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  1. Baminated

    Gig Video - Guit Solo on Chameleon

    you'll hear a couple hiccups - some overt, some not as much - such is the gamble ! We played the full version of this with all of the other sections, and it's posted on my channel. REally killer playing by the other doodz
  2. Baminated

    Absoulute - my new r&b/funk/fusion band @ Venice Beach Bar last Saturday

    dig - love the rep - cool solo on MOS - gr8 band
  3. Baminated

    Clip from last night's gig: The Chicken

    Bb dom pent - 1235 b7 so Bb C D F Ab the trick is to be really comfortable in all five shapes with Bb dom pent first. then try Eb dom pent all 5 shapes then play the first Bb dom pent, then try to play the closest Eb dom pent without moving the hand. there will be five pairs near each other...
  4. Baminated

    Gig Vid: Solos on Yellow Moon (Neville Brothers)

    thanks for both listening & commenting ! Been dying to be on a gig that covered this one. Finallyy !
  5. Baminated

    Jam dedicated to Bill Collings

    man, medeski, martin, & wood needs ya in there to sub for Sco. Really dig the In/out weaves and that swing
  6. Baminated

    Scuttle buttin' Stevie Ray Vaughan

    kicked much ass - keep bangin !
  7. Baminated

    "Billy's Song" (Chuck Loeb) - Guitarra Sola

    Dug much ! Chuck was def a player that made me wanna step my game up as a player
  8. Baminated

    "Sex Machine" GP w/Greg Koch

    awesome ! my bud Phil M here in st Pete has nothing but great things to say when he was in your band.
  9. Baminated

    Vintage Organ Groove

    man, bringing the spirit of phil upchurch, grant green on this - swinging nice. really like how you chill and play really tasty motives
  10. Baminated

    Clip from last night's gig: The Chicken

    sounds cool - for changes learn the dominant pentatonics of all the dominants - 5 positions per chord - work on playing the changes in one neck position, then work on just 2 string motives in one position through the changes. helps with playing fewer notes and developing more rhythmic motives
  11. Baminated

    Gig Vid: Solos on Yellow Moon (Neville Brothers)

    guit solo keys solo 2nd guit solo
  12. Baminated

    Live Gig Vid: Frankenstein - Marcus Miller Version

    Thanks for taking the time to dig, i also snuck two jaco quotes a couple phrases up . I do that stuff not to be funny, but it helps put me in a more melodic headspace rather than going for mechanical lick bashing. WE pretty much copied the marcus miller version to the tee. There's def some...
  13. Baminated

    LIVE GIG VIDEO: Cause We Ended As Lovers Rendition

    All, thanks much for the listens & comments and givin me another lap towards page 2 oblivion! Digitech RP 1000 direct into PA Korina strat body w alnico 2 hbs If it werent for how he played, id have no room to breathe. Keyboard guy toured with Arturo Sandoval & many others. Thanks! Digitech...
  14. Baminated

    LIVE GIG VIDEO: Cause We Ended As Lovers Rendition

    Let the race to page 2 oblivion begin NOW!
  15. Baminated

    Earth Wind & Fire Instrumental Jazz / Rock / Funk Chord Melody Style

    Doodz thx much for listening liking, commemting! Let the race to page 2 & beyond ensue!
  16. Baminated

    Earth Wind & Fire Instrumental Jazz / Rock / Funk Chord Melody Style

    Whoa missed these frim some years ago! Belated thanksamucho ! Off to 2nd page oblivion a 2nd time!
  17. Baminated

    Ride Like The Wind Wankfest

    Ibanez lawsuit model 1976 $400 off ebay before the word was out. @Guitardave , Dynamite playing I really loved how you stayed really disciplined Bluesy, and in the pocket and then started going to the off the hook stuff. Nice runs! I guess the predominant approach I took is basically the Pat...
  18. Baminated

    Funk Florida - (Zingaro tones Inside)

    Like the progression. Very nice RFisms at times. I like how the tone is damn accirate for the D tone - perfect amount of bite.
  19. Baminated

    Smooth Jazz C Major ES-335

    Dig the sense of space on this at the onset. Nice laying out at the right spots. Dig how you make the melodic aspect primary over any chops throughout. Def dig the tone on this much
  20. Baminated

    New rock instrumental

    I really dig how the harmony interchanges at the intro. The opening theme is killer. I like how it sounds straight up and conventional but twists just enough. Def reminds me of steve morse in some instances when you riff around the melody. This could def be a theme on a movie. Dynamite...
  21. Baminated

    Flavor Bud Living....

    This is great. Really dig the consistency of theme on this. Dig the voicing connections . Great playing here
  22. Baminated

    "Send in the clowns" - Guitarra Sola

    Beautiful playing . Ted is smiling. Very nice touch on those strings man
  23. Baminated

    just for fun..... "Interstate Sun"

    Saved from the 2nd page memory hole! This kicks all kinds of ass. Great singing and playing as usual. Cool you covered something for fun, as your original efforts are pretty serious - nice to take a break from the hard work and not forget why you got into music. If ya want, i have a take on...
  24. Baminated

    Quick little guitar solo I did for new artist recording

    Pretty cool thematic playing. Dig the sound too