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  1. Cool Hand Luke

    ADA MP-1: From Japan with Love

    No, I am in Denmark, actually :)
  2. Cool Hand Luke

    ADA MP-1: From Japan with Love

    Ha! That show made my buy a BMX. At 43 years of age and standing 6'3 I had to admit to myself that the window of opportunity for getting back into BMX riding had passed and I just sold it off. I switched to longboarding, though :D Oh, and the show also made me buy a couple of great VST synths...
  3. Cool Hand Luke

    JMP-1 Demo

    Nice demo. It's hard to tell when not actually playing it, but is does sound a bit "stiff" to me. My ADA MP-1 is sort of the same way, but it can get spongy as well. Put it into a tube power amp and the stiffness goes away, though.
  4. Cool Hand Luke

    Line 6 Pod Pro Red Rack Unit

    I wouldn't bother with it for effects. I have the old Pod 2.0 Bean and I sort of like some of the amp sims for late night headphone use. However, the effects are very basic and not very editable. You can get a lot better units for that. Even though something like the Alesis QuadraVerb (which I...
  5. Cool Hand Luke

    "I am bringing racks back". New RACKDOCTOR build feat Synergy

    Not that I really want to argue for or against the quality the high bitrate codecs are capable of delivering, but I think that the biggest issue with youtube audio is that they add dynamic compression (not file size, bit saving compression) to the uploaded sounds. Like a lot of compression. So...
  6. Cool Hand Luke

    MIDI foot controllers

    Any chance you could share this document? I am trying to decide if I should go for a used one, but deciphering the manual is giving me a headache.
  7. Cool Hand Luke


    Hi @Roffe. You can see the image yourself as you are logged into your Photo Bucket account. Try browsing this page in incognito mode - then you will see what we see: an ugly banner from photobucket telling us that you need to pony up and pay for a subscription if we want to see your images...
  8. Cool Hand Luke

    Suggest me a rackmount overdrive

    No, the signal goes through AD/DA conversion on the GX-700. Not 100% sure, but very close. You can place the drives anywhere in the effects chain - even all the way at the end after all your modulation, chorus, delay and reverb. The drives in it are alright, but I only think some parts of them...
  9. Cool Hand Luke

    Legit Question

    Everything running in parallel? Are the other effects set to wet only? If not, the dry signal passed through them will get added to the dry sound you are routing around the effects.
  10. Cool Hand Luke

    Suggest me a rackmount overdrive

    What about a rack version of the Rat?
  11. Cool Hand Luke

    Cereal in Series

    I would normally write "jeg kører mine pedaler i serie" but that's just because English is not my first language :D
  12. Cool Hand Luke

    Let´s discuss Stereo

    Yes, I hear a mono centered sound including reflections and stuff. I also enjoy good reverbs and good sounding locations - I just don't hear them in stereo. And I have no sense of sound location at all. I cannot hear where anything is coming from - sometimes I can locate an ongoing sound by...
  13. Cool Hand Luke

    Let´s discuss Stereo

    Mono is very real to me, also. Having been deaf on one ear for about 20 years.
  14. Cool Hand Luke

    Mortals... get some beauty in your life! (awesome audio/video content)

    Great clips. I have only had a chance to listen to the first two, but they were great. Nice work.
  15. Cool Hand Luke

    need help to build a 80s sounding rack rig

    Well, this IS The Rack Space afterall and the OP is asking for rack units. So maybe he needs or wants a rack - stinking or not.
  16. Cool Hand Luke

    Waterproof Shock Rack Case.

    Best of luck. We're keeping our fingers crossed
  17. Cool Hand Luke

    PCM 81 in the house... Eh, suitcase

    Thanks. That was actually what I thought. I was asking because if it could do that I might be able to get by with a 2u.
  18. Cool Hand Luke

    PCM 81 in the house... Eh, suitcase

    Thanks. Any tips for getting it to do a phaser like sound? Not looking for a patch - just for an approach.
  19. Cool Hand Luke

    PCM 81 in the house... Eh, suitcase

    I just picked up a PCM 81 that looks to be in really good condition. The price was very fair as well. Sadly, I'm on a business trip and won't get a chance to fool around with it until Sunday or Monday.
  20. Cool Hand Luke

    Poll: Who programs their PCM 80/81?

    I am not programming my PCM 81 because I don't have one yet. I will, though, as soon as I pick one up tomorrow! :D
  21. Cool Hand Luke

    Waterproof Shock Rack Case.

    Best of luck, Baba. I hope you and your wife will be well. I was in Florida years ago and I understand why a storm like that is even scarier down there than in other parts of the country. I mean, it seems like it's all flat like pancacke. Not much to block the wind or keep the water away :( I...
  22. Cool Hand Luke

    New effects... time for some fresh air

    Would that handle the lowest note of any chord or just the bass frequencies? I am talking about the former not the latter.
  23. Cool Hand Luke

    New effects... time for some fresh air

    Nice. I didn't know that sort of thing was already available - I mean the splitting out the lowest note. The rest I was aware existed already.
  24. Cool Hand Luke

    New effects... time for some fresh air

    I would like something that could pick out the deepest note of a chord, pitch shift it down further and then route that into something else... infinite reverb for instance. This should, off course, be part of a programmable box where all kinds of aspects of this could be manipulated. I would...
  25. Cool Hand Luke

    Anybody here have a lot of experience playing their rack gear through 4x12s at home?

    I would suggest the Digitech GSP1101 if you want to try out another preamp. I would, however, keep the 4x12 setup although you will probably be able to get really close through FRFR using custom IRs loaded into the GSP. But IMO the feeling is not totally there.