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  1. majorledhead

    Tone King Sky King blowing fuses

    Looking for suggestions : I have a Bartel era Tone King Sky King that keeps blowing the 3A slo-blo fuse. I have swapped out ALL the tubes twice with known good or new stock. It takes 3-5 seconds for the fuse to pop. I was running channel 2 on 10 with the mid-bite set about 7, with the...
  2. majorledhead

    Monkee in the sun

    52 years old and still looks good sunbathing in the nude. IMG_1188 by majorledhead posted Apr 1, 2020 at 4:07 PMIMG_1192 by majorledhead posted Apr 1, 2020 at 4:07 PMIMG_1189 by majorledhead posted Apr 1, 2020 at 4:08 PM
  3. majorledhead

    Ever loosen your neck bolts with string tension still on ?

    The idea is for the neck to nest into the pocket in a more positive fashion to promote string vibration transfer from the neck to the body. I recently bought a G&l Bluesboy that you could tell the neck has never been off of it. With the guitar tuned to standard tuning I loosened the neck bolts...
  4. majorledhead

    Who else has given up the heavy string ghost

    After twenty years of playing 11's and 12's on my guitars, I've finally given up the influence of SRV and the heavy strings equals bigger tone ghost. I've restrung the fleet with D'Addario NYXL 9.5-44 and couldn't be happier. Why was I working so hard all them years ? I think that "big" tone is...
  5. majorledhead

    Strat Blend Knob buyers remorse ? or still honeymooning ....

    I installed a blend knob on my #1 Lollar equipped Strat a couple months ago. While I appreciate the additional tone combinations, I'm thinking that the overall tone has suffered. Can't remember exactly, but it seems that it may sound thinner than before, almost like position 2 and 4s tonality...
  6. majorledhead

    66 Bandmaster from hurricane Harvey

    I friend gave me a 1966 Bandmaster head that got wet with some brackish water during the hurricane in Houston. It’s beyond just needing sprayed down with deoxit, but it not like it was under water for days on end either. Condition wise I’d say it’s a 2.5 out of 10. Question is: can it, and is...
  7. majorledhead

    Anybody rub thier black guard with dryer sheets in the winter ?

    The static build up on my Tele was out of control. Sounded like a rice crispy loaded machine gun of snap, crackles, and pops. Between the dry winter air and I suspect our pellet stove blowing out charged partials, It made things nearly unplayable. Enter the lowly anti-static dryer sheet. Rub...
  8. majorledhead

    $75 let go purchase upsets applecart.

    So I pick up a amp off Let Go for $75 last week and my tone quest gets turned on its head. I consider myself blessed with my current stable of amps and effects. Reinhardt, Carr, Roccafortte, Fender,Fargen, and Marshall amps, with BJFE, Skreddy, Fulltone, and Analogman effects. Thanks to the...
  9. majorledhead

    Custom Tele Build

    "][/URL] ~ IT'S A REVELATOR - Built by Eric in about 18 weeks. Pretty good communication, only 6 weeks past the original time estimate. Good things come to those who wait. SPECs '63 Alder Body Telecaster HLE Gold over Sherwood Green Relic. Light weight, Alder Revelator T63 Tele Style Body...
  10. majorledhead

    I couldn't bond with my Goldtop....

    ....... Until I picked up a Reinhardt 18 last week. This combination is freaking awesome. I'm all sweaty, my ears are ringing, and the stress has been drained from my body. That is all.....
  11. majorledhead

    Possible Warped Pickguard fix question.

    My single ply 5 hole Tele pick guard has wrapped to the point that my high E string mutes out above the 15th fret. Trying to think outside the box or the doing the obvious, I propose this. Pick up a .006 copper shield or two and laminate it to the guard pressed flat with some type of...
  12. majorledhead

    Any Revelator Guitar Works opinions out there ?

    I been exchanging some Emails with Eric at Revelator about commissioning a tele build. I know he has been slagged on here in the past for taking to long on builds or lack of communication during the build. I can deal with those issues, if they still exist. I'm pretty sure he is better at...
  13. majorledhead

    Axis TV - Celebration Day

    Watching now, and it's pretty cool.......That is all.
  14. majorledhead

    Fender Custom Shop quality vs value

    Asking all you Custom Shop Strat owners out there. Are the $4000 ones $3000 more better than a USA standard Strat? I been gassing for a 60's Heavy Relic in Daphne blue, that list for over $5K and could be had for in the $3Ks. I do not mind paying for quality, but are they really that much better ?
  15. majorledhead

    Your Xmas playlist artists ?

    Our Itunes Xmas playlist only has Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley on it. How about you ? Merry Christmas to one and all.
  16. majorledhead

    Mesa Tube Opinions wanted.

    My last order from The Tube Store sucked. Out of (4) Tubes, 2-Tungsol 12ax7, 2-Mullard EL84, TWO were bad right out of the box. The 12ax7 just squealed and the EL84 would short out after it warmed up. NEW PRODUCTION TUBE QUALITY CONTROL IS CRAP. Anyway, How has your luck been with Mesa tubes...
  17. majorledhead

    Talk about your Lollar Strat pickups.

    Please tell us about you Lollar Start pickups. What model ? What do you like or dislike. Decribe the tone, both clean and overdriven. Thanks
  18. majorledhead

    Repairman needed for my 80 year old 000

    I have been emailing repair guys and leaving phone messages about getting some bridge work done on a 1930 Vega 000. Nobody has responded. Somebody tightened the strings too much and cracked the bridge in front of the saddle. Besides that, its in great shape and rings like a bell. If someone...
  19. majorledhead

    Nickel strings made me hate my Les Paul

    I've had this Historic Gold Top loaded with WCR BetSet pickups that for the life of me could not bond with. The bridge was always crunchy but the neck and middle positions left me unexpired, with a dull, muddy, lifeless tone. I was just getting ready to cut it loose, so I put a set of Ernie Ball...
  20. majorledhead

    Put together a killer BOOTEEK amp last night

    After being out of town for two months and gathering pieces and parts, I finally got home this weekend and was able to put the latest project together. I'm calling this a " More Money Than Brains Project ", but hearing it when its all put together, sounds like money well spent. It started...
  21. majorledhead

    Will 7 weeks with a Vox DA5 hurt your skills ?

    I have been stuck in a motel room with a Vox DA5 and a Nash Tele for 7 weeks. Been playing alot and just ripping it up in general. The question is : Do you think that jamming at low volumes on such a forgiving little amp for so long its going to effect my technique whenever I get back home to my...
  22. majorledhead

    Built my last pedal board this weekend. ( Its Cordless)

    It started with a workbench full of metal and pedals. The lay-out was a bit tricky. Happy with the final product 20 hours of rechargeable "Clean" power.
  23. majorledhead

    Noise when running two amps with ABY

    What's the best way to deal with the excessive noise ( hum/ground loop ) when using a ABY box with two amps ?
  24. majorledhead

    Seen Tommy Emmanuel last night

    Seen Tommy Emmanuel last night down at WVU in Morgantown last night. What a humbling experience for a guitar hack like me. So much music coming out of one 000 guitar. Highly recommended if you ever get the chance to see him perform.
  25. majorledhead

    What would you keep ? ( BJFE content )

    My dirt / drive pedals are collecting dust as my current stable of amps create those tones naturally. ( better than any pedal ) I've been wanting to build a smallish pedal board and keeping stuff I'm not using for the sake of just having it aint my thing. So, if you could ONLY KEEP THREE from...