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  1. Rob DiStefano

    Sudden pickup howling

    did you pull out the pickup and examine it? it's not at all uncommon for baseplates that are held on by only magnetism and wax to come loose (which is why i use special double stick tape on my lions). it could be a loose bridge, loose mounting screws on either the pup or bridge. no question...
  2. Rob DiStefano

    Sudden pickup howling

    check to see if anything is loose - the baseplate or bridge, etc, then get the entire pickup deep vacuum wax potted.
  3. Rob DiStefano

    Sprague Black Beauty Caps lettering color question

    it really doesn't matter. in passive guitar circuits, all that matters with caps is their true value, their tolerance, and to some degree their build. nothing else matters. save those pio and other boutique caps for where they're most needed - amps!
  4. Rob DiStefano

    Rio Grande PUPS - Anyone use them?

    really good pickups - highly recommended!
  5. Rob DiStefano

    Dead Supro Lap Steel Pickup

    with such small bobbins, 43awg at the minimum - you will not be happy with 42awg.
  6. Rob DiStefano

    Dead Supro Lap Steel Pickup

    yep, thicker wire and less turns. also, if you've added to the bobbin, that will decrease room for wire. the lower resistance reading reflects the larger diameter coil wire, which yields less turns. you would have been better off using readily available 43awg wire. but it sure is fun winding...
  7. Rob DiStefano

    Neck Mechanics

    imo, and from where i'm at with regards to building/assembling electric guitars, scratch making a guitar/bass neck is a leader loss labor of love. too many great cnc necks out there for cheap, i doubt i'll ever build another again. as to "neck mechanics", not sure what that means. if it's...
  8. Rob DiStefano

    unique fingerboard choices

    imo, fingerboard wood only matters for function and not "tone". i prefer any unbound hardwood that doesn't require a finish as that'll be easier to maintain and refret. aesthetically, i like darker fingerboards. that's about it, function over form. :D
  9. Rob DiStefano

    Base plate on strat pickups

    it's kinda interesting to compare pickup techno babble (ya know, henries inductance, eddy currents, etc) and simple real world applications that are time tested - a "vintage" single coil bobbin, a5 rod mags, and a fair number of 42awg turns (turn count to suit yer treble tastes). a winning...
  10. Rob DiStefano

    Dead Supro Lap Steel Pickup

    yeah, paper bobbins, what fun. rewound one last year, a sorrento single coil. turned out real nice ...
  11. Rob DiStefano

    Base plate on strat pickups

    anything to do with sound viability lies within the ears of the beholder. as always, ymmv.
  12. Rob DiStefano

    Best Stew Mac tools for the money

    really narrow width guitar nuts are out there, for sure. i see them too often, maybe one a month, and the stew-mac spacing ruler fails. ditto for mando nuts, too. they'd just need to make the rule go down to a 1.4" nut width and all will be good.
  13. Rob DiStefano

    Base plate on strat pickups

    lindy also sez that 100% paraffin potting wax has better tone than a paraffin/beeswax blend. really??? oiy vey, here we go again ... add this to the "nitro finishes have best tone" department. :barf i'm willing to bet that if seymour thinks it'll sell more of his pups it's a good thing. :D...
  14. Rob DiStefano

    Dead Supro Lap Steel Pickup

    make sure to unsolder and check pups out of the circuit. however, it does sound like an open. unwinding coil wire is a very delicate process and most times it just can't be done. time for a rewind to breathe new life into that good pup!
  15. Rob DiStefano

    Strat Guitar Tone

    the change in tone is solely due to the loss of string tension. heavier gauge strings can sometimes help - and i'm talking at least 11's.
  16. Rob DiStefano

    Varying string tension

    there is a balance that must be achieved with all floating trems, and there's also the string stretch to work out, and it's good to hear yer using 11's. also, check if any of the parts, from the tuners to the trem block, are binding and eliminate.
  17. Rob DiStefano

    Saddle suggestions?

    wilkinson comp brass saddles (and their excellent bridges) are my faves and i use at least 3 or 4 a week.
  18. Rob DiStefano

    Best Stew Mac tools for the money

    imho, lots of the stew-mac offerings are either over priced or over hyped. however, there are some essential goodies offered by stew-mac. some of the following tools can also be had from other vendors, or self created. as much as i ascribe to the frank ford furgal luthiery school of thought...
  19. Rob DiStefano

    humidity... or the lack of it?

    no matter what the climate - temperature and humidty - it's the environment of where the guitars will be located that matters most. even if it hits 100f outdoors, having guitars on a stand in a room with lots of a/c happening can quickly remove too much humidity and the results won't be good...
  20. Rob DiStefano

    Strat wiring question

    i would suggest the following for any typical, standard 3 single coil strat - master volume, master no-load tone w/.022uf cap, no-load neck volume blender. this allows the removal of the tone pot for any of the pickups, and the addition of the neck pickup to the bridge pickup for that "tele"...
  21. Rob DiStefano

    Question for the ages

    an ageless question, if ever .....
  22. Rob DiStefano

    Tele Thinline vs. Solid

    i try not to correspond with null thinkers. over and way out out this thread. :rotflmao
  23. Rob DiStefano

    Tele Thinline vs. Solid

    what really matters is your self permission, but i see you've denied yerself, too bad. :huh
  24. Rob DiStefano

    Tele Thinline vs. Solid

    it's all good, do what you like. :bonk
  25. Rob DiStefano

    Tele Thinline vs. Solid

    you gots the wrong amp. ;)