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  1. Daytona57

    Room for 1 more pedal - what to buy?

    Nice pedalboard, maybe a Red Llama or Hudson Broadcast. You could leave the spot empty, to rotate different pedals in and out.
  2. Daytona57

    Anybody stack pedals for the 'fuzz' sound on your board?

    I have upgraded my stacked fuzz chain, with the slide tone of Ariel Posen, as a benchmark. I can get fairly close. My chain is as follows: Boss CP-1X compressor Barbershop V2, boost Green Rhino Mark II Swollen Pickle Fuzz Boss Octaver OC-2 Red Llama 25th Diamond Counterpoint, long delay...
  3. Daytona57

    OD pedal to loosen up a tight amp

    I have been using this combination, Boss CP-1X, compressor, Barbershop V2, toggle to the right, Gain Changer, low gain and Red Llama 25th.
  4. Daytona57

    2020 Best Pedals

    Boss CP-1X, compressor, in front of pedal chain, for electric and slide guitar. The Boss Multi Dimensional Processing, MDP, is exceptional, especially, for slide and always on electric. It is low noise and makes your tone fuller with nice sparkling highs. I still use my Diamond and Boss...
  5. Daytona57

    Russian Pedals are the Best

    The original shredder.
  6. Daytona57

    V-type Jr. in a Pro Junior IV?

    I have a Cannabis Rex, in a 1x12 cab, with my PJIV, that is nice sounding. Eminence has a 10" version.
  7. Daytona57

    Make my Marshall sound like fender

    Get a used Pro Jr, for $200.00 and stick it behind the Marshall, your wife will never know. Edit: content.
  8. Daytona57

    Gear you don’t like, but can’t get rid of because you’re “supposed” to like it..

    I used to be a horse trader type, until my son started playing in a band with me. I had to outfit him with a full pedalboard and it took most of my tradable pedals. We have an agreement, not to get rid of any pedals, they are a family resource. YMMV
  9. Daytona57

    HELP A NOOB: What Fuzz do I need?

    I have a Red Llama 25th and a Swollen Pickle Fuzz. The RL25, is a Tweed type, that I use, like a Hudson Broadcast, always on. The SPFUZZ, covers a lot of territory, from brown sound, Big Muff and fuzz. It works with humbuckers and single coils. Boss Octaver OC-2, is a good combination with...
  10. Daytona57

    I’m temporarily quitting guitar until I can learn some new tricks

    I took 4 years off guitar, after I discovered, I had a knack for drumming. This opened up a new perspective, I was lucky to drum with some talented guitarists and I learned alot from them and my guitar playing, was better. My timing and ability to hear the guitars, bass and the overall sound...
  11. Daytona57

    Canadian guitarist, Ariel Posen, some great slide playing.

    Ariel Posen, gig rig 2019, this video gave me some ideas: I did a deep dive into my pedal box and set up a pedalboard: Boss CP-1X, compressor Barbershop V2, boost, toggle switch, right Green Rhino Mark II, overdrive Swollen Pickle Fuzz Boss Octaver OC-2 Red Llama 25th, replace...
  12. Daytona57

    Make my Marshall sound like fender

    Recommended by Johan Segeborn: The PJIV, has nice Fender cleans with Marshall overtones, in a pedal platform. It also makes a good head for an extension cabinet. Edit: update content.
  13. Daytona57

    OD for loud stage rig please

    Boss CP-1X, for Studio type compression. Barber Direct Drive, British clean articulate sound, works with Barber Gain Changer. Barber Burn Unit EQ, singing lead tone. Way Huge Green Rhino, sounds good with Way Huge Red Llama 25th. Good clean, crunch and distortion. Archer Ikon, boost.
  14. Daytona57

    I kinda wish I could play in a band, ya know?

    Find a drummer, and they will come. Drummers are hard to find and will take a jam group, to the next level, of becoming a band. Playing with a drummer, will improve your natural metronome and musical abilities and will offer stability, that will be attractive, drawing a bassist and other...
  15. Daytona57

    If you (or your favorite pedal company) made a pedal called “2020,” what would it be?

    Panacea 2020, the solution for all your tone woes, covers up all playing malfeasance and boosts your talent exponentially, via the controls.
  16. Daytona57

    Spectrum Analyzer? HELP.

    I use Spectroid app and SPL meter, cell phone apps. They are both free.
  17. Daytona57

    Making your Strat play better with your more Gibsoney guitars... hot pickups or pedal?

    I recently picked up a Boss CP-1X, multiband compressor and it adjusts for each guitar you play, you don't have change, step on boosters, just play. I ran my double humbucker Tele and my single coil Tele, back to back and it was seamless. It does a great job at compressing, making the tone...
  18. Daytona57

    Eric Clapton's guitar. Bidding starts $1,500,000.

    Are relics desirable now?
  19. Daytona57

    How many controls does an amp need?

    My Fender amps are rudimentary EQ. I use a MXR 10 band EQ, on the top of the amp, to get the tone I want, usually mids.
  20. Daytona57

    If you could only have up to 5 pedals for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

    Boss CP-1X Barber Gain Changer Way Huge Green Rhino Mark II Red Llama 25th Boss RV-3
  21. Daytona57

    Boss CP1-X

    I have recently, picked up a used Boss CP-1X, and found it to be an excellent compressor. It adapts to my various guitars and always sounds good. I tried it after overdrives and prefer it to be first in chain. I run the CP-1X into a Barbershop V2, and have a lot of highs. It is amazing for...
  22. Daytona57

    AC/DC sound in a pedal that is cheap.

    I was experimenting, not trying for AC/DC sound, with a Boss CP-1X compressor, Barbershop V2 and Direct Drive V1, EQ'd, with a MXR 10 band EQ, at the amp for mids, and I was getting a nice tight crunch, without alot of gain.
  23. Daytona57

    How often do you rotate your pedalboard?

    This is my current board, with a Barbershop V2, 1st, and a Rat 2, set as a treble booster. I have swapped a Boss CP-1X, with a Diamond compressor. I am liking the CP-1X. I rotate pedals on the board, Fat Sandwich, Mesa Throttle Box, Burn Unit EQ and Swollen Pickle.
  24. Daytona57

    Pedals to spend on and pedals to save on?

    Pedals are rig dependent, for guitar, pedal and amp, clean or break up. Research is your best friend, generally, Marshall pedals don't work with Fender. Watch videos, that are using your guitar and amp, if the pedal sounds good with a different guitar and amp, you may be disappointed. Try...
  25. Daytona57

    Fairfield Circuitry Barbershop Overdrive

    I found a compressor, the Boss CP-1X, that is extremely complimentary, to the BSV2. The CP-1X, is a multi band compressor, that uses AI, to retain the fundamental note and harmonic overtones and mix them so that all strings sound even. A studio compressor, for the pedalboard. The uniqueness...