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    Your favorite strings?

    Since my strings seem to last for years and years, I've only got a few different sets to report on. My Yamaha (P-bass style) has had flats forever with the last set being Rotosound 45-100 that I got for cheap. They've been great. Before that I used D'Addario Chromes and they served me well...
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    Garcia Tone...anyone still chasing?

    I really like your rig joe. I love Garcia's tone and most of all his melodies. Clean and clear and attainable without going to the nth degree to copy his gear. Clean Fender, little lows, middle pickup (for the most part) and the willingness to drive a song is a good starting point. Gonna put...
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    What 10" speakers pair well together?

    I've used a pair of Weber Alnico Blue Pup and Silver Ten speakers for the past decade and they sound great to my ear. Each is a 20 watt version and I mainly use it with a Fender Deluxe-style Nau amp and also with a Marshall 18-watt clone.
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    NGD: Martin Special D Ovangkol

    That's a beauty of a guitar! The wood is more interesting than run of the mill Indian Rosewood and looks like a wild night between rosewood and walnut. I recall it being called Shedua years ago and was found on high end basses like Ken Smith, Wal and Alembic. Enjoy your new addition to the...
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    Henry Kaiser Five Times Surprise Rig Rundown

    I've always enjoyed his takes on some Grateful Dead songs and I can't help but smile at his version of the Andy Griffith Theme song. Many, MANY years ago I visited acoustic luthier Dana Bourgeois in his Maine shop. I played a couple excellent guitars but a pair of slope-shoulder acoustics not...
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    best low watt ten inch speakers

    Weber Blue Pup and Silver Ten. I've used them for years with a bunch of different amps and they perform really nicely with Marshall/Vox/Fender circuits.
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    Preamp pedals?

    I'm currently putting together a FrogPedals FX1 tube preamp (Fender Showman/Alembic F2b circuit) and hope to use it in a couple ways: One way is in the loop of a couple different guitar amps I've got (60 watt and a 20 watt) and another way is with a separate power amp and a bass cab. I'm pretty...
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    Fender Twin Reverb...is it Worth it?

    A ways back in the thread the Alembic F2b preamp was mentioned. If you can't find one or don't want to pay the cost to own one, check out http://frogpedals.com/. They've got a tube-powered pedal (or a pedal project for those who like to solder) called the FX1 that is basically the preamp to a...
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    Your favorite British 10" Speakers?

    I've used a 20w Weber Alnico Blue Pup and Alnico Silver Ten for the past decade and I love the combination. It's great sounding with a Marshall 18 watt circuit and it also is my go-to cab for my Nau 20 watt Fender-based head. Lightweight, bright, pretty and have held up perfectly.
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    Show off your knobs

    Dang! Thanks for the reply though. Excellent looking guitar! Next time I'm in Singapore... ;)
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    Show off your knobs

    Those look slick! Very nice! Where did you get them?
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    Anyone try a 15-20 watt amp through a 4x10 cabinet?

    I'm terrible at describing tones and sound characteristics, but I've used an Avatar 4x10 with some THD vintage speakers they were blowing out for such a low price a number of years ago and they simply sound great. My John Nau Deluxe-style amp makes the speakers jump and I get a really classic...
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    What is your Favorite Rosewood Substitute?

    While I certainly haven't played guitars with all of these rosewood substitutes, I've used a bunch in different woodworking projects. For the future, who knows what species will be on the CITES list next, but I'd definitely use Wenge, Ziricote, Ebony, Pau Ferro and others without a second...
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    Just Ordered Weber Blue Dog and Silver Bell for Chinese Voxac30

    I've had an alnico Blue Pup and alnico Silver Ten combination going for a number of years and love the combination.
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    Anyone here use Nau amps?

    John built me a dual channel head with a Deluxe-ish Blackface channel and a Tweed-esque channel. It has reverb, pentode/triode switch, boosts, presence and resonace. I can grab a bunch of tones with a little effort. I've enjoyed it for many years. His build doesn't use the in vogue caps or NOS...
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    Victoria's Secret LP Jr.

    No picture of you in the pink thong? :p
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    Easiest way to strip paint off my classic vibe headstock?

    In the last year I've stripped the finish off of two guitar necks and an old guitar body using a cheap Harbor Freight heat gun and a scraper. The only thing that burned was some binding but the wood didn't get a scorch mark or discoloration at all. It really works and is so much cleaner than...
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    Before you flip that amp or speakers - change your pick!

    A hole punched or drilled in the center can add a noticeable amount of grip.
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    Modulus Graphite licensed necks?

    In another thread Modulus Graphite necks came up and it made me wonder if anyone had a bit more information about the neck I've got. I had originally thought that mine was a Moses because it has a more uniform look like Moses and Steinberger necks instead of the carbon fiber patterns you...
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    Something Wicked (Burly) This Way Comes

    Wow! Wood never ceases to amaze.
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    Modulus Blackknife neck with strat body, what wood?

    These are pics I found while trying to find info on the neck I have. Mine has no markings but has the exact shape and cutout on the back of the headstock. I thought it was a Moses until I ran across these pics. Anyone have any more info on these necks?
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    Modulus Blackknife neck with strat body, what wood?

    I too have a Modulus Graphite licensed neck that I believe was from an older Alvarez or Honher super strat. Mine doesn't have the cool carbon fiber pattern like most Modulus necks, but looks more of a uniform graphite look just like Moses and Steinberger. I've got a solid Black Walnut body blank...
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    Anyone with a Nau amp?

    John Nau is the go-to amp guy in the Rochester, NY area. He has been quietly making solid amps in his shop for years and I'm the very happy owner of a custom head that we worked up one day. Mine is a 2-channel amp built around a Deluxe Reverb with one channel based on a Blackface and the other...
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    Unconventional Guitar Picks

    Plastic bread bag clips can work in a pinch. I have used a large real pearl button that is about 1.5mm thick. It works best on a mandolin in my limited experience.