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    Rod Stewart - what happened?

    Retire? He released an album last year. That's what people are upset about. They wish he had retired after he stopped making music for guitar nerds. Turns out he didn't want to be a martyr. Asshole.
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    Detroit football fans are a tough crowd, 43,000 sign petition against Nickelback

    Nickelback's response: http://www.buzzfeed.com/jpmoore/nickelback-responds-to-everybodys-hatred
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    Sammy Hagar: "New" Van Halen record is old material

    Fixed that for ya. Muhfugguh's 64.
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    Sammy Hagar: "New" Van Halen record is old material

    "it's an interesting thing to do in your old age if you can't come up with fresh, good stuff" Yeah, like the positively Dylan-esque "Sexy Little Thing" and "Soap on a Rope."
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    Jimmie Vaughans tone and style

    This is it in a nutshell. A feel player can be just as "good" as a more technical player.
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    Rod Stewart - what happened?

    I used to enjoy using a magnifying glass to ignite insects under the hot sun. I don't anymore. People change.
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    How good are Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon (Double Trouble)?

    Why? It's absolutely true. This and the Tal Wilkenfeld thread are neck and neck for the distinction of being the dumbest of the week. But it's early yet ....
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    Van Halen - no longer a rumor!

    I think even you have to acknowledge the lameness of that italicized paragraph, though. Lights and shades? Do new things? Play like you never have? This is Chickenfoot, not John Muhfuggin' Coltrane.
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    Van Halen - no longer a rumor!

    No, but it is big business. The perks of arena tours and major label deals should not just be handed to someone's teenage kid. But that's merely my opinion, so there's no need to get all defensive. The Van Halens will sell plenty of CDs, downloads and concert tickets regardless of what I think.
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    Van Halen - no longer a rumor!

    For me, my near-zero interest in this version of Van Halen is less about the omission of Anthony and more about the inclusion of Wolfgang. Just a pathetic display of nepotism.
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    Hendrix @ Monterey - Killing Floor

    Including his own. "He took a couple of Owsleys. Let me tell you, one Owsley was enough. That cat is GONE!"
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    "Solitude"- Ozzy's best vocal performance?

    Yeah, I'd be more partial to something from SBS as well, or Sabotage. Much like an amp sounds its best just before it blows up, Ozzy's vocals were simply ripping on those two albums. Then, the booze and drugs finally took their toll.
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    Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison - spot on!

    This. His Enrique Iglesias and Van Morrison impressions on that special were friggin' hilarious. Other than the very early period of his talk show (when he had the yips just like every other talk show host in history) I find myself liking everything he's ever done on TV.
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    What to do with stuff you haven't used for years

    hahaha not me, but some other cats here have. Just sayin': if it has in fact been played and/or has been removed from the original factory packaging, it ain't mint.
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    What to do with stuff you haven't used for years

    If you end up selling the Ibanez, save everyone involved the headache and don't market it as being in "mint" condition. Because it's not.
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    Any New Riders of the Purple Sage fans?

    So I'm doing some freelance work, writing product descriptions for this music catalog (which you all should check out, BTW; by and for real music fans and audiophiles): http://www.ccmusic.com While writing about a New Riders of the Purple Sage compilation, I came to the realization that...
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    The Perfect Press Kit??

    Yes. The first three are largely irrelevant in this day and age.
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    Led Zeppelin - Day On The Green, 1977

    Last U.S. show, no?
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    CMT awards and the state of contemporary country music

    What specifically makes it crap? The insipidness of the lyrics? The nature of the musical arrangements and performances? What?