets you there at both crushing and manageable volume levels. But it all depends on what era of “ British “ you are talking about and if you mean the...
  12. majorledhead

    Board slightly longer than nano plus?

    I build my own pedaltrain style boards using 1x1 square tube and thin 1/2” electrical strut all the time. Little cutting and welding followed by an epoxy paint job. Customizable and cheap.
  13. majorledhead

    OD and Distortion pedals that work well with a Vox?

    From what I can remember, a skreddy screwdriver worked great with a Vox.
  14. majorledhead

    Help me pick strings for my strat

    Not long ago I put D’addario NYXL 9.5 - 44’s on all my 25.5” scale guitars after years of playing 11’s. Great tone and longevity along with a tighter bass response. Not the cheapest, but you seem to get what you pay for.
  15. majorledhead

    Boutique Cabs

    I bought a 2x10 Tone Tubby cab for $800 way back when they first hit the scene. Still have it. The cab is super resonant and the original HE1s really tame the ice pick treble I was getting from the Fenders and Vox heads I was using back then. Also the tightness of the bass response was and eye...
  16. majorledhead

    Out of all the amps you've owned and played though, what was the BEST overall amp

    After 40 plus years it’s hard to remember them all so I’ll go with my current #1 with is a ToneKing SkyKing, though my Carr Mercury gets a lot of use also. The Reinhardt 18 gets an honorable mention.
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  18. majorledhead

    Why would anyone refinishe a vintage instrument?

    ......so now I’m contemplating doing a refinish on this 1961 Tosca Thunderstick I picked up off Craigslist for $125. The tone that comes out of the giant overwound singles coil is amazing. Originally these were all a copper metallic. These are made by Supro and may be the most fun I’ve had for...
  19. majorledhead

    Why would anyone refinishe a vintage instrument?

    Why? When I found this Gretsch the neck was off the body, was spray painted black, the bindings had shrunk and cracked, hardware was badly tarnished, and the frets were worn down to the rosewood, as well as a couple of the thumbnail markers were missing. So a complete restoration was in order...
  20. majorledhead

    New old fun guitar day

    Cool. I have an ebony Starfire 5 from 1967. Stunning well made guitars. Love the tone with all the knobs on 10, but gets a little dark for my taste when you roll off the volume pot. IMG_0694 by majorledhead posted Mar 12, 2020 at 11:29 PMIMG_1142 by majorledhead posted Mar 12, 2020 at 11:58 PM
  21. majorledhead

    Do you tend to go with the same speakers in all your cabs?

    I be liking Celestions as a brand. Blues in my low watt combos, Creambacks in the bigger combo amps, and Greenbacks in a 4x12 cabinet. Used some warehouse Celestion knockoffs in a Crate Vintage Club 2x12 with good results. There are plenty of other great speakers out there. Guess it’s a stick...
  22. majorledhead

    Favorite Bedroom Tube Amp

    Carr Mercury for the win.
  23. majorledhead

    Do different guitars/neck shapes dramatically affect what/how you play?

    Its the different scale lengths which make the biggest difference for me, not so much size or shapes. Tend to play heavier styles with a shorter scale and sometimes ya need a slight adjustment to the size of bends or prebends the shorter the scale. Maybe next would be fret size. If your used to...
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