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  1. Cool Hand Luke

    Headless Guitars Anybody?

    Nice guitar! I am about to start building one myself and I am interested in hearing more about that bridge of you are willing to share :) How is it holding up? Is it the trem version? Thanks :)
  2. Cool Hand Luke

    Guitar you first really wanted when growing up

    Lots of cool stories here. For me it was a tie. When I discovered these two bands at 13 years of age I knew I wanted to play guitar. I had no money but that didn't stop me from dreaming, and went I dreamt it was of these two iconic guitars and all those beautiful sounds they made: The Edge's...
  3. Cool Hand Luke

    Let’s see your #1

    Is that you, Adrian Belew?
  4. Cool Hand Luke

    Crazy story: a GC employee lost a sale to me because he thought a guitar was fake.

    Sounds like you didn't really want the guitar afterall. It also sounds a bit whiny to me. So you were right and they were wrong. Good on you. No need to get your panties in a twist over that.
  5. Cool Hand Luke

    Which Fender Strat best matches these specs?

    Oh, awesome! I will take a look at the American Performer even if the black one it has a bridge humbucker. That can be changed, though :)
  6. Cool Hand Luke

    Which Fender Strat best matches these specs?

    Thanks :) That is essentially the guitar I am looking for. But the price... ouch!
  7. Cool Hand Luke

    Which Fender Strat best matches these specs?

    Hi all, I am looking for ideas as to which stratocaster to get. I would like this: Black strat (preferably with a black guard but I can change that myself) Maple board Large 70s style headstock 9.5" fretboard radius Does this guitar exist outside the Squier Vintage Modified range? I am also...
  8. Cool Hand Luke

    Variax 700 vs Variax Standard

    Hi. I currently have a line on a Variax 700 in excellent condition. It is about two thirds the price of a B-stock Variax. Do you think that the 700 is still a worthy choice? And how do you guys think those two models compare in general?
  9. Cool Hand Luke

    Steinbergers were just made cool again:

    Sorry, Steinberger obviously. Sorry for the spelling mistake...
  10. Cool Hand Luke

    Steinbergers were just made cool again:

    S4R8HTIgHUU :bow
  11. Cool Hand Luke

    Jazzmasters, why do you taunt me so?

    I have a Japanese Fender strat from '85 with the best neck ever. It's the one guitar I swore never to get rid of when I bought it. However, after having owned my Japanese Jazzmaster for nearly two years I almost haven't touched the strat in that same period. Even though the jazzmaster has 7 1/4...
  12. Cool Hand Luke

    any experience with Eastwood?

    I have a Side Jack in white. One of the "old" ones with set neck and a stop bar tail piece. It sounds good but the build quality is horrid. The pickguard looks like it was hacked out by a seven-year-old using a bread knife. The fretboard widens suddenly in an ugly fashion where the neck joins...