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  1. John Coloccia

    JColoccia Guitars announcement

    We're making some changes how we do things around here. No worries...everything is fine and everyone is healthy, but we've made some decisions centering around what we want for our family moving forward. It wasn't easy, but it's done and it's time to share it. Effective immediately, I will no...
  2. John Coloccia

    Sold Razer Tartarus gaming pad/Steelseries Sensei mouse

    That's it....a Tartarus game pad. It's very lightly used, only in a professional environment and only for some light CAD work. I thought it would work out well instead of having to use the keyboard for common commands, but I set it up and then never really used it. It's just the unit. If it...
  3. John Coloccia

    JColoccia Guitars: Shipping resumes as normal

    We'll be suspending order shipping for a couple of weeks starting next week. All orders placed this week will ship. Orders placed starting next week will ship in September. Thank you all!!
  4. John Coloccia

    New D* style overdrive pedal content... :) Teaser by Chuck D'Aloia **9/5/16 New Clips from Galo**

    Yeah, OK...the world doesn't really need another Dumble style overdrive, but this one's a little different. I sent Chuck the prototype and asked him to toss together a couple of clips if he was digging it. New clips added 8/11/16: http://www.jcolocciaguitars.com/media/ChuckD_HB5.mp3...
  5. John Coloccia

    Epiphone Les Paul Setup Video

    Just one part! Less than 10 hours long!
  6. John Coloccia

    Les Paul Rewire/Pickup Change Video Tutorial

    Here you go, Walter. Part 2 coming in a couple of days. edit: Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
  7. John Coloccia

    JColoccia Id Overdrive - New Pricing & Tourbox! $129 :)

    First, thanks to everyone who has supported us these last few years! I said in my tourbox signup that there was a little surprise to go along with it. Well here it is: We've had a chance to redo some of our processes, update some equipment, build some fixtures and overall just make everything a...
  8. John Coloccia

    JColoccia Id Tourbox Signup

    The last one went very well so we're just going to keep doing it. There's a little surprise I'll be announcing soon to go along with it... :) Here's the original thread: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/jcoloccia-id-overdrive-tourbox.1660960/ There are 3 tourboxes available...
  9. John Coloccia

    JColoccia Id Premier Guitar Review/Demo Video

    http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/24110-ringside-at-the-od-rodeo?page=2 It's a beautiful day and I've decided to shut down a bit early and take the girls to the park to play a bit. That means I won't have a chance to update the website and my Memorial Day sale will go until tomorrow. Just...
  10. John Coloccia


    https://blog.lostartpress.com/2016/05/30/pony-tools-suspends-operations/ :cry:
  11. John Coloccia

    JColoccia Guitars Memorial Day Sale!

    The Id, normally $169 is $129 through Memorial Day. Buy the custom and standard together, normally $299, now $250 through Memorial Day. As always, free shipping. Check out some of the latest demos, our write up in Premier Guitar (got a Premier Gear award!) and more demos are on the website...
  12. John Coloccia

    JColoccia ID "Premier Gear" award from Premier Guitar!

    Huge thanks to Charles and Premier Guitar for including us in their June 2016 issue Overdrive Roundup! http://digital.premierguitar.com/mag/0824331001462895540?page=122 Check out our website for demos, and there's a also Tourbox thread going too with more demos and to see what others are...
  13. John Coloccia

    JColoccia interview/case study from Sunstone

    Great little interview/case study Sunstone Circuits did with me. They manufacture all of my bare circuit boards, and I couldn't be happier! http://www.sunstone.com/docs/default-source/case-studies/jcoloccia-case-study.pdf?sfvrsn=6
  14. John Coloccia

    JColoccia Id scratch and dent sale

    $129 shipped either standard or custom. $229 for the pair. These are all brand new units, they come with full warranties, electronics are 100%, etc. There are no actual dents or abuse on these units. We had a powder coat run that left us with a bunch of enclosures that aren't quite up to snuff...
  15. John Coloccia

    Three new Gearmanndude Id demos

    More demos on my site, including Pete Thorn, JustNick and Jim Burkard. Thanks for looking.
  16. John Coloccia

    JColoccia Id Overdrive Tourbox

    You guys have seen these before so you know how it works! What's in the box: 1 Id Overdrive Standard 1 Id Overdrive Custom How can you tell the standard from the custom? From the outside, I paint the custom's screws red. Inside, it's signed as custom. If you really really get confused, I can...
  17. John Coloccia

    Introducing: The Id Custom - Just Nick Demo!

    @justnick did a tremendous job with this, especially with the comparison to the standard. Both are the same price: $169, free shipping to US and Canada. Other international shipping is just $10. We currently can't ship to EU countries, and I'm sorry for that but we're looking to fix it in 2016...
  18. John Coloccia

    New JustNick Id overdrive demo! Still just $129

    Huge thanks to Nick for another awesome demo. It's still sitting at the intro price of $129. It won't be there much longer but at least through the end of the month. And here's Peter Thorn's demo in case you missed it.
  19. John Coloccia

    Horus Trade-In Announcement!

    I said I wasn't going to do it but enough customers have asked that I've decided to toss something together for you guys. If you currently own a Horus (you don't have to be the original purchaser) and you wish to upgrade to an Id, shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you the details. It's a smoking...
  20. John Coloccia

    JColoccia BIG sale!

    In the coming months we'll be changing the enclosure and name/aesthetics on my Big Cannoli overdrive. I don't want any hard feelings when it happens, so I've decided to blow out what's left on my shelf. If you can get past the name and the looks, which everyone seems to really hate (including my...
  21. John Coloccia

    Last Day for Id Intro price...$129 until Monday

    HUGE thanks to Peter Thorn for another killer demo! $129 intro price, in stock and free shipping in the US (has mostly been shipping the same day). http://jcolocciaguitars.com/id.html It's a very nice low to medium gain drive. Very smooth. It's nice and responsive at lower gain (totally...
  22. John Coloccia

    Premier Guitar JColoccia Big Cannoli review

    Big thanks to Charles and the rest of the gang at Premier Guitar for the great review! http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/23158-jcoloccia-big-cannoli-overdrive-review In stock, $149. :) Here's a demo. There are more out at the website: http://jcolocciaguitars.com/bigCannoli.html
  23. John Coloccia

    Big Cannoli review

    Big thanks to Billy Voight and Guitar World for the review! http://www.guitarworld.com/gear-review-jcoloccia-guitars-big-cannoli-overdrive-pedal/25186 $149 direct, in stock and shipping. http://jcolocciaguitars.com/bigCannoli.html Here are the demos: Thanks!
  24. John Coloccia

    Height gauge for layout

    I did this for someone on another forum, but I think it's applicable to a lot of things in guitar building. It's just a super quick and dirty tutorial on using a height gauge to do accurate layout. I happen to be doing it on an effects box prototype, but I also use it a LOT to do accurate...