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  1. musicman1

    How to discretely and politely change your Sweetwater Sales Engineer? and recommendations?

    These threads make me glad I don’t do business w sweetwater yet they do have certain items that are difficult or not available via mf gc ams or zzounds. AMS and zzounds are my go to retail sites as I live close to the warehouse in NJ and get stuff next day or second day. I have chatted w...
  2. musicman1

    Master volume: on a guitar!

    Guild used to have a master volume on a few gtrs and so did Gibson. Gretsch also.
  3. musicman1

    When Ted Nugent started playing through Eddie's gear, a funny thing happened …

    Stylistically it doesn’t matter what gear you use or who’s gear you use you will still play like you do. The only time that might change is if you are purposefully trying to sound like the person who s gear you are using. The never ending tone is in the hands thing doesn’t just apply to the Nug...
  4. musicman1

    NGD: 2020 Epiphone Casino Worn Ebony

    On looks better and breaks up the monochrome. Nice gtr btw.
  5. musicman1

    Anyone have a solution for losing picks?

    The most picks I’ve ever lost were maybe about a dozen when I left the whole mess of my picks on the ledge of a place we were playing. Otherwise I really don’t lose them. I now have a small case similar to an eye glass case that I keep the picks in (a dozen in total and 4 varieties of picks) w...
  6. musicman1

    Suhr Opinion...(ignore this, John!)

    Black but I’d also recommend tort.
  7. musicman1

    I don't understand D'Angelico's strategy

    I meant in regard to the sdotd g&l tribute gtrs being cheapened feature versions. Again idk if it’s true or not. I’d be seriously pissed to find out I paid a retail premium for something that mf was allowed to blow out for 25 to 50 percent cheaper especially when no one else was able to discount...
  8. musicman1

    I don't understand D'Angelico's strategy

    I’ve read that the stupid deal G&L and d Angelico’s are less expensive versions made specifically for MF and are not the same gtrs as sold at regular pricing. They use less quality parts including pots pickups bridges and tuners. Kind of the difference between affinity and squier. Idk if this...
  9. musicman1

    Lysol Wet Disinfectant Wipes okay on pedals?

    They work fine. Gotta ring them out first to get the liquid out of them. Frankly a water dampened paper towel works fine too.
  10. musicman1

    What's the cheapest guitar you own?

    For me it’s a MIK Parker P44 which I bought in 2005 I think for about 700 new. It’s actually a really good playing gtr. All mahogany body w an ebony fingerboard. The mag pickups are low output and dark but an eq fixes that. The trem is not great so I don’t use it. The gig bag alone is probably...
  11. musicman1

    Old Morley wah pedals

    I had one of the Morley big chrome power volume wahs. I thought it was great. Quiet and smooth. Big and heavy though. Only thing was the bulb needed changing regularly but it was easy to do. It was a much better volume pedal than a wah but that’s mainly what I needed it for. I’ve had a few...
  12. musicman1

    NGD: Music Man Axis

    You got a great deal. New they are almost 3k which is ridiculous IMO and they are only offered in maybe 2 colors. They split the pickups in the axis super sport but IMO they don’t sound good split. They lose a lot of volume and sound the way a Scholtz Rockman makes every gtr sound like a cheap...
  13. musicman1

    NGD: Music Man Axis

    They’re hot. They will drive an amp or an od pedal far harder than say my JP6 does. They are really musical and defined at the same time being hot. Harmonics all over the neck just pop off these guitars.
  14. musicman1

    OK I just made a warranty claim on a broken string....

    I was having an issue years ago with Ernie Ball slinkies and d strings breaking at the tuner post on a musicman gtr of all things. I called Ernie Ball and they sent me a dozen wound 024s and a free t shirt. That told me that they stand behind their products. D’Addario does too. FYI gotta watch...
  15. musicman1

    NGD: Music Man Axis

    There’s a guy on the MM forum that buys 10 to 15 MM gtrs a year. He does this gtr a day post around the first of the year. He easily has a 100 MM gtrs and probably more than that. It’s really kind of nauseating but that’s probably just me as I only own 2.
  16. musicman1

    OK I just made a warranty claim on a broken string....

    They will send you a few e strings. That’s it.
  17. musicman1

    New Gibson 2020 Les Paul Standard... Counter-sunk strap button?

    If you replace it with strap locks which I’d do anyway you should be good to go.
  18. musicman1

    Help dating a Gibson L6-S

    I remember Ibanez making a clone L6s back when. Iirc my L6s had Grovers but I bought it used so not sure what was original or stock. Never saw a Gibson with a crooked mounted truss rod cover like that though.
  19. musicman1

    Badass guitar intro songs

    For me Sweet Home Alabama, Gimme 3 Steps and Taking Care Of Business rock. La Grange and Alright Now are good too.
  20. musicman1

    Gibson guitar tuning stability hack. Does this really work??

    I’ve not had tuning problems w any Gibson I’ve ever owned but key was to change the nut to tusq or similar and change the kluson tuners to Schaller m6s.
  21. musicman1

    Chicago : "Old Days" : Vintage Live Performance

    Great performance. Everyone s just playing and singing their asses off. I think that was from a new years show maybe in England? I also remember The Beach Boys are on the bill iirc.
  22. musicman1

    When you sell your used for $10 less than brand new

    Why exactly it that wrong? Only asking because a one word answer is often reflective of an opinion not reality or fact.
  23. musicman1

    How do you set your always “On” delay?

    Delay has 3 repeats and maybe a half blended mix with the preceding signal. I change times with a tap switch. Very close slap back to maybe 400 ms at the most give or take. I’m off of reverb. I have found that the reverb in my amps tends to screw with the punchiness and clarity of the amp. I...