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  1. Paleolith54

    Buying and selling on Facebook

    Yeah, that's the sort of stuff we've sold there, done real well. Music gear, not so much.
  2. Paleolith54

    How much interest in a documentary about USA handmade electric guitars?

    I likd the idea a lot, would want to watch it, but honestly I seldom make it past the first 30 seconds of guitar-or-musician- centered videos because the interviewers just suck. Too much rambling chatter, lots of "plot exposition" on stuff that's common knowledge, don't seem prepared, inane...
  3. Paleolith54

    What's your favorite Music Documentary?

    Yep, probably all true. And I enjoyed the last part less than the rest too. But still and all, I really enjoyed it. Oh, another addition: Muscle Shoals. Another one I learned a lot from.
  4. Paleolith54

    What's your favorite Music Documentary?

    The Wrecking Crew. Running Down A Dream. Sound City. Yeah, I know some here got their drawers ruffled about Grohl linking it with an album project or something; BFD. I liked it.
  5. Paleolith54

    Is there another female rock vocalist even close to Ann Wilson?

    These two immediatey came to mind. I certainly agree that Ann Wilson is unique in a lot of ways, but so was Joplin. I don't see any G.O.A.T.s here, personally.
  6. Paleolith54

    What PRS style would you want them to make?

    Yeah, I only regret letting two guitars go, and my CE 22 is one.
  7. Paleolith54

    What PRS style would you want them to make?

    I just wish they'd reintroduce the CE 22 (I don't care for 24-frets myself.)
  8. Paleolith54

    Does anyone have more merch than Bonamassa?

    Of course. Duh! I must be getting senile. Thanks.
  9. Paleolith54

    Does anyone have more merch than Bonamassa?

    Ha! Yeah, I'm not in the business (obviously). Just responding to "when did "they" start tracking?" So there's at least one "they" out there, since 1998. Surely there's an authoritative/recognized body that tracks this stuff by genre though, isn't there? Or does one just go by sales reports?
  10. Paleolith54

    Does anyone have more merch than Bonamassa?

    That's a really tough question, it'd take a team of researchers and millions of dollars to figure that out. Or, well, a few seconds on Google. https://www.rootsmusicreport.com/pages/about-us
  11. Paleolith54

    Does anyone have more merch than Bonamassa?

    You mean like this? https://www.rootsmusicreport.com/charts/view/song/genre/blues/weekly
  12. Paleolith54

    I don't get Grateful Dead. Really.

    "I don't like hitting my hand with a hammer." " Use a bigger hammer! "
  13. Paleolith54


    I'm not much for nostalgia, but remembering my 15-year-old self at a cheap turntable with a crappy acoustic learning "Heartbreaker" from this album sure brings a smile to my face.
  14. Paleolith54

    Why no 24.75” bolt-on necks?

    Plus, most any Anderson can be ordered as a "shorty." I have to think there are other builders doing that too.
  15. Paleolith54

    How do we remember it all?!

    I mean this as an answer, not a swipe at other people: I've never understood how we can NOT remember them. After enough years, sure, you might not remember some details (key, some of the chords, some lyrics) but why bar-band knuckle-draggers like me need stands and notebooks is beyond me. How...
  16. Paleolith54

    Ticketmaster's proposed plan to require proof of vaccine and/or negative Covid test to attend concerts

    Corollary: the overwhelming majority of us have no skepticism regarding what we read.
  17. Paleolith54

    Why so much hate for Nickelback and Creed?

    There's nothing new about popular bands who are sneered at by people who are, or think they are, artists.
  18. Paleolith54

    Drummer you would most want to play with

    From your list, Dave Grohl (and I can't leave the personality out of it, sorry.) From my own list: Terry Doan (Jethro Tull) or Anton Fig (Joe Bonamassa and many others.)
  19. Paleolith54

    improvement in singing and voice quality

    Man, this is so on point. I'm another "non-singer" who learned to do so, basically out of necessity. I'd only add to listen to yourself but don't get discouraged.
  20. Paleolith54

    How to lose a gig...

    The first post: probably. At least the "proofing is for losers" section. The second feels like a typo
  21. Paleolith54

    Worst guitar product you remember buying?

    Fingerease. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FingerEase--tone-finger-ease-string-lubricant-spray?utm_source=connexity&utm_medium=ppc&campaigntype=cse&szredirectid=16045158951727576634010080301008005
  22. Paleolith54

    How to lose a gig...

    All week long ;)
  23. Paleolith54

    How to lose a gig...

    Because it's too tight?
  24. Paleolith54

    AmazonBasics guitar pedals

    What a crock. They enter the cheap knock-off pedal market, which has been ripping off US companies like Tech 21 for years, and suddenly they're the problem? What "industry" are they destroying? Oh yeah, the one that people here are morally repulsed by until they find they can save money by...