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  1. bossaddict

    Show your vintage Gibsons

    '54 Les Paul '55 Les Paul Special '56 Les Paul Junior '60 Les Paul Junior '61 Les Paul Standard '62 ES-355 '64 Firebird III '65 Firebird I '65 SG Junior
  2. bossaddict

    NGD: 2013 Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI

    Just wanted to share something that I recently added to my lineup. I'm really into custom color Fenders (and Gibsons) and am casually keeping an eye out for the right pre-CBS Fender VI, but it's likely going to be quite a while until that is possible. In the meantime, I decided to cover that...
  3. bossaddict

    Vintage Tele incoming!

    The logo switch happened during 1967, so some '67 Teles will have the transition logo while others (like mine) will have the CBS logo. Looks really cool! I would leave the dark circuit in place. You still get the full sound of the neck pickup in the middle position and if you want a combined...
  4. bossaddict

    Sold 2019 Fender American Original '60s Jazzmaster, Limited Edition Charcoal Frost Metallic

    Up for sale is a 2019 American Original '60s Jazzmaster in rare Charcoal Frost Metallic finish with matching headstock. This guitar is very lightly used and in near mint condition. I really can't find anything wrong with it, but am always hesitant to say that a used guitar is mint. Weight is 8...
  5. bossaddict

    Sold 2013 Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI, Black

    Up for sale is my 2013 Fender Pawn Shop Bass VI. The Bass VI (or originally just Fender VI) is essentially a six-string bass guitar, which is tuned E-E like a standard guitar, but a full octave lower. This particular specimen is in great shape, with only very minor signs of usage in the form of...
  6. bossaddict

    Suggested Guideline for Subject Line

    I think the idea of putting a year in the thread title could work well for many posts; however, there are other types of threads in which it doesn't seem as applicable. An example of it working would be "NGD: 1978 Les Paul Custom." People can simply decide whether or not they are interested in...
  7. bossaddict

    FS 2020 Fender Parallel Universe II Uptown Strat

    Up for sale is my 2020 Fender Parallel Universe II Uptown Strat in a very cool looking Static White finish. The concept behind this guitar is that Fender wanted to create something new, but with a combination of familiar specs. This guitar has a 24.75" (Gibson-style) scale length with 22...
  8. bossaddict

    Blonde on Blonde on Blonde

    No, it's solid under the hood.
  9. bossaddict

    Blonde on Blonde on Blonde

    My blonde '67 Tele playing in the leaves...
  10. bossaddict

    I've got some serious GAS for these new 70s Gibson Explorers/V's

    I like the fretboard binding on the Explorer.
  11. bossaddict

    Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop Weight

    My Shanks (with Grovers) is between 8.5-8.6 lbs.
  12. bossaddict

    Why no 24.75” bolt-on necks?

    Just beat me to it. :)
  13. bossaddict

    The Gold Hardware thread *****

    '62 ES-355 and '57 J-200
  14. bossaddict

    Poll: New Name for the Vintage Instruments Section

    Must be a Philly thing. I took this on Penn's campus when I worked there about 10 years ago... In regards to the issue at hand, I actually don't care (and I don't mean that in a bratty way), but voted "No" in the poll due to the 1985 year inclusion. If we are going to include a cutoff year, I...
  15. bossaddict

    Kalamazoo Epiphone colours

    They also did Sparkling Burgundy on Rivieras, etc.
  16. bossaddict

    NGD - Custom Color Fender Offset

    I'm seriously considering something like that on my '66 Twin Reverb. I would love to use my OX on it.
  17. bossaddict

    NGD - Custom Color Fender Offset

    Glad I could help! ;)