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  1. TheoDog

    Good reverb Pedal?

    I had good luck with the Keeley Omni.
  2. TheoDog

    Why are pedal boards so effin expensive?

    Part of the cost is the research and design as well as distribution. I find that the homemade boards I have done over the years are a bit heavier. So, once you consider adding pedals to an already weighty msg project, it gets noticeable. I mean- each page of the amp sub forum usually has at...
  3. TheoDog

    What bridges the gap between a Strat and a Les Paul?

    I was about to say a P90 Sg but love the Firebird idea from @AStrangeDay
  4. TheoDog

    Anyone have a solution for losing picks?

    $1 plastic container with clip on lid.
  5. TheoDog

    If you (or your favorite pedal company) made a pedal called “2020,” what would it be?

    I think it would be a collaboration between the JHS See Saw and the Klon Clean. Or maybe a Strymon Parallax. Either way, something that would never happen.
  6. TheoDog

    When you sell your used for $10 less than brand new

    You either want the pedal or not. You will either make an offer or not.
  7. TheoDog

    How often do you rotate your pedalboard?

    In 2018 and 2019, I had about 6 different pedalboard setups per year. Been on the same 4 pedal board since Feb ‘20. But I have only used it about 5 times due to only playing gigs with HX Stomp since COVID and that has been a stand alone DI setup as well.
  8. TheoDog

    Uncontrollable squealing. Thought it was my BSIAB2 but it's my guitar. Help!

    It is definitely microphonic somewhere. Probably a loose wire in the winding.
  9. TheoDog

    Tuner Replacement Help

    Kluson has what I believe to be the widest range of drop in replacement tuners and there are 19:1 lockers available for each. I think.
  10. TheoDog

    Post pics of your all black pedals

    My current pedalboard since Feb
  11. TheoDog

    Having a hard time choosing a compressor

    I recommend you watch Rick Beato’s newest YouTube about guitar compression. Also, a Diamond Comp is the answer to the description in the op.
  12. TheoDog

    Cheap glass?

    Single coils are much better all around for this.
  13. TheoDog

    Do Snark sensors just die?

    The units are built as cheaply as possible, so it is Linder stand me to see a higher component failure rate. They could be built slightly more robust or with tighter part tolerances, but that would affect the production cost measurably.
  14. TheoDog

    Sellers on Reverb - Is it me?

    Inflating prices to offset fees is never going to work. inflating shipping fee with lower listing price rarely works. My suggestion. Decide if you want the pedal. Determine how much you are willing to pay based on new MAP. Add reasonable shipping to the budget. Shop based on seller...
  15. TheoDog

    Tips to Thin the Herd

    Where it comes to recording, there’s nothing wrong with having everything available as a plug in with DAW. I use a Line 6 HX Stomp for my direct/IEM work (which is nearly 95% of everything since March), but I also have the Helix Native in the event I need to record something g with a specialty...
  16. TheoDog

    Tips to Thin the Herd

    Try playing music as source of income. You will quickly decide what can be sold in favor of what gear you truly need. In the mindset of “I may need it,” that equates to you don’t need it right now- so... what are you waiting for? An exercise I like is to play a set (live gig, session, etc) with...
  17. TheoDog

    Advice on pedalboard setup

    Just because you a pedal, it doesn’t need to be on the pedalboard. I agree a compressor is a good choice to add for bass. Have you considered a separate board dedicated to bass guitar use? Also, I agree that starting with a proper robust power source is a best practice.
  18. TheoDog

    Pedals that light up in a cool way

    Remember Snarling Dogs? where’s that Flux Capacitor delay? I like a nice simple compressor with gain reduction meter that is useful- like my Aphex 1404. Some of these posts in the thread are pretty amazing. Thanks for the post!
  19. TheoDog

    Is there a Rat or Rat Clone that does that sound in low gain?

    DOD 250 and Arc Soothsayer worked for me.
  20. TheoDog

    Help solving high end tone suck.

    Creation Audio Redeemer install kit is an on board buffer you can put in the guitar to eliminate the tone suck of the first cable run.