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  1. clmazza

    Show me your Les Paul

  2. clmazza

    A little Grosh love

    Yup! Not going anywhere, Robert ;)
  3. clmazza

    A little Grosh love

    They are amazing! Thanks for the article....
  4. clmazza

    NGD! 2020 PRS Tremonti

    Does this help? Neck Shape: Pattern Thin Neck Depth at The Nut: 26/32 inch Width of Fretboard at the Body: 2 1/4 inches Width of Fretboard at the Nut: 1 11/16 inches
  5. clmazza

    NGD! 2020 PRS Tremonti

    After selling my original Tribal and regretting it, I've been on the hunt for a nice weight Tremonti with a stoptail. I was also looking for the latest iteration, a 2020. Quick glamour shot... special order color- Copperhead Smokeburst confirmed by Matt at PRS. Really stellar sounding and...
  6. clmazza

    Explorer Love?

    Killer guitars... my 83 http://protocolguitarworks.com/portfolio/1983-gibson-explorer-cmt-e2/ And if you are brave enough... an 81 Dean Z http://protocolguitarworks.com/portfolio/1981-dean-usa-z-standard/
  7. clmazza

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    The bonsai is killer, right! Love mine.... I have one of the first
  8. clmazza

    PRS Quality

    Agreed... impeccable!
  9. clmazza

    A question about fender custom shop

    I have a ‘69 CS Strat and it simply has a black with orange interior. No CS notation.
  10. clmazza

    Singlecut buying help!

    PRS SC594. I have two and they are relatively close ... sonically... to my Gibbys. In actuality, they are better than my Gibson’s, IMHO.
  11. clmazza

    Anyone really like the neck pup on a tele?

    Yes... the only one I found that has worked for me Is a Bare Knuckles Pile Driver.
  12. clmazza

    early V12 finish damage, blisters at fretboard edge

    I had this on two of my 2013 PRSi. Both were purchased new so I sent them to the PRS PTC and they refinished the necks under warranty. Perfect. Had to do with the V12 adhering to the rosewood board. It’s a known issue... I couldn’t feel mine, it was purely cosmetic. I’ve seen some cases where...
  13. clmazza

    NGD PRS Paul’s Guitar

    Killer score! Amazing guitars... I’ve been loving mine for close to 7 years now and it never disappoints... congrats!
  14. clmazza

    Blue guitars.

    Blue FTW!
  15. clmazza

    Blue guitars.

    Blue FTW!
  16. clmazza

    Any good pics of Matthias Jabs’ early black and white explorer?

    Jabs is a great player and his iconic gibby always haunted me... I never liked the gibson neck carve on the explorers so I had one commissioned by the guys at Dean USA Custom Shop. The one and only in existence... He monkey’d around a lot with his early one.
  17. clmazza

    Ngd Prs Dgt Ten Top!

    Sweet! Congrats
  18. clmazza

    Nice weather, time for some family photos!

    Hamer makes some exquisite guitars and yours are no exceptions.... beautiful!
  19. clmazza

    NGD - 2019/2020 PRS McCarty 594 Wood Library

    You are correct, sir! They generally do not... this guitar happens to commemorate a special run of Wood Library guitars that WildWood had commissioned for their 35th anniversary. They requested two Private Stock finishes... Northern Lights and Frost Bite.
  20. clmazza

    PRS 513 Prototype

    Oh man! Love the pickup configuration... congrats!
  21. clmazza

    NGD - 2019/2020 PRS McCarty 594 Wood Library

    What? Yes... My late 2019 serial number with finish date (hang-tag) of 1/2/20 has arrived! These have the 2020 "enhancements" (pups, nitro, tuners) yet this one happens to retain the phase III tuners that it was ordered with. I happen to prefer them anyway.... This one compliments my '20...