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  1. kmanick

    Is there another female rock vocalist even close to Ann Wilson?

    Lizzy Hale Amy Lee....maybe Gretchen Wilson does a great Annie wilson
  2. kmanick

    The Single Greatest Van Halen Riff ???

    This guy show's how to really play Drop Dead legs
  3. kmanick

    The Single Greatest Van Halen Riff ???

    I'm the One Unchained Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
  4. kmanick

    Instrumental (Guitar-)Albums you really enjoy listening to?

    Greg Howe -Parallax Satch -pretty much anything Vinnie Moore - Meltdown and the Maze Tony Macalpine - chromaticity
  5. kmanick


    great album, my brother learned a lot of his bass chops early on off of this album. some great stuff here too
  6. kmanick

    Greg Koch tasteful and then smokin blues solo

    tasty chops for sure
  7. kmanick

    I think I have just been tainted by doing covers for too long

    jam out to something completely differnt than what you usually play. I find that when I'm learning stuff that is foreign to me I almost always see or hear something thing flicks on the light bulb for ideas. Greg Howe/Kotzen are my go to guys when I feel I am playing flat , their approach is so...
  8. kmanick

    Van Halen Pasadena High School April 1975

    great stuff in both of those videos. Eddies "Attack" is what always drew me to his playing, the tapping etc. was just icing on the cake
  9. kmanick

    Joe Bonamassa

    Same thought here. I absolutely love his playing, the guy is the nicest you'll ever meet and his Tech Mike(if he's still with him) is one of the funniest mothers you'll ever met and a great player in his own right. But to me he always sounded like a Shredder wanna be that couldn't write "Shred"...
  10. kmanick

    All Female Bands: Which is Your Favorite?

    not my favorite but I was lucky enough to catch them live during their short stint as a band and they freaking threw it down live funny I just noticed my charvel is like a tribute to Michelles here.
  11. kmanick

    Best/ Favorite Black Sabbath Album???

    Sabotage I lost my virginity with "The Thrill of it all" playing in the background LOL! kind of has a special place in my heart :)
  12. kmanick

    Drummer you would most want to play with

    out of that list , but back in the early 80's I played in a band with Mike Mangini for a couple of years. After playing with him, everyone else is kind of boring technique wise and personality wise , Mike is one of the funniest f*ckers around
  13. kmanick

    Van Halen's tone. Do you love it, or hate it?

    same here , when I dial up a marshall type of amp, that is what I try to dial up, hell my Jvm is dialed up like that basically all the time LOL! although I must say this tone doesn't exactly "suck" either :)
  14. kmanick

    Yngwie Malmsteen: Your Thoughts

    Love Yngwie but can only listen to so much of him, too repetitive. but when my chops are "off" his stuff is what I jam to to get going again. Playing his style really makes you focus on being as technically proficient as possible, or you'll never be able to play him convincingly . Musically I...
  15. kmanick

    Are any other guitarists as significant as Jimi and EVH?

    I was just coming in to say this exact same thing. Love him or hate him, after Eddie (at least in the rock world) I'd have so say Yngwie was the next guy up to make us go "what was that?" but without Eddie do we ever hear Vitto Bratta? Greg Howe? TJ Helmerich? Jennifer Batten? maybe but...
  16. kmanick

    Post Your Favorite Van Halen Tunes, Shows, Clips or....

    I remember hearing this back in 1978 when it first came out and thinking WTF am I hearing? Still my favorite VH song, the way he rips into the 2nd solo was something I 'd never heard anyone do before. (none of us had) it changed everything for me
  17. kmanick

    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    this is a tough one. He changed everything
  18. kmanick

    Do you wear ear protection in rehearsal/performing?

    Always I have tinnitus in my right ear. I wouldn't wish this on anyone, ....................truly sucks
  19. kmanick

    Bands you're "supposed" to like but don't.

    Metallica GnR Who a lot of Rush (some I love a lot is unlistenable to me) I just can't listen to Kirk Hammet , he's god awful, and I saw Gnr open for Aerosmith and they were the worst drunk garage band i' had ever seen. completely turned me off to them.
  20. kmanick

    Your favorite hard rock album of all time

    I lost my virginity with "The thrill of it all" playing in the background LOL! My girl friends brother had just got the Album that day and she said" let's check this out" :) Obviously this album has a special place in my heart . Van Halen I. that album changed everything for me as as guitarist...
  21. kmanick

    Is anyone here still listening to the 80s Shrapnel releases?

    yes all the time , Greg Howe is probably my all time favorite as well, love Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker, MacAlpine, and Kotzens stuff as well. Great stuff to jam too to get the chops back up to speed. Howe's "Parallax" CD is probably in my all time top 10 cd's period. His playing on that CD is...
  22. kmanick

    Over the Mountain.... is it tuned quarter step down??

    autographs "turn Up the Radio" is like that..kind of 1/2 a step down
  23. kmanick

    If you're in a cover band and not using a modeler...

    marshall JVM with a Fractal FX8MKII in 4CM (hoping the incoming Splawn supersport works so I can lighten up the rig a bit) my band does mostly 70's, 80's classic hard rock so it's 99% marshall based to begin with. I don't think anyone in the audience is ever going to tell me "man you nailed...
  24. kmanick

    Can we talk about Aerosmith?

    I grew up listening to these guys and Aerosmith through Rocks for me is where it was at. Everything after Rocks ......meh. I was watching "Dazed and Confused" earlier this summer with my daughter and at the end of the movie they're talking about scoring tickets for the Aerosmith show. That tour...
  25. kmanick

    What are you listening to right now?

    Some older ZZ Top, the band I'm playing with has decided to add some of this stuff into our sets