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  1. kmanick

    A thought on that 'cab in the room' feeling.

    Exactly. I thought going FRFR was great (for me) until I dragged my CLR to a couple of band rehearsals and found that no matter how loud I cranked that thing up it still "felt" very thin and 'reproduced" when mixed in with the other guitarists Bogner rig. When I am playing live I do not want to...
  2. kmanick

    Can I Axe you a. .?????

    so true
  3. kmanick

    Mark Day Axe Fx II vs Torpedo Live and amp

    Friedman/torpedo sounds "beefier" to me without being any muddier. But the difference to my ears isn't huge. If I had on old JCM 800 I would grab a torpedo so I could actually use it in my house :)
  4. kmanick

    Should I just sell it all and get an AxeFX?

    I sold all of my amps of when I got my Axe FX II, didn't really see the need for them anymore but last month I tracked down the one amp that I really missed, that was my Mesa Mark IV. The Axe has very good mark models in it but there is nothing like having a real one right there available to...
  5. kmanick

    Just how much time do you spend tweaking your digital rig?

    Axe Fx II owner for 2 1/2 years now. since we hit FW12 my tweaking has stopped. I will dial in a patch to my liking and save it and come back to it a day later to make sure I still like what I heard when I initially built it. the only tweaking I really do these days is auditioning all of these...
  6. kmanick

    Two Notes Live / Reload maintain th amp "feel" some people don't get from the Axe FX?

    I do not own one but I did get to experience the two notes live last weekend at the Axe Palace. Nick was demo-ing it to some clients that were there. He had it hooked up to an old black face 2 channel dual recto and I was very impressed with it. If I had a Mesa Mark IV and an old JCM 800, this...
  7. kmanick

    Atomic CLR - can they make one that just sounds like a guitar cab?

    thank you for actually seeing that, and it's only how I use it when I want that 'amp in the room" thing not the FRFR "thing". I played for hours last night with it staring right up at me in it's "normal, "approved" position, as I was dialing in a few new patches. You'd think Jay would be...
  8. kmanick

    Atomic CLR - can they make one that just sounds like a guitar cab?

    it's not an EQ issue at all, and it's not like I don't like the CLR used normally. Read my post a little closer, and it's not anything like putting earplugs in. it sounds more like a regular cab this way.....period where did I say "I don't like what I'm hearing"? the OP asked if there was a...
  9. kmanick

    Atomic CLR - can they make one that just sounds like a guitar cab?

    I know this will sound whacky but I turn mine around so it faces the wall. With it facing away from me I don't get the very high freq's from the tweeter and it sounds much more like a regular cab to me. I have to turn it up a bit louder this way but for someone who has had a love/hate thing...
  10. kmanick

    Is Seismic Audio still shipping "jacked up" units (SAX12MPW)?

    there is a guy over on the fractal forum that has been gigging with one. You should ping him and ask him if he's had any issues (he's had it for quite a while now) for <$400.00 I don't know what's out there that's any good .
  11. kmanick

    Is Seismic Audio still shipping "jacked up" units (SAX12MPW)?

    Everyone on the internet is an expert ...didn't you know that? If you're not going to gig with it , I'd check it out. We've had a couple of FRFR shoot outs at my house over the past year. CLR RCF XiTone (I've also had a Mackie HD here and the original Atomic wedge) We've had the CLR,RCF and...
  12. kmanick

    Is Seismic Audio still shipping "jacked up" units (SAX12MPW)?

    well they replaced my 12" SAX with 15" and it arrived in one piece and it sounds much better to me than the 12" did (and I liked the 12"). Overall I don't know if their QC or shipping has gotten any better. they have a 30 day return period and when my original one came damaged I sent Brad pics...
  13. kmanick

    Axe II question

    did you buy it new or used? I believe one of the 13.xx firmwares 13.0/1 had a nasty bug that caused this. check the firmware version (Ultility ->right arrow until you get to the page where it shows the FW version) if you're not on at least 13.02 upgrade (I went to 13.07 last night) this thing...
  14. kmanick

    review Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor vs RCF VS CLR

    I received a replacement 15" SAX for the 12" I had last week. This one seems to have arrived in one piece and is much more open sounding than the 12" I had. I actually like mixing this with the CLR I have and running them in stereo, the 15" has more wattage than the 12" model does so it can...
  15. kmanick

    So I went on the Fractal forum to hear some A/B clips of the UltraRes Cabs....Dayum.

    I think you'll notice much more of a difference "in the room" through a CLR the Ultra res Ir's definitely sound "different" Better is subjective,only you can make that decision. I like them ,this thing just keeps getting better and better.
  16. kmanick

    Axe FX II XL

    god that would suck
  17. kmanick

    review Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor vs RCF VS CLR

    I still stand by these. The CLR is obviously a superior product, but the active versions of these sound very good. there is someone over on the FAS forum that has been gigging with the seismic in backline on a pole and has had zero issues with it. I am sending mine back tomorrow (It arrived...
  18. kmanick

    Atomic CLR Set Up

    I think the room makes a big difference and the volume you play at. I have a Neo now and I am using it in backline position but I leave it in "Tilt" BL is thinner sounding and FF is really boomy, but if I open her up to a volume that is "jam level" the FF setting actually sounds really good with...
  19. kmanick

    So I just ordered an Atomic CLR for my Kemper

    I just received mine last night and have been playing around with positioning it quite a bit. I got a wedge but so far I like it best on it's side (backline position) but with the DSP(is that right?) set for the 'Tilt" position. Incredibly clear sounding speaker. One thing I have noticed is...
  20. kmanick

    Atomic Clr!

    Mine arrived last night :) My name had mistakenly been passed on the Invite list. Tom called me on Friday and it arrived yesterday. Now I must say,that's a pretty freaking good way to start a relationship with a customer :) Now the testing begins............
  21. kmanick

    Atomic Clr!

    mine is "Out for delivery" CT is right next door so this is basically 2 day delivery :)
  22. kmanick

    review Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor vs RCF VS CLR

    will do :) waiting on some "re stocking" to happen. "It is all I can do to remind myself not to be emotionally influenced by the price of these things. Price to performance is very good, IMO." this is exactly where I am with this thing. I'd love to have a CLR for more than a couple of hours...
  23. kmanick

    Atomic CLR has arrived!!

    enjoy it they sound great cranked up
  24. kmanick

    review Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor vs RCF VS CLR

    Jim I'd like to get together with you at some point so you can hear the powered version of these. Jay was really surprised at the difference, he was not impressed the the Passive 15" he had (damaged? maybe, I didn't hear it) I may try a 15" powered as well when they restock. Those pictures you...
  25. kmanick

    review Seismic SAX-12M-PW 12" powered coaxial monitor vs RCF VS CLR

    Look I did not come in hear to start a fight. I posted a review of 3 products one of which you are directly affiliated with. you are the one that came in and started to deflect away from saving money on the cab and directly going after the "modeling" unit as an alternative place to save money...