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  1. Buzzard Luck

    Anyone else find this a little troubling?

    Well, what are they gonna do with the ‘spotted’ observation? Throw it in the trash bin? Stick it on the ‘hot trends rising’ wave? If plagiarism was such an issue of concern for the ‘biz’ we’d be enjoying a hell of a lot more originality and creativity. The ‘biz’ promulgates plagiarism and...
  2. Buzzard Luck

    When Ted Nugent started playing through Eddie's gear, a funny thing happened …

    The funny thing that happened was what?____TND TND Thread Not Deliver This story is already boring for 30-40 years now? Heard it 100x . Ted is deaf. Craveman pentatonic rectangles. His techs and engineers 40+ years ago made the difference.
  3. Buzzard Luck

    Friedman small box pedal

    Interesting- many of the 1st batch of videos emphasize the brightness and glassiness, but here are user reports of muddiness and lack of volume knob clean up.
  4. Buzzard Luck

    When did Rock get so "professional"??

    Repeatability , consistency. professionalism. All nice scientific Terms, and but what are hot moments of inspired imptovisation?
  5. Buzzard Luck

    Distortion pedal

    CKK destruction drive
  6. Buzzard Luck

    Your top 5 low/medium gain OD pedals

    One Control Raspberry Booster Mad professor Simble Bad Cat Siamese Dream Vox Ice Nine Mesa Boogie Throttle Box yellow mode
  7. Buzzard Luck

    OD to boost MIAB

    If keeping it simple, One Control Raspberry Booster. It is some kind of modern variation of a treble booster. Mini pedal, fits a battery, adds some twang or crunch, or way more, excellent. When time and space permit, Bad Cat Siamese Dream - a dual Klon/TS type unit. 2 units allows for more...
  8. Buzzard Luck

    CKK Electronics Destruction Drive

    Excellent high gain distortion pedal. A worthy contender if your tastes lean towards crunch, tone, sustain, and response. I am impressed. The sound and response are totally professional and highly useable. For sure, ultra smooth multi gain stages. It is not a vintage design. After a decade of...
  9. Buzzard Luck

    My never ending quest for decent MIAB pedals is still on. (your thoughts on these contenders?)

    Without the right kind of speaker, such as a Celestion, then the endless pedal search will be in vain.
  10. Buzzard Luck

    AC/DC sound in a pedal that is cheap.

    TGP - Marshall in a Box, AC/DC sound for cheap: Tube Screamer Rat Timmy YMMV
  11. Buzzard Luck

    Should I go high end on a Telecaster or not....

    Get a squier pine body for the truest experience
  12. Buzzard Luck

    Favourite Plexi in a box?

    Bogner Blue, Xotic SL, Mad Professor Loud are still in rotation, but...Out with the old, in with the new:
  13. Buzzard Luck

    Vendor DCW Pedals - TGP Thanksgiving Pedal Giveaway 2020! WINNER ANNOUNCED!

    Miss Marsha seems really cool! Thanks to pedal manufactures who still include a battery connection for those who don’t want a pedal board or power supplies.
  14. Buzzard Luck

    My never ending quest for decent MIAB pedals is still on. (your thoughts on these contenders?)

    For volume knob response and lively juicy JTM45 feel and sound, the ZVex Distortion is still among the best available. The BEOD with everything dialed back does sound wonderful with a strat neck pickup.
  15. Buzzard Luck

    When you sell your used for $10 less than brand new

    Good question, hope you get an informative and satisfactory answer.
  16. Buzzard Luck

    Hardwire pedals forgotten?

    Hardwire was cool stuff. But then business issues. Gunslinger from DOD rather than a properly budgeted and designed next level SC-2 upgrade. That was disappointing. Still use the DL-8, on Tape mode and it is still fantastic. thought the other delay model releases were cash grabs. They...
  17. Buzzard Luck

    In praise of brighter humbuckers

    OP has touched upon the thing that sets Dimarzio apart: the lively high frequency response of many of their designs. Maybe wanna check out the 36th anni bridge pickup as well. Plenty of lively response there. Currently test running an air classic n in the bridge of a guitar. It is...
  18. Buzzard Luck

    String Gauge Poll -- .07 or .13

    Much prefer the ZZ Top approach to songwriting, singing, and guitar playing. Love the Rev. prefer .008. Or .009 like Texan Johnny Winter. OP, whatcha gonna do with yer results of the poll? Make a thesis? Tie in string gauge preference with the merits of marching powder and whiskey?
  19. Buzzard Luck

    I don't understand PRS hype

    You are missing the point, apparently. 35 years of success. Good thing you have the freedom to spend your money elsewhere.
  20. Buzzard Luck

    JHS should make a metal pedal!

    Didn’t MI Audio produce something else...more metal... c’mon fella...not the full quid...
  21. Buzzard Luck

    PRS Custom with 9's or 8's

    Literally went through the whole range 8,9,10,11 due to hand issues on a USA PRS single cut. To be honest, they all sounded fine. Did do a little bridge saddle adjustments here and there, and keep the nut filled with Big Ben. Tuning, fine. Tone through several amps fine. Feel fine. Love to...
  22. Buzzard Luck

    I've been playing only Humbuckers for 20 years... I bought a Strat

    It’s worth YouTube researching some of the early footage of a few giants who walked this path before. Notably, find Jeff Beck Playing a Les Paul before the strat, and also Gary Moore playing the Strat before the Les Paul era. Even Blackmore claimed it took a year or two for him to transition...
  23. Buzzard Luck

    Best/ Favorite Black Sabbath Album???

    This poll lacks purpose. Why? Why skip a whole bunch of other stuff? A true fan in 2020 should acknowledge the later stuff- many brilliant tunes, killer riffs, and ripping solos. C’mon man- think outside the box. Even so, where is ‘live at last’? A release that enjoyed deep and...
  24. Buzzard Luck

    Mesa Flux-Five pedal

    The pedal has an authentic Boogie sound,and feel to okay through. dunno how that sonic signature magic gets worked! For sure, it’s NOT an every knob and thingy at noon type pedal. A lot of careful dialing in is needed.
  25. Buzzard Luck

    WTF is Math Rock? why do we need 7 million "genres" of music?

    Math rock is actually a good and useful name for a genre around 30 years old now already. 30 years. It is a relatively old genre as compared to something like mumble rap which is much more recent. What makes a genre of music distinct? Would be a question with some meat on the bones, so to...