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  1. dmagalhaes

    FS Celestion Greenback 16ohm pair

    For sale is a pair of Celestion Greenback 16ohm speakers. These are both in excellent condition with no issues. I'm asking $200 shipped anywhere in the lower 48.
  2. dmagalhaes

    Fiesta red strat with rosewood fretboard: What pickguard?

    Here’s mine with a parchment guard.
  3. dmagalhaes

    Jacksnax: Making The Changes! Bertha Grateful Dead

    Love your videos, what filter are you using on the FOTM video if you don't mind me asking?
  4. dmagalhaes

    Twin Reverb Cabinet Break - What Can I Do?

    I think you may need another round of glue and clamping.
  5. dmagalhaes

    Is there anything better than a phase 90???

    Whirlwind Orange Box would be my suggestion, I love mine.
  6. dmagalhaes

    The possibility of running 6L6 power tubes in a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe

    The JJ 6V6 sounds like a 6L6 and requires no mods.
  7. dmagalhaes

    The possibility of running 6L6 power tubes in a 5E3 Tweed Deluxe

    I would put some JJ 6V6’s in there and call it a day.
  8. dmagalhaes

    John Mayer - jam session

    This is one of my favorites, Brenna is no slouch either.
  9. dmagalhaes

    What was your best, low dollar used guitar purchase?

    I once paid $5 for a USA Peavey Predator at a yard sale. I kept it for about a year and then flipped it for a massive profit, that was a very nice guitar.
  10. dmagalhaes

    Namm 2020: Vht Does Dumble

    That cab isn't wide enough for a D-Style head.
  11. dmagalhaes

    New Marshall Day!(6100 LE content)

    One of the best Marshalls’ ever, hope you got the footswitch!
  12. dmagalhaes

    Breaking, Neil Peart, RUSH Drummer, Passed at 67 yrs

    He passed on 1/7 and it's just getting out today? Must be more to the story.
  13. dmagalhaes

    Vintage Ampeg amps with octal preamp tubes?

    Sent you a PM @focusbob.
  14. dmagalhaes

    David Lee Roth: "Ed's not doing well"

    I'll give him credit for singing live.
  15. dmagalhaes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Doing the couch tour this weekend
  16. dmagalhaes

    Upgrading 65 PRRi speaker

    The Celestion Gold is the most popular speaker in a Princeton and for a reason. I have one in mine and I can’t imagine ever replacing it.
  17. dmagalhaes

    Bonamassa on echopark guitars

  18. dmagalhaes

    Is there a "Half Twin Reverb"?

    I have a Pro Reverb and a Twin and they have essentially the same, for lack of a better term, "loudness". The difference is that the twin sounds bigger and has more clean volume. The Twin might make more power but it's not a night and day difference.
  19. dmagalhaes

    Fender California Series Strat go/no go?

    That’s a go, I have a Cali series Strat and a Tele and love them, I would pay $550 for Fiesta Red and rosewood all day long.
  20. dmagalhaes

    What are you listening to right now?

    Live DMB stream on YouTube
  21. dmagalhaes

    Trying to put together a country song list for our band

    As much as I despise it, the girls seem to love Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.
  22. dmagalhaes

    ABR-1 bridge for 2016 Les Paul Traditional

    Everything you need can be found here, I used their stuff on my LP Standard. https://faberusa.com/shop/
  23. dmagalhaes

    Fender Twin Amp Help

    My opinion, you can experiment but it won't help much. Pulling a pair of tubes helps you run the preamp hotter and get more breakup at a slightly lower volume but even then your not drastically reducing overall volume and the amp will sound a bit choked unless your pushing it, defeating the...
  24. dmagalhaes

    Mayer playing Garcia's "Wolf" in NYC

    I’ve followed this tour closely, watching every clip out there multiple times and was at Gillette on 7/22. It’s apparent to me that John is starting to take the reigns which was the plan all along.