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  1. MrSage

    John Mayer Overdrive

  2. MrSage

    Ibanez Mini Pedals?

    Not like Op Amp at all. Likely closer to Ram's Head and super early Muffs, but "more refined," according to experts. http://www.kitrae.net/music/History_of_Big_Muff_Clones.html
  3. MrSage

    Vibrato peal with Rise Time feature

    Helix / HX Effects / etc. has a VB-2 model.
  4. MrSage

    Boss ft. Sola Sound Unite for Boss TB-2W

    I reported a post like that that the other day and the mods said they'd rather leave false claims up and have other posters address their (lack of) truthfulness. Sounds like a classic "get more engagement" mindset rather than a "healthy community" one, but what do I know.
  5. MrSage

    What's your wobble? Offical vibrato thread.

    One of my favorites is the Pearl Chorus, which has a wet/dry dial so you can go full-on pitch vibrato.
  6. MrSage

    Holiday "Sales"

  7. MrSage

    Ibanez Mini Pedals?

    Mini flanger is awesome
  8. MrSage

    Cutting through with a Big Muff and a Fender Amp

    Lots of good options these days. Mids knob. Toggle / rotary switch for different tone stack values. Even just bypassing the tone stack entirely to remove the mid scoop. Nuclear option is adding an active EQ: https://guitarpcb.com/product/tone-tweq-3-band-active-eq/
  9. MrSage

    Comrades!!! Your favourite Russian Muff and Why

  10. MrSage

    Comrades!!! Your favourite Russian Muff and Why

    Like doom and destruction
  11. MrSage

    The "pedal guts pics" thread. Volume II

    Finally finished wiring up my project. It's a little more birds-nesty than I'd prefer, but I kept the leads a little on the longer side, so I could get the toggles all wired the way I wanted. Signal path is: Input Main bypass switch ("Muff Loop") AMZ mosfet boost Sovtek Big Muff Pi (with...
  12. MrSage

    Best Dual Overdrive 2020

    I'll chase this idea. I'm looking for winter quarantine projects anyway and just stumbled across this (out of stock, but I signed up for the in-stock notification): https://www.pedalpcb.com/product/carcass/ If that ends up playing out, I'll ring you up for a test drive.
  13. MrSage

    Best Dual Overdrive 2020

    Exactly what I was picturing. Looks like there's even a toggle to swap the order.
  14. MrSage

    Best Dual Overdrive 2020

    Someone probably already makes these, but for an upcoming DIY project, I'm definitely going to do either Klon > Modded Bluesbreaker or Bluesbreaker > Boss BD-2. I really like my Prince of Tone, so the Bluesbreaker feels like a great starting point. I don't necessarily want two of them, so KoT...
  15. MrSage

    BOSS teases new Waza Craft pedal

  16. MrSage

    Total cost of your pedalboard(s)?

    I don't think it's possible for a pedalboard to hit $100k.* If we wanted to do a rough estimate, a 20-pedal board would be pretty intense. $100k over 20 pedals means ~$5k each, and very few pedals reach that mark. I could see having a Klon, a few Cornish pedals, an OG Univibe... Let's be...
  17. MrSage

    Pedal naming/labeling/identifying: My criticism

    Pedal company names are ridiculous, too.
  18. MrSage

    Songs featuring cocked wah?

    I need to do this. I have a crybaby board that needs to be rehoused. Might throw in a few voicing mods in there if I'm feeling adventurous.
  19. MrSage

    Pedal naming/labeling/identifying: My criticism

    I mean, "Rat"? What is that? Is it a pedal? Is it a rodent? What sound does a rat make, and why would you want your guitar to do that? "Big Muff Pi"? What's with the "Muff"? And what's with the "Pi"? No idea what that pedal does. "Tubescreamer"? Why are we screaming at tubes? What did the...