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    New Tone Tubby Speakers

    Sound clip are up on Siegmund's site.
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    New Tone Tubby Speakers

    Any thoughts on the new Tone Tubby offerings? Not sure if anyone has had a chance to demo them. I'm always curious about new speakers to pair with my 5e3 and the Chicago Blue has peaked my interest. http://www.siegmundguitars.com/tonetubby.html
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    LSL tremolo spacing?

    Just wondering if it was a narrow string spacing with a vintage wide screw mount spacing similar to Callaham's vintage narrow bridge, or some of the older Highway 1 Strats.
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    LSL tremolo spacing?

    http://www.lslinstruments.com/products/lsl-vintage-style-tremolo-bridge Half brass/steel tremolo block sounds like a neat idea. Anyone know if the mounting screw spacing is the same as the 2-1/8 string spacing or is it the wider 2 7/32 vintage spacing? Emailed LSL, but haven't gotten a...
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    335 Type Cost?

    I picked up a used Heritge 535 four $1k here on the emporium a few years ago. Best $1k I've ever spent. If you're patient, you could probably score one for $1200.
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    DIY Soldered Cable Options --

    http://www.best-tronics.com/guitar-cable/index.aspx These guys sell evidence audio cable by the foot.
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    How does a LP Classic differ from a Standard/Custom etc?

    Also, LP Classic has an ABR bridge, which means you can do the 'mapleflame' mod where you replace the bridge posts with stainless steel machine screws. Standard and I think the Custom has a Nashville Tune-o-matic. The Custom also has an ebony fretboard and block inlays. If you're thinking...
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    Syncing MIDI Murf with Time Factor

    Sorry to bring up a month old thread. I was interested in getting a midi murf to sync with my timefactor also. Did you end up solving the sync problem?
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    Gibson ES-335 or Smaller Builder?

    I think for value, look for a used H535. You can easily get one in the low $1k range. If you're buying new and concerned about possible resale value, then the Gibson is the way to go.
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    What pickups are in your 335?

    I've got a custom wound neck by Zhangliqun, A3 mags, about 7K with a slightly hotter wound slug (I think it was based on his T-top pup). A quick plug for Dave: I've had him wind a few pups for me (p-90 and another humbucker for a strat). He's always been great to deal with and even rewound the...
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    Alnico v,alnico III, alnico II????????

    My experience is pretty similar, but I find that A3s are similar to A2s, but with slightly more bass. It could be that the mids are scooped a bit more, which makes the bass sound accentuated. Most of my experience is with humbucker, but my strat has A3s in it. I really like A3s because it has...
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    Just received some Sozo Blues

    I'll throw in my two cents. I have a homebuilt brown 6G2 princeton that I put together 6 months ago or so. I was pretty skeptical about these boutique caps, but my curiosity got the better of me. So, I put the installed a rotary switch for the 1st two coupling caps to switch between orange...
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    H&K Replex users - Tell me about yours, what is good, what is not so good..?

    That wet mod sounds like a good idea. Where did you get your mod done? Did you do it yourself?
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    Hayseed Alwood mod - opinions?

    When I got my alwood mod in the mail, I decided to install a switch that toggles between the mod and the original circuit. Note: the original circuit I'm referencing to is the very 1st rendition of the Hayseed. In my opinion (and everyone else that I've shown the mod to) the alwood mod is...
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    H&K Replex Questions/Comments

    I've tried a few different preamp types and brands in my replex. I found 12au7s give the least amount of tone coloration between the delay mode and the bypass mode. However, the delays were a bit too clean and clear for me, so I went back to a 12ax7, but I like the tone coloration. The tube...
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    Why So Many Echolutions for Sale and Confused on ChoralFlange

    I haven't noticed the delay being different than what I tap. What type of pitch shifting are you talking about? When I switch between the mod and tap modes I get a pitch shift due to the change in delay time. Every once in a while I get some beeps and blips taping a new tempo while the tap...
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    Why So Many Echolutions for Sale and Confused on ChoralFlange

    I got one out of curiousity. I'm still deciding if it's a keeper. It has some neat features with the multi tap settings and the mod delay sounds really good. I also like the fact that it is still an old school styled knob turning kind of pedal instead of the newer more complicated...
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    H&K Replex?

    I really like my replex. I agree that it isn't for everyone. The warble (vintage factor knob) adds just a subtle touch of modulation that I prefer to the other mod delays I've tried and it rolls off just the right about of highs to keep it from being too muddy. There are lots of things that...
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    Hayseed owenrs--any tips/tricks for a NuB?

    My experience with the Hayseed is that jumpering with a patch cable sounds different than blending the channels with an A/B/Y box. I like to jumper the amp, turn down the low and use the normal volume to add in low end. The low end isn't quite as deep, but it emphasizes the lower mids a bit...
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    Something like a Barber DD with flatter mids?

    My experience is the DD mid hump is due to the JRC4558 chip. I changed out the opamp in my DDSS and settled on an OPA2134. It may pay to try out a few different chips before sending off for the mod board.
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    Les Paul Tips

    Aluminum tailpiece is another popular one.
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    korg kaoss pad for guitar

    A simple bypass loop is sufficient, but I think it's better to use some sort of boost/pad solution. There are certain features that work much better if you have a correct signal levels. For example, if you want to use the sampling feature where your guitar input triggers the sampling, you'll...
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    korg kaoss pad for guitar

    I ran into the same problem trying to integrate my kaoss pad into my guitar rig. I don't think there are too many commercial products that converts the guitar level to line and back. There are some pro audio products that converts -10 to +4. I ended up building my own line level adjuster from...
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    Budda Owners, i have questions

    I had an SD30 that I did the mod to. Real simple to do. It allowed me to push the clean channel right to the edge of breakup, but still have a balanced drive channel volume. With a OD/boost pedal, I could push the clean into the gritty territory for rhythm, then switch to the higher gain...
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    Teese Wahs, RMC2 vs Wizard vs Budda

    never played through a RMC2, so can't comment on that. I owned a wizard and my buddy had a budda. The wizard I think cuts better in high gain and overdriven situations. The budda has more of a "wow" vowel sound than the more traditional "wah" sound. The budda had smoother highs in the toe...