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  1. c_mac

    FS Line 6 Variax 300

  2. c_mac

    Guitars brands and models that you like but no one else likes them.

    As an owner of an '89 and having played many across the decades, I don't think you need to play one from the 80's for them to be awesome.
  3. c_mac

    FS Line 6 Variax 300

  4. c_mac

    Guitars brands and models that you like but no one else likes them.

    It’s TGP so surely PRS qualifies, right? I mean, we all know they look stupid and sound generic and sterile. Regardless, I’m a fan!
  5. c_mac

    FS Line 6 Variax 300

    Line 6 Variax 300 in red. This guitar is in great shape, no major dings or scratches. The tuners were upgraded with Planet Waves locking, auto-trim tuners. I do have the computer interface that I will include with the guitar. I will also include some rechargeable batteries and the wall...
  6. c_mac

    Sold EMG SX Set

    EMG SX Set. Includes Fender single ply black pickguard, knobs, switch, wiring, and jack. Everything is here and ready to be installed. $115 PayPal'd and shipped to the lower 48 states.
  7. c_mac

    FS EMG TX Set w/ Wiring, Control Plate, etc.

    EMG TX Set. Comes with control plate, knobs, switch, pots, jack, and all necessary wiring. EMG Tele neck pickups do not fit in vintage neck pickup routes so I had to file down some of the edges of the neck pickup (see pics). However, it should now fit in any Tele and you can't see it when with...
  8. c_mac

    90s US Strat or MIJ 57 RI?

    I’d say the biggest thing to consider would the specs with regards to the neck. The profile is going to be very different as the ‘57 will most likely have a V profile compared to the modern C on the US. The radius will be more round on the ‘57 as well, 7.25 vs 9.5. Nut width is going to be...
  9. c_mac

    EVH gear rundown on Headbanger's Ball circa 1995

    Looks like he had swapped the neck pickup around by this point.
  10. c_mac

    Who is this guitarist?

    Isn’t that Taco McChiffits?
  11. c_mac

    Baritone clean tones

    I built a Warmoth Velocity with a baritone conversion neck. I installed a set of GFS Surf 90s. Sounds twangy and awesome! I tune it B-B.
  12. c_mac

    Wolf Van Halen - “Distance”

    Having lost my mother earlier this year, I can certainly relate to what Wolf is going through. Very touching song and a great musical performance.
  13. c_mac

    Most Depressing Song With An Upbeat Melody

    While not at all a famous song, I wrote a song called “The Night I Killed Emily Warren”. It is a very happy and melodic sounding song...that chronicles the night one of my childhood best friends murdered his girlfriend.
  14. c_mac

    Sometimes backing singers are better than the lead singer.

    Oh. So you’re just wrong about who sings what? Got it. Never mind then.
  15. c_mac

    Sometimes backing singers are better than the lead singer.

    All the big hits? Cat Scratch Fever was Ted and Free For All was Ted. Derek obviously sang Strangehold and a few other minor hits and was clearly the better singer but he didn’t sing all the big hits.
  16. c_mac

    What famous players are associated with a white Les Paul Custom?

    Tommy Thayer? I guess so. Aside from Kiss fans in the know, is he famous in general aside from the average person not knowing it’s not Ace Frehley?
  17. c_mac

    Dimarzio pickups? What the?.....

    You showed him! (Almost seven years late...)
  18. c_mac

    Peavey HP2? The website is bare

    That body shape was already designed prior to EVH joining EBMM. All he did was refine certain aspects to fit what he wanted.
  19. c_mac

    Peavey HP2? The website is bare

    Yeah, clearly it wasn’t at all influenced by his EBMM model...:rolleyes:
  20. c_mac

    Peavey HP2? The website is bare

    That simply isn’t true. Obviously, he was involved and had input but he didn’t design the guitar by himself. Also, EVH had no input on the shape of his EBMM guitar that the Wolfgang was based on.
  21. c_mac

    Peavey HP2? The website is bare

    It’s the original Wolfgang made by the company that originally designed and manufactured the model. It is far and away the closest in overall aesthetic to the original Wolfgang. EVH doesn’t make an arch-topped trans finished Wolfgang with a maple fretboard.
  22. c_mac

    PIO caps vs. cheap ceramic caps

    What do you attribute to the difference?