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  1. JDJ

    So, what amp, pedal, etc do you hear in the guitar in this song?

    I hear lots of reverb and a Strat. What's generating the clipping tone? Amp? Pedal? Any other examples?
  2. JDJ

    In need of a fret dress - Asheville, NC

    My WW10 Tele is 13 years old and could use a fret dress. I'm looking for top notch work. Any recommendations? I'm in western North Carolina. Thank you. :)
  3. JDJ

    P-90 sized pickups that lean to more Strat/Tele tones

    I'm looking for less mid-rangy, lower output P-90 sized pickups that lean toward Strat/Tele tones for a guitar routed for P-90s. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you. :)
  4. JDJ

    1962 Gibson SG Special

    Help me find my old guitar! It's a 1962 SG Special, serial number 92220. It had a Bigsby on it but it may be removed by now. Thank you! :)
  5. JDJ

    If you build amps or want to see how they work...

    if you build amps or want to see how they work, this is great:
  6. JDJ

    A humbucker-sized P90 in a semi-hollow?

    What p'up did you install and did you like it or not like it? What value pots? Did you put in a treble bleed? Thanks for any input. :)
  7. JDJ

    What tweed to build?

    My daughter has been taking lessons on my acoustic, and we have a second electric in route for her to play, too. She wants to build an amp and has shown an interest in taking things apart and building them for several years. I've got experience building amps, and so I don't need a kit. I tend...
  8. JDJ

    What's going to have less tension?

    What's going to have less tension? 1. Nines on a Tele tuned to 440 pitch? 2. Or, tens on a Tele tuned down 1/2 step? My fingers would like to know! Thanks. :)
  9. JDJ

    What pedal for tweed?

    I want a pedal to dirty up a tweed circuit. To just kinda push it into that bluesy, edgey response you get when you hit the strings harder. Any suggestion? And thank you in advance! :)
  10. JDJ

    Sold Thorn R/S 069 in Surf Green (Swamp Ash & Maple)

    SOLD -- Thorn Custom Guitars SoCal R/S 069 Natural sunlight shot: S P E C I F I C A T I O N S Body -- Swamp Ash Neck -- Quartersawn Maple Fretboard -- Quartersawn Maple Bridge -- Thorn One-Piece Tremolo Pickups -- Thorn/Lollar Single Coils Pickguard -- Three-Ply Mint Knobs & Tips --...
  11. JDJ

    Fret Dress & Set Up -- Asheville, NC

    My WW10 Tele is 9 years old and could use a fret dress. And I would like to consider installing compensated brass saddles so it'll intonate better, too. Do you have any recommendations for a fret dress, saddle installation, and set up? I'm willing to travel but would rather not ship the...
  12. JDJ

    What's your opinion of the value of this old Gibson?

    What's your opinion of a fair price for this guitar - a 1962 SG? The Bigsby is not original. The tuners are Sperzels from a while back. The pickups are not original but the original P-90s are included. The neck has a repaired, ugly crack at the heel but it is stable. The guitar has a partial...
  13. JDJ

    (SOLD) Fender 6G3 Brownface Deluxe Circuit

    SOLD to Kris! Thanks Kris! :) Hardwood cab with dovetail joinery, 12-inch Celestion Gold speaker, normal and bright channels, bias-vary tremolo, Mercury transformers, NOS Allen-Bradley resistors, Sozo blue tone caps, cloth wiring, NFB switch, and custom Brookwood leather handle. Very nice...
  14. JDJ

    FOR SALE: 2007 Gibson ES-339 ($1495.00 OBO)

    FOR SALE 2007 Gibson ES-339 In very good, original condition. Only had a luthier file the nut a bit to reduce binding, which it needed. Includes original hard shell case with certificate of authenticity. The neck is the rounder 50's style neck. 2007 is when these guitars were first...
  15. JDJ

    Well, It's Time to Build Another Amp -- Tremolux 5E9-A!!

    After chewing on this for nearly two years and gathering some parts, it's time to take the plunge and build another amp! Please join me... I've decided on a Tremolux 5E9-A for no particular reason other than I want one. I procured a surplus chassis from Mike Clark a while back, and it is...
  16. JDJ

    Played a Fender "Modern Player" Thinline Today

    I kinda liked it. If its representative of what's coming out of China, then I think guitars from there are getting better. The only thing I saw was that the fret ends were a bit rough but did not stick out. It was light, resonant, and the pickups sounded good. And to give you an idea of where...
  17. JDJ

    NGD - So Excited!!

    It's Bonnie Pink, too, with a rosewood board! :) Here's me jammin' some blues! 2nowGNzC178
  18. JDJ

    Which Tweed Tremolux to Build?

    I'm gonna build a tweed Tremolux, but I'm open to opinions on the 5E9-A verses the 5G9. It appears that the 5E9-A has is cathode-biased, has the paraphase invertor, and uses a cathode vary tremolo. The 5G9 has non-adjustable fixed bias (although I'd make it adjustable), has the long-tail...
  19. JDJ

    Cool, just won tweed Tremolux chassis off eBay from Mike...

    I was at Mike Clark's shop last October (he was helping me with my homemade brown Deluxe build), and I saw that he had a tweed Tremolux chassis on the shelf. I decided then and there that would be my next build. :aok Fast forward 3.5 months... I'm browsing eBay and see *that* chassis for sale...
  20. JDJ

    I'm not a pedal guy, but...

    Here's my problem. I sell every pedal I buy. I've owned the damn OCD pedal three times now. But I always go back to straight guitar-into-amp because I don't like to lose the immediacy that straight-in gives you... BUT I think I want another pedal. :bonk What would you recommend for my...
  21. JDJ

    Woohoo! Just Won Auction for 500' of Desoldering Wick!

    It's Plato XL5-500! $25 plus shipping! Costs $153 on mouser... Anybody here share my excitement?! :D
  22. JDJ

    I'm gonna build a 6G3 Deluxe! From scratch!

    Okay, I'm at it again. Very little expertise :D but lots of ambition! I really want a brownface Deluxe!! And so I've decided to give it a go. Here are some of my previous projects for historical purposes: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/467468...
  23. JDJ

    Source for blank vulcanized fiberboard...

    ... like Leo used to use? Thanks!
  24. JDJ

    Wood amp chassis?

    I'm thinking about building an amp, but I can't find an aftermarket chassis that fits it. I thought about building one out of wood and using brass plates here and there for grounding. What do you think? Anybody try it? I suppose that I would loose the shielding that a metal box provides.
  25. JDJ

    What's an October 1980 Deluxe Reverb Worth?

    All original, very good condition. Would probably replace the electrolytics and cord and rec and pwr tubes. Has original speaker and a Weber replacement. Got to be one of the last silverfaces. Guy is second owner and has had it for 23 years. I popped the hood -- looks pretty good. How much...