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  1. soulman969

    ES-335 Vs Les Paul Tonal Differences?

    I hear a semi-hollow as being "woodier" with a softer attack. Bluesier in my way of describing it. Full hollow bodies tend to be more open sounding with a tighter bottom end but chimey highs.
  2. soulman969

    People who flat out lie about their gear/music background?

    Maybe just an old guy relivin' some dreams and in the end does the BS really harm anyone? As for the gear claims it's not entirely out of the question that he may have owned some gear in his life that's now seen as high end vintage stuff. Many of us his same age have but back then all gear...
  3. soulman969

    Bass Styles

    That's another great option but he'd need to locate a used one or see if G&L will build an L1000 for him. I left it out thinking a Kiloton would give him enough space between the bridge and pickup to be usable but he should play one first before deciding whether or not it's a fit. These two...
  4. soulman969

    Really Expensive Pickups - Worth it?

    My bad. They're $79 now. https://www.wildepickups.com/products/l500 The L500 was established in 1979 and the patent concluded in 1981. Bill wanted a high performance pickup that could be voiced in many ways. The L500 is used from lapsteel, blues, rock and heavy metal even jazz by a whole...
  5. soulman969

    Speaker Guys, Question...

    I saved that article as a reference. Thanks again. :beer I think we may well see this the same way. What I was at least attempting to say is that even when there is some distortion present at lower levels more obvious audible speaker break up typically comes at much higher power levels and...
  6. soulman969

    Speaker Guys, Question...

    Thank you. I'll read that before I say more.
  7. soulman969

    Gear Myths that hurt/help companies

    And I'll add a personal inexpensive little v5. The original version. Had it for 5 years, swapped a speaker, did a lot of tube rolling to learn how different preamp and power tubes impacted it tonally. Sold it to a friend about 3 years ago and neither of us has had a single problem with it...
  8. soulman969

    Bass Styles

    Appearance wise maybe but they sound nothing alike. The Kiloton is really it's own thing. It's mostly a passive version of the former L1500. Very mid forward and punchy enough to cut through a brick wall. MFD pickup in the "sweet spot", PBass style volume and tone knobs and a mini-switch...
  9. soulman969

    Bass Styles

    No, but there's very little a PBass can't cover musically. If you'd like a variation that's also a single pickup bass with a bit more tonal versatility take a look at a G&L Kiloton.
  10. soulman969

    labella flats are awesome

    They surely do put the "thump" in thump. I've played 'em on my PBass for years. (same set)
  11. soulman969

    Which version: Fulltone OCD do you prefer and why?

    Which will in all likelihood come down to personal taste based on what someone expects of it, I was simply looking for a pedal that would give me some Marshall type crunch and would work well with any of my amps. I asked a few questions about different versions and Mike Fuller himself...
  12. soulman969

    Why half step down?

    I can only respond in a way similar to others saying it mostly personal preference. Some do it to create a bigger sound while others do it to help with vocals. Whenever I've done it it's been for the latter. Of course this can drive those with perfect absolute pitch or a high degree of...
  13. soulman969

    Stupid tube life question

    FWIW you may get some pretty varied opinions to this question. I'm in no way qualified to be an amp tech so I've always taken the wise counsel of others who are in this respect. It's been said that allowing any amp to remain in standby mode for extended periods of time can cause "cathode...
  14. soulman969

    RIP Charlie Daniels

    RIP Charlie......The Ballad of Uneasy Rider plays no more. :(
  15. soulman969

    Not Gibson/Fender/PRS…what is your favorite guitar?

    That's simple enough. G&L
  16. soulman969

    Speaker Guys, Question...

    It can't hurt and it's a fairly inexpensive method to at least try. And since you want to use your distortion pedal for dirt I'd recommend buying a very transparent clean boost pedal with tone controls. It should be even more effective at tailoring what you amp "sees" from your guitar...
  17. soulman969

    Speaker Guys, Question...

    Which Celestion? Many of the American voiced speakers Emi produces do have a rounder more aggressive bottom end and they have produced other speakers like the 8" hemp cone 820H that also sounds like a much bigger more full round speaker. Part of your problem is a lack of 10" speakers that will...
  18. soulman969

    Anyone gotten to play with one of your musical idols?

    I don't know if the word idol is how I would describe it but I've played with Scott Sellen for six years who since then has been the lead guitarist and multi-instrumentalist in Richie Furay's band and on a couple of occasions with Richie himself. I've played with Jock Bartley from Firefall and...
  19. soulman969

    The Eagles on ESPN...Who’s watching?

    Unlike The Dude I actually like The Eagles. ;) But IMHO losing both Randy Meisner and Don Felder lessened the band in some ways that have never been adequately replaced despite the talents of Timmy Schmid and Steuart Smith. The passing of Glenn Frey was the final toll of the bell. They are...
  20. soulman969

    If modeling is “just as good as the real thing” these days, why is analog still super popular?

    It's an honest question and an honest answer would be based on still another question. Why do some people prefer to drive hybrid economy cars, some high performance sports sedans and others drive pickup trucks? Personal preference has less to do with which is better than another like many...
  21. soulman969

    Speaker Guys, Question...

    Possibly. But IME the purpose of a higher value pot is to produce more high end not reduce bass and there may be other side effects to that as well. In many cases a tone stack is wired in such a way that changes in one setting or a change in the value of component in the circuit will also...
  22. soulman969

    More Than a Feeling. Wow. Check this out.

    Hot blonde shredding her buns off and you notice her teeth? o_O Ok, lemme guess. You're a dentist right? :D
  23. soulman969

    More Than a Feeling. Wow. Check this out.

    Oh yeah, you guys wait up a minute will ya? I have to get mine so don't get so far ahead I can't catch up. :mob My idea of shredding is B B Kings licks played double time. :D
  24. soulman969

    If Brazilian fretboards were cheaper and more readily available- would you prefer it over....

    It's no longer much of a real world problem when we aren't getting either.
  25. soulman969

    Modulation - What's currently on your board?

    Blues, R&B/Soul, Classic Rock Just Tremolo ya' gotta have for some of the R&B/Soul tunes and a Phaser I can combine with the Tremolo to give me a kind of unique Vibe or Leslie type effect.