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    Not your mama's fuzz pedal (demeter content)

    The tremulator is amazing as well. Love that pedal!
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    DD-7 Almost Landed at Sweetwater

    Wow, that's a great price!
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    Crappy cell phone pic, just need an RC-2 and another small delay. I'm thinking carbon copy or dd-7/5.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    Just wondering what the "Punch Love" is and if the name was inspired by the film Punch-Drunk Love?
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    Pedalboard Philosophy

    I stick with a PT Jr. Fits 8 normal sized pedals easily!
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    the BEST pedalboard, ever.

    I need to invest in a ds-1 now!
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    Turbo Tuner Stompbox Revealed

    Wow, I can't wait for this.
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    Who makes a great flanger?

    I like my ibanez fl-9, bought it for $60.
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    Latest : So who now got a Korg Pitchblack tuner then ?

    I'm happy with my TU-2. Maybe someday I'll try the pitchblack though.
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    Suggest Overdrive For Singing Sustaining Leads

    A Muff or a Muff clone should also give you tons of sustain.
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    Lets see your loaded Pedaltrain JRs!

    Delay and RC-2 are next and then possibly a different OD and a new wah pedal
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    Foxrox aquavibe in the house!!!

    I'm wondering the same thing.
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    What's a good phaser pedal?

    The Nebula is good too! I'm also selling one...not really in need of phase.
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    Show your ZVEX boards!!!

    Keep em coming! I hope to get my hands on a fuzz factory soon.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    Love this setup, I've recently slimmed down to a pt jr. but I can fit 8 pedals on that...so it's still a lot, but I won't sell my pt jr. so I'm sticking with 8.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    That compressor looks familiar! How you likin' it?
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    Drives with a boost side, or just two switches...

    Tim Tonefactor Copperhead Zvex Box of Rock Blackstone OD
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    pedal appearance

    I care, but I don't care
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    It roars alright!!! I'm using it for high gain metal stuff, and EVH style riffing. I'm no EVH though. I'm not sure if I'll keep the muff, since I'm using that in higher gain settings as well, so I might go with a fuzz face clone of some sort or a ts-808 clone. Only time will tell.
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    Your Pedalboard - Photo

    Waiting for my digilog and gotta finish my byoc trem and I'll probably just get a wah and possibly a fuzz factory...but I'm rocking out through this setup right now and i love it. there she is!!!
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    sitar without using a sitar

    +1 on the maharishi! check out the video clips on their site.
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    Where do you put your tremolo in your chain?

    I use mine's after delay and dirt. You really just gotta figure out what works best with your setup.