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    Maple backplate for my next archtop...

    Good job. It looks very nice. Do you mind posting some pictures of the archtops you've finished making?
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    I need help with my nut and my G string!

    Every string change I lightly colour each string slot with a mechanical pencil and the graphite acts as a lubricant. That stops the chinking sound I used to get when tunning. Give that a try. If it dosen't work, see a guitar tech about widening that string slot.
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    Restringing an Acoustic Guitar....PROPERLY

    I've been thinking about getting this done to my S+P for about 2 years. I'm just trying to decide if I'm gonna have the guitar as a keeper to warrent having it done. So far it's a yes but I'll give it a little while longer.
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    Considering my first "real" acoustic....

    I think any of the godin brands (seagull, Simon and Patrick ect.) would work well for you. In my opinion they have the best bang for your buck right now. I own one guitar, a Simon and Patrick pro maple and it is defanitly a keeper. Make sure you check em' out.
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    Homemade humidifer

    I was thinking of using a small drill bit to make the holes but I was a bit concerned about the bit glancing off the round side.
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    Homemade humidifer

    I'm planning to put a bunch of holes in about 4 film canisters (made of plastic, camera film comes in them). What is the best way of doing this? I was going to just carefully take a nail and hammer it through a bunch of times. Any suggestions? I'm using these small plastic tubes because...
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    Carbon fiber guitars sound too good to me. They sound as good the day you get them as there ever gonna get. I much rather buy a wooden guitar that will get better and bloom over time. Make sure you play the guitar before you buy it.
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    Variation in color of sitka top wood (new guitar)

    I see a bit of silking all over the top of that guitar. Silking is random lines running across the grain. Silking is a good indication of a well quarter sawn top. I have more colour varitation on my guitar and I love it. The guitar sounds beautiful, so this colour variation doesn't affect...
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    Tusq saddles?

    There's nothing wrong with tusq for a nut or saddle. You'll hear from different guitarists (cork sniffers) that bone or ivory sounds better but to my ears tusq sounds better. Always trust your own ears. I also use tusq because I have an under saddle pickup and tusq is more constant than any...
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    how do I get a deeper bassier tone out of my SJ style geet??

    My guitar is made of maple b/s with a sitica top. Every guitar responds differently to different strings. You've just got to try a bunch of different sets to see what works for you. My favourite string is D'Addario flat tops (med). Of every string I've tried, they give me the warmest tone...
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    Improving tone thru bridge pins

    This is the only difference I have found in pins to change the sound.
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    Bridge Pin Questions

    I couldn't agree with you more. I use koa pins because they give me a more woody tone.
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    Is laminate a bad word in the acoustic world?

    I'm gonna stick my neck out there and say laminate is not always a bad thing to have on a guitar. The top of my guitar is solid sitica. The back of my guitar is solid maple. The sides of my guitar are solid wood but are 3 strips of maple which are then glued back together, the center strip...
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    Where are acoustics at?

    I much rather have a good sounding and working guitar than a new guitar. I am still into vintage martin and gibson style guitars. I don't care for a lot of flash on guitars. I'm into beautiful wood grain, the simple designs.
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    slotting bridge pins

    What is involved in slotting a bridge so I can use unslotted pins and how much would it be to do this?
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    slotting bridge pins

    The bridge pins on my guitar are starting to wear out and I would like to get another set. The pins I have are made of koa and are slotted. Stewmac dosen't sell slotted koa pins anymore but does sell unslotted koa pins. I would like to use koa pins because I love the tone I get with them...
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    wood for necks, mahogany etc.

    Maple makes a stable, sound neck.
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    So what are the advantages to an elliott capo?

    I'm gonna stick with my Shubb deluxe. I've never noticed a problem with it. Maby I'll get one if the Canadian dollar gets stronger :)
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    Acoustic Guitar String..

    My favourite strings are D'Addario flat tops in medium gauge. I have a bright guitar made mostly of maple and these strings are a bit darker sounding, so the tone balances out. With these strings my guitar sounds great, I get the perfect blues tone, not to bright up top and not to boomy in the...
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    So what are the advantages to an elliott capo?

    Call me stupid but I don't see any advantage to using an Elliott capo compared to a Shubb capo. Also, an Elliott just dosen't look right on my acoustic.
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    So what are the advantages to an elliott capo?

    I haven't tried the NS capo, but since I don't use a capo that much, I'm think I'm just gonna stick to using my shubb. I think the shubb is better for me because it is smaller, an elliott would get in the way of my fretting hand.
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    So what are the advantages to an elliott capo?

    I own a shubb deluxe capo and love it. I'm trying to decide if there is any advantage to having an elliott capo. http://www.elliottcapos.com/index.html They get rave reviews but are they really worth $120? That's a hell of a lot for a capo.
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    Versatile Acoustic

    I could tell you what I think, but my tastes in guitar are completely different from yours. Before you buy make sure you try as many guitars as you can. To point you in the right direction make sure you try guitars made out of maple, mahogany and rosewood. Try ceder toped guitars along with...
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    Herco Guitar Humidifier Question

    I put a sponge inside a plastic bag with holes in it in my guitar case in the winter for humidification. Same idea as using a soap dish with holes in it and a sponge. I've used dampits before along with other forms of humidification and this is by far the cheepest. Take it from someone who...
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    Is it possible that a guitar warms up over time with use?

    I live in Southern Ontario, Canada. If I keep my guitars out of their cases on a wall they would have a top crack (witch almost happened). The best thing you can do is to keep your guitars around 50% humidity.