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  1. CarlGuitarist

    Ibanez Mini Pedals?

    Yeah I feel the same as you guys, doesn’t bother me either. But I guess one man’s ”fattening” could be another man’s ”tone suck”? Perhaps I could have worded it better :)
  2. CarlGuitarist

    Ibanez Mini Pedals?

    They really are fantastic. I can confirm some tonesuck with the analog delay when engaged, but it’s not bad at all and almost part of the charm.
  3. CarlGuitarist

    Why are pedal boards so effin expensive?

    That can be done just as well for far less money though.
  4. CarlGuitarist

    Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite for Boss TB-2W

    I don’t like it at all tbh, doesn’t fit Boss.
  5. CarlGuitarist

    Pete Thorn NAILS early EVH tone in Deep Dive

    An absolute beast of a video.
  6. CarlGuitarist

    Source Audio One Series dirt pedals

    I’m sure it’s been said a thousand times in this thread already, but still. SA should put these into a bigger box with dual engines and standard midi ports. The current form factor simply doesn’t work for me.
  7. CarlGuitarist

    Why are pedal boards so effin expensive?

    IMO the main reason to have a pro built board is touring. I could never justify the cost for home noodling. Then again I’m not rich.
  8. CarlGuitarist

    ODR-1 mini vs Belle

    Thanks! I really like that it has a bass knob
  9. CarlGuitarist

    BJFE Honey Bee

    Nice collection. Proper BJFe are out of my budget at the moment, but the One Control stuff is supposed to be pretty good. And there’s always the older Bearfoot line.
  10. CarlGuitarist

    Why are pedal boards so effin expensive?

    I cannot fathom why people spend Schmidt Array-sums of money on pedalboards.
  11. CarlGuitarist

    ODR-1 mini vs Belle

    Looking for a nice low/mid gain drive to complement an Xotic SL on my Nano board. Is the Belle a dramatic improvement over the ODR-1 mini in your opinion?
  12. CarlGuitarist

    BJFE Honey Bee

    Haven’t had a Bee in a long time now, should pick one up.
  13. CarlGuitarist

    Replacement Gotoh bridge for 1995 American Standard?

    Wanting to replace my bridge on my American Standard strat (2-post) with something more modern. Can someone please tell me what model I should be looking at? My string spacing is 52,5mm, but all the Gotoh bridges seems to be 54mm? I’m useless at this stuff and want to get it right first try. A...
  14. CarlGuitarist

    Still searching for a great rock overdrive tone into clean/cleanish amp

    Going to throw the Carl Martin DC Drive into the mix, the newer version. Great overdrive tone that is transparent enough to work with most amps, also cheap.
  15. CarlGuitarist

    How to make a clean sound “cut”

    Gotcha. Have you checked out Guthrie Trapp’s video series about guitar tone? He talks a lot about the importance of great cleans and uses Fender amps. Might be of interest to you? Totally get your point about Cory’s tone, that’s a very specialized sound and not for everyone. Great player though!
  16. CarlGuitarist

    How to make a clean sound “cut”

    Why does it have to be absolutely clean? Like you said in your OP, in context a little hair and pushed mids usually sounds a lot better. Cory Wong plays ultra clean amps but he also always run a pretty heavy compressor in front, don’t think it would sound as good without one.
  17. CarlGuitarist

    Transparent Tremolo, 2020 edition

    I can definitely recommend the Jack Rabbit. Transparent, solidly built and with optional buffered bypass. Also their great fx-link system!
  18. CarlGuitarist

    Sinvertek No5 opinions

    Bump for more opinions.
  19. CarlGuitarist

    HXFX 4cm with Runt 20 causing hum

    It’s a design flaw with the HXFX, the external switch ground is not isolated from audio ground. The Suhr product is a great solution.
  20. CarlGuitarist

    Sinvertek No5 opinions

    Looking for a nice med/high gain pedal to pair with my Gain Changer. Amp is a PRS Archon. Just how versatile is this thing? Can it do medium gain as well as the high gain stuff?
  21. CarlGuitarist

    Nextone Special ... that's a lot of knobs!

    This. Not exactly the most versatile speaker choice. Love the concept though.
  22. CarlGuitarist

    At what point is it worth just going with a Fractal FM3 etc for FX?

    I tried using the Stomp for all my time based effects. Mods sounded excellent, the delays and verbs not so much. Really cool piece of gear though.
  23. CarlGuitarist

    Jackson Audio's EL GUAPO vs ASABI

    Weirdest signature pedal ever.
  24. CarlGuitarist

    Which multi-drive?

    I don’t like the size or price, cool pedal though
  25. CarlGuitarist

    Which multi-drive?

    Wanna dip my toes into the world of programmable overdrives. Looking mainly at - Strymon Sunset - Source Audio LA Lady - Boss OD-200 Really liking everything about the LA Lady except that it needs a hub for midi control. Strymon makes great stuff always, but pricey. Thoughts from people who...